Bryson James Aldrich Dechambeau has quickly become one of the most recognizable names in golf. After his breakout performance at the US Open in 2017, he quickly rose up the ranks to become one of the top players on the PGA Tour right next to Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Brooks Kopeka in popularity.

He is known for his long drives on the golf course, being very scientific with his golf clubs, and switching from the PGA tour over to Liv Golf. But where does Bryson DeChambeau live? Let's take a house tour!

Living Location

Bryson DeChambeau lives in Dallas, Texas. He moved there after graduating from Southern Methodist University (SMU) with a physics degree and turning professional in 2016. Bryson Dechambeau still goes back home from time to time to visit friends and family, he now calls Dallas his main residence.

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Personal Life

In his personal life, Bryson DeChambeau is a huge fan of golf and fitness. He frequently visits the local golf courses like Quail Hollow and The Players Championship to practice his golf swing and perfect his game on the putting green. When he's not practicing, he can often be found working out at Liv Golf or taking part in locker room activities with fellow PGA players like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

Bryson DeChambeau has his own YouTube channel but also appears regularly providing tutorials on how to play better golf. On his YouTube channel, he posts a video of his house tour. Here is a video of Bryson Decambeau's home in Dallas.

LIV Golf

When Bryson Dechambeau made the switch over to Liv Golf it was a big controversy with the FedEx Cup. The PGA deemed that professional golfers who do not perform in PGA tournaments can lose world ranking points and slip down the rankings.

College Life

Bryson Dechambeau is probably the most well-known golfer from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. No matter where you are playing or who you are playing against, you can always find Bryson DeChambeau somewhere close by - especially if it's near his beloved Dallas home!

Whether it’s honing his skills on the course or participating in promotional events for Rocket Mortgage or Best Prices TV, Bryson is always looking for ways to improve his game and stay competitive on the PGA Tour circuit - even if that means occasionally losing some world ranking points along the way!

From winning two PGA tour wins in 2019 alone to becoming the Low Amateur at Quail Hollow Club that same year, it’s no wonder why so many people love watching him play! So next time you see him hustling around town or appearing on YouTube - remember that this is where Bryson DeChambeau calls home!

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PGA Tour Life

Bryson DeChambeu made history during the Wells Fargo Championship, but not in the way he had hoped. After what felt like an eternity of playing golf, Bryson left after his second round convinced that he didn't make the cut and had to head home.

Little did he know, however, that his string of good golf strokes on his final two holes eventually put him over the edge of making it into the weekend round. What better way to sum up this wild experience at the Wells Fargo Championship than with a quote from Bryson himself - “Sometimes miracles happen.” Indeed they do, Mr. DeChambeu!

DeChambeau is a perfect example of the new crew in golf. Along with Mike Schy and others, DeChambeau has revolutionized the sport with his unique approach to golf. Born in Dallas, Texas, he played on a nine-hole course in his house's backyard and spent two hours each day practicing his golf shot. By the time he was 15 years old, he had made it onto the US Junior World Championship team and won three tournaments in one week.

In 2015, DeChambeau moved to Florida to study at IMG Academy and turn professional after college. That same year he won four tournaments including his first professional win at the Tour's DAP Championship near Cleveland, Ohio, and became only the second amateur golfer ever to win five individual events on either the PGA or European Tour that same year. His success on tour continued into 2016 as he won at The Travelers Championships in June and the John Deere Classic in July - becoming only the fifth golfer ever to win multiple championships before turning 22 years old.

Although DeChambeau is known for having one of the most unorthodox swings in golf history, he has developed an almost cult-like following of fans who watch his every move on tour and follow him on social media for tips and tricks from his videos on how to play like Bryson.

His popularity skyrocketed even further when DeChambeau decided to go all-in on a scientific approach to golf by testing different clubs in his bag and techniques - even customizing his putter shaft length during practice rounds!

This experimentation eventually paid off with wins at The Northern Trust Open in March 2020 and the Arnold Palmer Invitational (API) just three weeks later - making him one of only a few golfers ever to have won back-to-back PGA Tournaments since Tiger Woods did it in 2013.

In 2021, Bryson went even further when he took home first-place honors at The Memorial presented by Nationwide which marked his third victory over a three-week period - setting a new standard amongst all modern golfers!

He also made history that week when he became only the second player ever (after Tiger Woods) to break par over every round of tournament play without a single bogey or double bogey - going 20 under par overall for 72 holes!

His success did not stop there as he followed up with another impressive victory during The U.S. Open at Torrey Pines in June 2021 - becoming only the seventh pro golfer ever to take home both PGA Majors titles within one season!

Golf Clubs

As if this was not impressive enough, DeChambeau managed to do this all while experimenting with new clubs that were designed specifically for him by Cobra Golf as well as developing new techniques based on data analysis from search engine optimization programs such as Google Analytics which helped him create an entirely new swing style called "The Search" which earned him fame amongst fans worldwide!

Thanks to these accomplishments, DeChambeau has cemented himself into history books once again while providing sports memorabilia collectors everywhere plenty of rare collectibles such as signed balls and pictures throughout this amazing season!

Tour Wins:

Known as the "mad scientist" on the golf course, Bryson Dechambeau is of the best USA PGA tour players in the world of golf. You can never count him out in the first round or final round of any event. Although Bryson Dechambeau will have a hard time catching Jack Nicklaus in majors here are Bryson Dechambeau's 8 victories on the PGA tour:

2016 John Deere Classic

2017 The Memorial Tournament


2018 Dell Technology

2018 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open winner

2019 Rocket Mortgage Classic

2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard

2020 US Open winner

Bryson Dechambeau Misceallanous Facts

  • According to reports, Bryson DeChambeauh's net worth is around 14 million USD.
  • He won the California State Junior Championship in 2010 at the age of 16
  • His parents are John Howard Aldrich Dechambeau & Janet Louise Druffel
  • Dechambeau name origin: not sure
  • Dechambeau surname: not sure
  • His name is James Aldrich

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Bryson with the last name Dechambeau is one of the most interesting golfers in the world now and he happens to live in a really cool house in Dallas. If you want to get an inside look at where Bryson lives, go check out his YouTube channel or look at the video above. It's definitely worth a watch!

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