Planning a gender reveal celebration and looking for a creative way to announce the sex of your baby?

A gender-reveal exploding golf ball is the perfect way to reveal the gender of your little one in style! Not only are the exploding golf balls fun, but they also make a great gift for any golf-loving parents-to-be.  Best of all your golf swing doesn't even matter!

You can choose from a variety of colors and designs to perfectly match your party theme.  Blue powder or white ball pink exploding golf ball will make any golf lover excited about the upcoming arrival of their new addition. We also put in one product that will go along with the gender reveal party that will blow your mind!

How We Choose

You want to do something special and unique for your gender baby reveal party, but you don't know how. It can be hard to come up with an idea that's different from everyone else's.  A gender reveal exploding golf ball with colored powder at a gender reveal parties is the way to go.

Surprise your guests with a gender reveal golf game with our exploding golf balls. Our team has tested and read through thousands of reviews and found the best-exploding golf balls for revealing the sex of your baby. These blue and pink exploding golf balls will make your party unforgettable!

Swagtastic gender reveal golf ball

Port City Creations

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Port City Creations

Swagtastic golf ball design with two baby feet on the gender reveal golf balls

Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the perfect way to turn your gender reveal into a hole-in-one! Port City Creations has created an awesomely SWAG golf ball featuring one blue and one pink baby foot on the ball.

Perfect for making sure everyone knows that you're having a boy OR girl before anyone else does! These genders reveal golf balls have been raved about on the web, getting tons of 5-star reviews from players around the world. So take your special day to the next level with our unforgettable gender-reveal golf ball from Port City Creations!

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You Need To Know

Port City Creations gender reveal golf balls are expertly hand-packed to ensure a maximum display of powder when the moment arrives. Made using high-grade plastic and non-toxic materials, these gender-reveal golf balls are safe for both families and the environment.

Simply remove the identifying stickers before use. Whether you’re looking for an extra special gender reveal, or simply want to add a memorable piece to your gender reveal celebration, our genders reveal golf ball will make your big moment one to remember.

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Perfect gender reveal exploding balls


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Another with almost a perfect 5-star reviews on the internet. Perfect gender reveal exploding golf balls

Why We Give It Swag

What's better than hitting a birdie? Unveiling the gender of your little one with the awesome Winsharp/ gender reveals golf ball! Do it in style and make the announcement fun by smashing a gender-reveal golf ball!

The set comes with two golf balls - one blue, one pink - and an extra bonus of a white wooden tee. No need to worry, Winsharp has you covered when it comes to quality; they provide exceptional customer service when needed, so you can always trust them here. With this product, you'll be able to make that special moment come alive!

You Need To Know

Winsharp gender reveal golf balls are second to none; they contain more of the powder that gives you the largest explosion of pink or blue smoke that you were expecting. It's precisely this attention to detail that differentiates them from their competitors and makes Winsharp a trusted brand across the Amazon market.

Rest assured: if you're not satisfied with your purchase, your money will be refunded in full! Ultimately, it's this commitment to excellence that has allowed Winsharp gender reveal golf balls to truly stand out from the competition.

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4 golf balls for gender reveals or pranks

Essential Value

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Essential Values

4 golf balls for gender reveals or pranks

Why We Give It Swag

Introducing Essential Values Gender Reveal Golf Balls - the newest addition to the ultimate swagmaster’s golf collection! Coming in pink, blue, and white, these limited-edition golf balls are perfect for gender reveals or bold pranks.

Don’t be fooled by competitors - although Essential Values might not have as many reviews as some others, we believe that quality always speaks louder than quantity. So trust us, and trust your intuition when you break out these awesome golf balls to reveal the gender of your baby or if you just want to prank your buddies on the golf course.

Here is one person's review “Perfect way for golf lovers to announce their baby's gender! We used these are a fairly windy day and still had obvious color show up in our video. Great value for the price too - we were able to use the blue colored ones as practice before using the pink ones to do our actual announcement”

What You Should Know

These four golf balls are made from plastic and perfect for gender reveals, practical jokes, or even prank golf balls, but they also come from an up-and-coming company known for its quality products.

With a price tag that won't break the bank, it makes sense to add these genders reveal golf balls to your list of must-haves.

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Handheld party poppers

Adventure Awaits

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Adventure Awaits

Not a golf ball but handheld party poppers so others can join in!

Why We Give It Swag

Introducing ‘Adventure Awaits’ – the perfect way to make your next gender reveal epic! Everybody loves a party popper, but these gender reveal hand-held poppers take it to a whole new level with their attitude-laden swag. Not only are they lookin’ fly, but they’re also filled with all kinds of surprises for you and your guests.

Whether you’re hosting a Baby Gender Reveal that's off the charts in awesomeness or just want to really bring life to a Color Run or Concert, Adventure Awaits Party Poppers will give you major bragging rights - and no one will forget your awesome event! Why let somebody else steal the show? Get yourself some Adventure Awaits Party Poppers and get ready to be legendary!

You Need To Know

These are not golf balls. These 4 pack handheld air-filled party poppers give you 3 options to choose from. Choose one of the gender-neutral bundles, containing four blue and four pink noisemakers - perfect for gender-exclusive or gender-identity-revealing ceremonies.

The two-tone bundle is a combination of two reds and two blues - great if you don't want gender to discriminate! All are crafted with renewable BIODEGRADEABLE CARDBOARD – not made with plastic like some other models! Each tube has plenty of safe CORNSTARCH POWDER to ensure your fun reception brings lots of laughter.

Easy to use - simply twist and pop! Get ready for a gender reveal that your family will never forget!

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Gender Reveal FAQs

Do gender reveal golf balls stain?

Absolutely! Gender-reveal golf balls are notorious for creating a huge mess when they are hit. Not only do you have to worry about the paint chips flying everywhere, but the impact of the ball often causes it to burst with gender-revealing confetti or powder!

The end result is often an explosion of pink or blue that can hide in your carpet and furniture for months, making it one of the most difficult stains to remove. Luckily, if you’re careful during your gender reveal golf round, you can minimize any stains by placing newspapers or other large sheets on the ground so that all wayward paint chips land there instead of on your grass. Good luck!

Does gender-reveal golf balls make a mess?

If you’ve ever been to one of these parties, you know that it can be quite a challenge to keep the mess contained! The golf ball gender reveal is no exception! While this new way of revealing your baby’s gender is undeniably unique and fun, it can also create quite an explosive effect with gender-reveal golf balls.

When hit with a golf club, these special golf balls explode into pink or blue powder (or confetti!) which will surely make for some great pictures - but also creates an absolute mess all over the floor so do it outside.

Not only do cleanup crews have their work cut out for them, but those participating in the reveal need to wear protective glasses and clothing as well. But hey – think of all the laughter and excitement when you get to see what color erupts when your friends and family hit that golf ball off the tee! Plus you only get one chance to have a special moment for the reveal.

Is gender-reveal golf ball powder toxic?

The answer is complicated - it depends on the type of gender reveal golf ball powder you use!

If you look at party stores and online retailers, some popular gender-reveal powders are made from cornstarch or baking soda. Both of these ingredients are safe for small-scale use (like in a gender reveal). But like with any product that goes airborne, there’s always the potential for inhalation or unintended contact. To be safe, make sure to keep your head and face away from any clouds of dust when spraying or shaking out your powder.

On the other hand, there are so-called “eco-friendly” versions of gender reveal powder which contain tiny pieces of wood (think sawdust), glittery metallic confetti, paper shreds, and other materials that can be dangerous if inhaled by humans or pets. Most importantly though - fires happen all too often during these types of events since many places allow people to have their reveals outdoors with pyrotechnics and flares. And if those items ignite flammable materials like paper particles – things can get out of control pretty quickly!

Make sure to err on the side of caution: wear masks/goggles when handling powders; conduct the event away from combustible materials; read directions carefully before using any decorations and never let participants near fireworks without adult supervision! Happy revealing!

Do the parents know the gender before the gender reveal party?

Absolutely! What would be the point of a gender reveal celebration if at least one parent didn't know?! These parties are usually hosted for family and friends to celebrate the news, so it's only fair that the soon-to-be parents know what they're getting in advance. It's certainly something special - often coming with lots of emotions and joy from all involved.

What should you not do at a gender reveal celebration?

When you’re attending one of these parties, there are some things that you should definitely not do!

For starters, don't be the one to ruin the surprise. If the parents want to keep their baby's gender a secret until an exciting moment at the party, then respect their wishes and don't let slip anything about it before then. Word travels fast amongst family and friends, so it might be hard to keep mum but resist all temptation!

Next on your 'don't do list': no bringing blue or pink presents. This is quite important as any indication of what color present you have in mind could give away clues about a baby's gender and ruin the surprise too early! Stick to neutral colors or even fun games that guests can play together.

Finally, refrain from arriving late. Gender reveals usually happen right when everyone has gathered together in anticipation - so make sure not to spoil the timing by being late. So remember - keep surprises under wraps (aka zip your lips!), bring non-gender-specific gifts only, and arrive on time...and enjoy seeing every family member’s reactions when they find out what color powder will explode on their special day!

What not to wear at a gender reveal party?

It's a time of joy and celebration when you're finding out the gender of a baby, so it pays to dress the part! While people at these parties often get creative with their looks, there are still some not-so-wise fashion choices that should be avoided if you want to look on point. Here are the top five fashion faux pas:

1. Stay away from camo clothes: Camouflage clothing is usually associated with activities like hunting and military service-- neither of which has anything to do with announcing a new bundle of joy! Plus, this pattern may send conflicting messages as it’s typically used to hide something, rather than celebrate something.

2. Avoid sports team apparel: It’s natural for expectant parents to have their hopes set on what they think they know about their baby’s gender based on guessing games at the party-- but one thing is certain: no one knows until that special moment arrives! Letting your team spirit get ahead of itself by sporting any sports apparel can come across as being presumptuous or unoriginal.

3. Don't wear too much white or black: This isn't an evening wedding we're talking about here; instead, these parties are filled with colorful balloons decor and decorations in bright pink or blue tones - so opt for some bolder hues that will fit in nicely! Wearing either predominantly white or black could cast somewhat somber vibes into an otherwise festive environment upstaging happy mamas-to-be and papas ready for diaper duty – don’t let it happen!

4. Skip unsuitable graphic tees: We all love our funny t-shirts - but not all jokes belong at more serious events such as this one (especially those referring exclusively to either girls or boys). A cute quip may add some lightheartedness throughout the event - but choosing an inappropriate choice can quickly take things down!

5. Avoid politically charged statements/clothing items: Political statements aren't appropriate at any party setting since everyone comes from different backgrounds – regardless if it's true!! Issues such as abortion rights shouldn't be discussed when celebrating new life entering into this world (and definitely not through outfit choices!) So save those opinions for another day – this isn't the place for them today.

Who normally throws the gender reveal parties?

It depends on who you ask! Generally, they are thrown by one or both of the expectant parents. While it can be a fun and creative way to celebrate the new addition to their family, many people consider them outdated and do not participate in such events.

Do people bring gifts to the gender reveal party?

Absolutely! At gender reveal parties only gifts are a great way to show your excitement and support for the parents-to-be. Some popular gifts include gender-neutral items such as clothes, books, toys, or blankets; however, symbolic items like blue and pink balloons or confetti can make for an even more fun surprise when it comes time for the big reveal!

Additionally, some couples may ask their guests to bring "Team Blue Smoke" or "Team Vibrant Pink" themed goodies as a nod to which gender they're hoping for. No matter what kind of gift you choose to give the soon-to-be parents of this new bundle of joy, it's sure to be well received with lots of love!

SwagScale Advice For You

If you’re looking for a unique way to reveal the gender of your baby-to-be, then why not try one of these crazy gender-reveal golf balls? They’re sure to provide some fun entertainment for your guests.

Plus, who doesn’t love watching someone hit gender-reveal exploding golf balls? So go ahead and add one of these cool gender-reveal golf ball products to your registry today. And be sure to tap the button below the items to check the price of the best gender-reveal golf balls for your needs.

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PS: We put in a video below to show them in action.  

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