Golfers are a unique breed. They take the sport seriously, but they also have a sense of humor. If you're looking for a gift that will make your favorite golfer laugh, then you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss 6 golf gag gifts that are funny golf gifts on the market today.

From gag golf balls to fake snakes, we have something for everyone to find that funny golf gift! So if you're looking to give your favorite golfer a good laugh, be sure to check out the great golf gift from our list.

How We Choose

You want to buy a golf gag gift for your friend or loved one, but you don't know where to start.

It can be hard to find the perfect golf gag gift. There are so many options out there that it's tough to know which one is right for your friend or loved one.

We've done the hard work for you and found the best golf gag gifts. Our team read through thousands of reviews to find the funniest, most unique, and best-rated gifts. Whether your friend loves golfing or just loves a good laugh, we have something perfect for them.

A remote control golf ball that will make your playing partner go insane. Great golf gag gift

Sphero Remote control golf ball

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Why We Give It Swag

Do you want to go golfing but don't want to leave the house? Problem solved! We're bringing you Sphero (a golf ball) - the ultimate remote control golf ball made especially for you. Not only is it small enough to be held in one hand, but it also packs a ton of fun into your mini-golf course at home.

Plus, with over 7000 positive reviews already, you can trust that this cute little golf-inspired golf ball robot will provide hours of entertainment.

Whether you're looking for a gag gift where your playing partner will get frustrated as you control their ball on the green or something kid-friendly, we know the Sphero Mini Golf Ball won't disappoint. From Joystick and Slingshot mode to Tilt control, every golfer's aim just got a little bit better. You don't even need a golf club!

So what are you waiting for? Reach your inner swag and let your skills shine with our amazing Sphero Mini Golf. With no golf club required, all the best shots are yours!

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You Need To Know

The remote-controlled golf ball from Sphero Mini packs some serious fun into a tiny package. With a gyroscope, accelerometer, and bright LED lights, this app-enabled robotic ball is both highly user-friendly and incredibly versatile.

It can be used for remote control driving, immersive gaming experiences, and coded sequences—all with just a few taps of your device. The combination of technology and convenience makes the genuine golf ball-looking robot an excellent choice for anyone looking to add some excitement to their day.

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Funny name and a great white elephant gift, whomever you think can handle one of these funny golf gifts

Schwetty Balls

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Why We Give It Swag

Yo, golfers: Lighten up on the course by playing your next round with Schwetty Balls! These ultra-unique golf balls use “L” and “R” instead of numbers for a cool break from tradition. You won't find these one-of-a-kind balls in any pro shop – they're only available here!

The perfect choice for a white elephant party, Schwetty Balls are a great way to get things going with good old-fashioned humor with these golf gift balls. Don't get bogged down by technical rules and arbitrary regulations – keep it light and loose with Schwetty Balls on the green! So what are you waiting for? Getcha some Schwetty Balls today and make your next game the funniest of all.

You Need To Know

If you're looking for funny golf balls that are of the highest quality, look no further than Du-Pont Lithium Surlyn Cover & Conforms with U.S.G.A and R & A Rules. The trajectory is mid-high which is perfect for any player regardless of skill level.

These funny golf balls are available to purchase in either blue or white, making them suitable for both men and ladies! With their superior quality construction, these funny golf balls are sure to add a new level of excellence to your game!

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Not a golf club or golf bag but a funny birdman’s golf glove which makes a fun gift

Nice Shot

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Why We Give It Swag

If you're looking to show appreciation to your golf buddy in a stylish and swag way, Nice Shot gloves will do the trick! Unlike ordinary golf gloves, these look cool and funny ― perfect for when your partner hits any nice shot and you're feeling some friendly competition.

Let the Nice Shot glove do the talking for you with its eye-catching design and vibrant colors. With rave reviews from happy customers, this is a golf glove that won't disappoint! So the next time your game heats up and you want to express what's in your heart without words, choose one of the best golf gifts, a Nice Shot glove for an extra boost of swag on the course.

You Need To Know

Putting on a funny golf glove is an essential part of the game. Our exclusive leather left-hand gloves offer an outstanding grip and extra comfort with a hook and loop closure.

Crafted from AAA premium sheep skin Cabretta leather and carefully hand-cut using traditional techniques, these gloves promise superb quality and increased longevity for your fun round of golf. Along with its velcro tab for quick donning, this funny golf glove will do more than just help you play; it'll make everyone around you laugh as well!

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Perfect gift for a bad putter

Horrible Balls

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Why We Give It Swag

If your golfing buddy is always having putting troubles, you can give them the gift they'll cherish forever - Horrible Balls! This set of ball markers is perfect for any golf enthusiast out there looking to add some fun and flair to the course. Each chip has a different humorous phrase or saying, so it's sure to put a smile on your friend's face.

With such swaggy statements like "Tee-rrific!" and "Forescore & Yo!", there's no better way to show off on the links. Make sure no one overlooks your putts with these hilarious chips and hit a hole-in-one with your gift-giving skills!

You Need To Know

A funny golf glover is always an entertaining addition to the course! This pack of six golf markers is sure to bring some fun and laughter to your next golf outing. Each marker includes a unique funny phrase that will surely stir up a good conversation during competitions or vacations.

You don't have to take yourself too seriously while still being able to practice and compete - these funny markers are up for the task! Get your pack today and enjoy a more lighthearted approach to what can otherwise be considered a serious game

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Why We Give It Swag

With proactive Sports trick/ farting sound, you'll have a blast on the golf course like never before! Show your golf buddies who's boss with this realistic-looking gimmicky ball that turns every outing into an epic joke showdown.

Trust us, your toughest opponents won't know what hit 'em when they hear our farting sound ball in action. Put it on the green while you guess and wait and watch their reactions — expect plenty of laughter to come your way! Make the most of this gag gift and turn those long rides between holes into some unforgettable memories.

Farting golf ball

ProActive Sports Trick

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You Need To Know

The perfect gift for anyone young and old is here - the farting golf ball. This one-of-a-kind item is sure to liven up any session on the course, with its amusing farting noise when you hit it!

Crafted from durable material, this golf ball will stay in good shape use after use. Even those who don't play golf can join in the fun - hours of laughs are guaranteed with this quirky gift. Don't miss out on making a great impression with the farting golf ball!

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Looks like a real snake to punk your friends that you keep in your golf bag

Safari LTD Fake Snake

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Why We Give It Swag

Get ready to make a bold statement on the golf course with the Safari LTD Incredible Creatures Snake! This durable rubber replica is as real-looking as it gets, with intricate details and vibrant colors that will surely terrify your opponents. Take your game to the next level by reaching for this bad boy in every round.

With its swaggy design, you'll have everyone talking about how funny of a prank you pulled with this fake snake. So don't miss out – get out there and take a bite out of victory! Make a golf round unforgettable with the Safari LTD Incredible Creatures Snake!

What You Should Know

Pranking your golfing buddies can be a great way to minimize their competitive edge and have some fun on the course. Rubber fake snakes are an effective prank that can startle even the most composed golfer! These fake snakes move naturally and appear real, mystifying even the most experienced players with fear and confusion.

Why not spice up your next golf game or tournament with a fake snake surprise from your bag of tricks? With fake snakes at hand, you'll be sure to give your pals something to laugh about! This is made of rubber.

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Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Great for practicing while going to the bathroom

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Exploding Golf Balls


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Balanced Co. Funny Golf Hat Clip with Enamel Magnetic Ball Marker

Ball Marker

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Golf Gag Gifts FAQs

What are the best golf gag gifts?

It can be tough to find the perfect gift for a golfer, but we've got you covered. We've gathered the best golf gag gifts that will have your friends and family laughing to the green.

We researched for you. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about golf gag gifts.

What do you give a girl golfer?

A girl golfer deserves the best, inside and out! Join a country club for her. Just kidding. The perfect gift for a female golfer would depend on her level of expertise. If she’s an experienced player, why not get her a new set of golf clubs? A high-quality golf bag, custom golf towel, or even a custom-made club cover make great golf gifts for the ladies. You can also get her some essential accessories such as gloves, tees, and ball markers.

However, beginner players require more than just practical gifts; they need the motivation to continue their journey in this wonderful sport. Consider purchasing something to remind them of their accomplishments like an inspiring mug with a unique quote about golfing or maybe even a framed collage with pictures from their games.

No matter what you give your special lady golfer, make sure it comes from the heart - because that's what counts the most!

Are golf balls a good Christmas gift?

Absolutely! Golf balls make for a perfect Christmas gift, particularly if you have a friend or family member who loves golf. Not only are they generally not too expensive (unless they're designer golf balls!), but it's also a practical, thoughtful present that your loved one can use and appreciate.

Moreover, there’s something kind of special about receiving the same type of ball used by pro golfers in tournaments. To up the wow factor even more, why not opt for personalized golf balls? Nowadays you can easily have them printed with your loved one’s name on each ball so they'll never forget who gave them such an incredible present.

Golfers tend to be fanatical about their gear – from clubs to shoes and accessories – so rest assured that any kind of gift related to this beloved sport is sure to be appreciated. After all, what could be better than allowing someone to truly enjoy their favorite pastime?

What Is the rarest thing In golf?

No doubt about it, the rarest thing in golf is a golfer who has achieved a hole-in-one on consecutive par 3s! In other words, the rarest thing in golf is someone achieving an albatross. It’s estimated that only one such double eagle occurs every 10 million rounds of golf, so you can understand why it's so incredibly rare.

The odds are even higher for getting an albatross on back-to-back holes - this feat is known as “the golden whirl” and happens less than once in 70 million rounds. To put this into perspective, the average PGA Tour player swings the club more than 10,000 times per season so they would have to play 700 seasons of perfect golf to achieve a golden whirl!

Needless to say, if you ever see someone achieve an albatross not just on one hole but two then consider yourself lucky - you're witnessing something truly special and extremely rare!

What do you put In a golf goodie bag?

Here are some suggestions on what to include in your next “golf goodie bag”:

- Golf tees: These are essential for any round of golf, but you can spruce them up by getting custom-made ones with your friends' initials or names printed on them!

- A unique ball marker: Whether it’s a coin or one shaped like a skull and crossbones, having something fun and creative as a ball marker is essential.

- Golf scorecard holders: These will come in handy so that keeping track of scores doesn't become an issue during the game.

- An interesting hat: Hats have always been fashionable amongst golfers – get an eye-catching one to put into the bags!

- A special glove for each player: Everyone needs gloves when playing golf so why not spice things up by giving each person their special glove? This way, you’re sure to make sure every golfer has their personalized item.

- Sunscreen & lip balm (or whatever kind of weather protection is necessary): It's always important to stay protected from the elements while out on the course, so throw some sunscreen or lip balm into those bags too!

-Funny golf socks

-Nice shot golf glove makes a great gift

-Exploding golf ball

By including these items in your next golf goodie bag, you're bound to impress any golfer lucky enough to receive it. Have fun!

How do you cheer someone up In golf?

Golf can be a frustrating game for even the most seasoned players, so it's important to have ways to cheer up your golfing buddy when they're feeling down. Here are some ideas on how you can help liven up the mood on the links:

1. Praise their good shots! Everyone loves recognition - even if they make a poor shot afterward, praising them for their previous success will help keep spirits high and remind them why they love playing golf.

2. Show some humor! Try coming up with jokes related to the sport - whether it be about bad tees or tricky greens - that lighten up the atmosphere and create a bit of levity in an otherwise serious situation. Plus, laughter helps reduce stress levels and put everyone in a better headspace!

3. Take a few minutes away from golfing together and just sit back and talk about life outside of golfballs, fairways, irons, etc… This will give your pal time to relax while still enjoying spending time with you without having to focus on something as mentally draining as golf (which is especially helpful if they aren't doing well).

4. Offer advice only if they ask but don’t get too technical! It's always nice getting feedback from someone who knows what they're talking about; however, keep things basic while offering tips instead of delving into all sorts of technicalities that could potentially overwhelm them more than any good it may do.

No matter what happens during practice rounds or tournaments, these methods should ensure that your friend remains motivated until their scorecard shows an improvement in scores!

What Is a fried egg In golf?

A “fried egg” in golf is a slang term for when your ball lands in a particularly nasty lie buried in the sand of a bunker. Picture an egg sitting on its side; that's what it looks like, hence the description. It can be difficult to get out of because there is often very little space between the edge of your club and the sand. However, if you know how to play this type of shot, it isn't impossible – just tricky.

SwagScale Advice For You

Now that you’ve seen the best golf gag gifts, it’s time to get shopping! Just remember, the next time you’re looking for a great gift for your favorite golfer, think outside the box and go for something unique that will make them laugh. And if you’re still not sure what to get, just click the button below to find the perfect golf gag gifts for your needs.

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