More people are walking when playing golf these days to get more exercise. Like most people, you don't enjoy carrying your golf bag around the course especially if it's a hilly golf course.  It can be exhausting, and it's easy to get tired after a few holes. That's why electric golf push carts are becoming increasingly popular. But which of these electric models push cart should you get?

In this article, we will discuss the five best electric golf push carts on the market today. We'll also provide a buyer's guide to help you choose the right electric golf cart for your needs with long battery life. So if you're looking for a way to make walking while playing golfing a breeze, read on!

How We Choose

You want to get a good workout when you play golf, but pushing your regular golf cart around the course is tiring.

It's tough enough getting 18 holes in without having to worry about lugging your clubs around the course. That's why we did all the hard work for you and found the best electric golf push carts for golf.

Now you can focus on your game and not on how tired you are during your round. These best electric golf motorized push carts will help you speed through the course easily, without sacrificing any of your exercise goals.

One-piece frame electric golf push cart by Cart Tek that comes with a remote control

MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddie

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Why We Give It Swag

Beat the golf course and your competition with the revolutionary MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddie! This sleek, whisper-quiet ride is perfect for golfers who don't want to lug a full golf bag—you can move up to 36 holes in a single day without breaking a sweat.  This is truly one of the best electric golf push carts around.

Thanks to its innovative Zip Fold Technology, this compact one-piece frame is 12% lighter and 25% smaller than other electric golf caddies on the market, so you can easily bring it to your favorite courses. Get ready to unleash your inner pro with the ultimate swagger electric golf push cart: MGI's Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddie. Step up your game with this advanced, cutting-edge technology that's sure to let you dominate the links!

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You Need To Know

This electric golf push golf cart's most important feature is the Click & Go Lithium Battery System-Zip High-Performance Lithium 36 Hole Batteries. These batteries are highly advanced, lightweight, and compact yet have tremendous power to help you travel farther off course than ever before.

And when you're done playing, their rear wheels can be inverted to reduce the footprint size by more than 25%. With an overall weight of 28.6 lbs with no battery and 35 lbs with the battery, this electric golf cart not only helps you get around the course but also fits easily in a small area.  The remote control is very easy to use.

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More economical electric golf push cart with remote control

MGI Zip X1 Electric Golf Caddie

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the MGI Zip X1 Electric Golf Caddie: your new electric cart for walkers on the golf course! With a sleek and stylish design, you will look as good as you play. This electric golf push cart has everything you need to complete your course in style. It has digital speed control on the remote control so you can adjust it for perfect speed every time and a battery indication with a fixed front wheel for safer navigability.

Plus, if it starts raining or gets too hot out, just fold it up quickly into its zip-fold feature for easy storage and portability when you're done. And don't worry about making too much noise--the Zip X1 is quiet and smooth so you can keep the focus on improving your game without distraction from the outside world. Show off with swag when you get out of the clubhouse with this revolutionary electric golf carts for walking!

You Need To Know

The revolutionary electric push golf cart with the Lithium 36-hole battery and the unique foldable 4th wheel is ideal for any golfer looking to simplify their experience. The Zip Fold technology allows you to easily store your cart in half the size, while the Click and Go battery system will quickly get you on course with no hassle.  Comes with remote control.

With lithium batteries that last 36-holes, this is one of the most practical, affordable, and best electric golf push carts.

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Built-in cooler with seat and USB port makes it one of the best electric golf push carts on the market

Super E Caddie Wireless Remote Control Golf Cart

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Why We Give It Swag

Let’s be real: playing 18 holes of golf can be downright exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusty sidekick who is ready to take the load off your shoulders – literally? Say goodbye to caddie fatigue, because Super E Caddy Wireless Remote Control electric golf push cart has got your back…and so much more!

This electric caddy bad boy comes fully loaded with a built-in cooler, seat, umbrella holder, and drink holder. That way you can keep yourself refreshed during those hot summer days on the green. Worried about hitting hilly courses? Don’t sweat it! Super E Caddy's larger back wheel ensures stability so you can focus on your game and not worry about last-minute balance issues.

Plus, you get extra storage for all your extras on this electric push golf cart – ball tees, scorecards, and whatever else you need for an effortless round of golf. So don’t let exhaustion stop you from enjoying this classic pastime - with Super E Caddy in your corner, golfing just got that much better!

What You Should Know

This electric motorized push golf cart brings maximum convenience to your golf game. With a 12V Lithium Battery, it lasts through 27 holes and features a variable-speed multifunctional remote for easy operation. The electric golf push cart is also equipped with a forward/backward button and an easily unlockable wheel feature in case the battery runs out or requires recharging.

Thanks to its 44 lbs weight, this electric motorized push golf cart also provides you with double duty, electric, and push functions so you don't have to leave anything behind when out on the course. It's foldable too, giving you yet another way to save space when done with it.  The remote control is included in this item too.

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One of the best electric cart for walking with 9 different speeds including downhill speed control

BatCaddy X3R Battery Push Cart

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the BatCaddy X3R Battery Push Cart – the hottest way to play golf! This stylish, affordable push cart brings innovation and convenience to players of all levels. It features an impressive 9 speeds forward and reverses, sure to make any golfer feel like a pro as they drive across the course.

With Cruise Control, Speed Recall plus Auto-timed Distance Control, and downhill speed control, this BatCaddy takes convenience to the next level. The Oversized Anti-tip Wheel allows for maximum stability while moving at top speeds.

The added bonus of a Caddy Seat compatibility adds a touch of swag no other type of electric golf push cart can beat. Plus, charges are always under control with its Battery Level Indicator and Power-off Freewheel. Game on with this electric push cart- with BatCaddy X3R!

You Need To Know

With this electric push cart, golfers are able to get the maximum enjoyment out of their game without the fuss of lugging around a heavy bag. To top it off, our electric motorized push golf carts come included with a Standard Accessory Package valued at $90 which includes the Umbrella Holder, Scorecard Holder, Remote Control and Beverage Holder for your convenience.

Automatic downhill speed control with directional remote control. The electric carts we provide have been thoroughly inspected to ensure quality and performance and come with a one-year warranty. Make your next round of golf worry-free by choosing one of our electric motorized push golf carts today!

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3 modes (Remote, Trolley, and Free-Wheel) making it one of the best electric golf push carts around

Cart-Tek Yellowstone Electric Golf Caddy

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Cart-Tek Yellowstone Electric Golf Caddy

3 modes (Remote, Trolley, and Free-Wheel) making it one of the best electric golf push carts around

Why We Give It Swag

The Cart-Tek Yellowstone Electric Golf Caddy is here, and it brings huge swag. Blast the green with three modes in one—Remote, Trolley, and Free-Wheel—for top-notch versatility. All come with a slew of accessories to make sure you are ready for whatever the course throws your way: umbrella holder, scorecard holder, drink holder & tool kit.

And don’t sweat the hills. We know they can be intimidating. The anti-tip wheel standard gives you peace of mind as you take on any course. So if you’re feeling frisky, let Yellowstone lead the charge! For a value that doesn’t miss a beat, get the Cart-Tek electric golf caddy now!

What You Should Know About This Electric Push Cart

Give your game an upgrade with an electric motorized push golf cart that is built to last. Featuring a rugged, durable powder-coated steel frame and 8.8-amp-hour battery that can last up to 27 holes of continuous caddying, easy to use remote control, this electric cart for golf is far superior to traditional carts.

Plus, it comes in two sleek colors: high-gloss black or silver. Invest in a high-quality electric cart today and play the game with greater ease and less stress with this electric cart.

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Electric Golf Push Carts FAQs

You love golf, but hate having to carry your clubs around the course.  You know about golf push carts but don't know which one to get.

Golf can be a lot of fun, but it's really hard to enjoy yourself when you're carrying your clubs around the course.  You want to walk when you play golf to get exercise or have a better pace of play but you hate your push cart for carrying your golf bags so what should you do?

The best electric golf push carts are finally here to help! These motorized electric push golf carts make it easy to transport your clubs from hole to hole without breaking a sweat and are easy to maneuver with remote control.  Some have long and short battery life. We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about electric carts for walking when you play golf so you can make the right choice for you.

Are electric push carts worth It?

Absolutely! Electric push golf carts are a great investment for golfers of all levels. Not only do they provide unparalleled convenience and ease to a normal push cart, but thanks to recent technological advancements, electric carts have become more reliable and affordable than ever.

You can definitely use a regular push cart but I prefer remote control golf caddies with a fully remote variable speed options. 

What are the best battery golf carts?

When it comes to battery golf carts, you want something that is reliable and performs well. So, the best golf push carts that are battery-operated are those with a reputation for quality construction and top-notch performance. One such cart is the Yamaha Drive2 48Volt Golf Cart.

This golf push cart offers an impressive range of up to 50 miles per charge—enough to get you through 18 holes of golf or a full day on the course! Plus, its sophisticated touchscreen makes operation easier than ever before!

From there, if you're looking for power and comfort in a single package, then try out the Club Car Precedent IQ Electric Vehicle. This golf push cart features an energy-efficient motor that provides plenty of torque when taking on hills or rougher terrain. Additionally, its adjustable suspension system allows you to customize your ride so that it's smooth and comfortable no matter where your travels take you with variable speed control!

Which is better a 48-volt or 72-volt golf cart?

Ah, the age-old question of "48-volt or 72-volt golf carts" – which one is truly better? It mostly depends on your goals and needs when it comes to choosing between these two options. Generally speaking, 48v is a good choice for those who need maximum speed and torque while 72v provides longer run times and more power with each charge for a motorized golf cart.

When looking at overall performance, you’ll find that the 72v golf cart has more potential kinetic energy than its 48v counterpart due to a higher voltage system. This means that for faster speeds and longer distances you should go with the higher voltage option.

In regards to acceleration capabilities, there can be up to 40% improvement from using a higher voltage system such as going from 48v to 72v rather than sticking with a 24-volt or 36 volts setup which is common among lower-end models.

Are three or four-wheel push carts better?

When choosing between three- or four-wheel push carts, there are lots of factors to consider. Let's explore some of the pros and cons of each type so you can make an informed decision!

On one hand, three-wheel push carts provide great maneuverability. The single wheel in the front is designed to swivel around tight corners so you don't need as much effort when pushing your cart around. That makes them especially useful for people who want a lightweight cart that they can fit through narrow pathways such as those found in grocery stores. They also tend to be lightweight and easier to store due to their small size.

However, four-wheel push carts offer more stability than their three-wheeled counterparts. The greater surface area on the ground also provides better traction with your surfaces which means less sliding across slippery floors - something very important if you plan on moving heavy objects or items like groceries long distances! Additionally, four wheels spread out the load a bit more evenly when compared to a 3 wheel design – resulting in less stress being put upon any individual wheel during use. This improves the overall durability and longevity of the product so it will last longer over time before needing a replacement part or even an entirely new unit altogether!

So which is better? Well, ultimately it comes down to personal preference based upon how often you plan on using your cart, what kind of surfaces it needs to traverse over, and what kinds of loads (both weight & size) it might be carrying at any given time! Ultimately though I would say both types offer good solutions depending on what specific needs might be required from this type of tool - just be sure to choose carefully based on all these points before making your purchase decision!

How fast should a 48V golf cart go?

That depends on a few factors, including the type of golf cart and the terrain it's traveling over. On average, most standard 48V golf carts travel at about 15 to 18 miles per hour.

Is a push or pull cart better?

It's not a matter of better and worse, it's a matter of what is best for your particular needs when it comes to a reliable push cart or pull carts.

Let me explain. A manual push cart is great for golfers who want quick mobility. For example, if you have an 18-hole course and the holes aren't close together, your golf push cart can help you get around faster than pulling it along with more ease.

Pushing also doesn't put as much strain on your back in comparison to pulling - depending on the bag size/weight, obviously - which makes them perfect if you don't like carrying too much weight.

On the other hand, pull carts are suited more towards those who want stability over speed and easy access to their clubs without having to pick things up off the ground constantly. Pulling gives you less maneuverability but increases stability while walking on uneven terrain making them perfect for those that prefer security over speed when crossing through sand traps or challenging terrain (think water hazards).

Additionally, these types of carts provide easier access since they hang from its bar at hip-level giving people easier reachability from all angles, unlike pushed carts that require bending down - win!

In conclusion, I would say both have their pros and cons depending on what type of golf courses you plan on tackling but ultimately it just comes down to personal preference!

What can go wrong with electric golf carts?

The most common issue is battery failure from overuse or undercharging––if the battery dies, you’ll have to get it replaced. Additionally, electric motors tend to be more sensitive than gas-powered ones; if a single wire comes loose or breaks, your entire cart may not work anymore since electric golf carts rely on a complicated system of wires and batteries rather than combustion engine power.

Other issues include mechanical malfunctions such as driveshaft problems or frequent starts/stops which can wear out the motor faster than usual; poor maintenance results in these mechanical issues becoming larger problems down the road. In addition, some electric golf carts can suffer from electrical interference from nearby power lines which affects their performance and longevity significantly–this is especially true for models that use older parts and designs that aren't well shielded against electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Finally, dust buildup inside the components over time can cause premature wear and tear as well as reduced efficiency—in extreme cases, it may even shut down the entire system!

Fortunately, all of these potential obstacles are manageable if caught in time; regular maintenance should keep your electric golf cart running smoothly for many years of enjoyable use!

SwagScale Advice For You

All done!  We did the hard work and read thousands of reviews and found the best five best electric golf push carts that money can buy! No matter what your budget is, there’s something on this list for everyone for the golf equipment you need.  From high price tag, battery indicator, and storage space to cruise control functionality you have everything in this list to find the perfect electric model remote control cart for golf!

And if you’re still not sure which one is right for you, we’ve included a buyer’s guide with all the information you need to make an informed decision. So what are you waiting for? Go back up and click the check price button on the one you want and start walking when you play golf so you get your steps in!

Your Golf Guru,


PS: below is a video of what the electric push carts look like on the course.

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*We hope you find the thing that makes you smile from the list above!  Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own.  Oh, and FYI — Swagscale may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.  Enjoy finding the thing that makes you smile in this article!

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