New to golf and looking for a golf ball that fits your game? Whether you are a beginner golfer or an expert, golf balls matter.

Srixon makes some of the best golf balls on the market. We have golf balls for beginners, intermediates, and expert players. No matter what your skill level is, we have the best low-spin to high-spin ball flight golf balls that will help you improve your game.

Our advanced technology will help you maximize distance and straighter shots. And our soft feel will give you more control over your shots. You won’t find a better ball on the market than Srixon Golf Balls. So read on and find the ideal golf ball from our reviews!

How We Choose The Best Srixon Golf Balls For You

Golfers are always looking for more distance and an edge on the green.

It can be tough to know which golf ball is right for you. With so many options on the market, it's hard to tell which one will give you both distance and greenside spin without spending a fortune on golf balls.

We've read through thousands of reviews to find the best golf balls for your game. From low spin, and high trajectory to different colors Srixon has got you covered. We're confident that our selection will help you play your best round yet.

Best Golf Balls For Beginners & Seniors. 

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

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Why We Give It Swag

With the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball, you can get ready to hit the links like a pro! Each dozen includes 388-speed dimples that are designed to reduce drag and increase lift, giving your swings more distance, accuracy, and performance.

Plus, the fast-layer core gives this ball an amazingly soft feel with plenty of control. It's perfect for hitting longer drives and generating amazing spin around the greens.

Seniors or any golfer with a slower swing speed will appreciate its softer impact for better control and accuracy on every stroke. With Srixon Soft Feel golf balls, you'll have everything you need to look and play like a pro! Plus, It's one of the cheapest price golf balls.

SwagScale Score

5.0 (best golf balls for slow-swing speed players)

Best Premium Golf Ball

Srixon Z-Star XV

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Srixon Z-Star XV

Best premium golf ball for low handicaps with fast swing speeds. Similar to the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. Hideki Matsuyama & Shane Lowry use this golf ball

Why We Give It Swag

Sick of missing those greens? Fed up with wasting time looking for your ball in the water and want to see the golf ball fly? Your prayers have been answered with the Srixon Z-Star XV. This top-tier golf ball is specifically engineered to give you distance and maximum control.

Thanks to its FastLayer Core, which starts soft in the center and gradually becomes firm around its edge, you'll get an exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed every swing. The inner core adds even more resiliency so that you can drive those long distances with no effort while having a soft feel on the greens.


What's more, it features Spin Skin with SeRM, a coating that maximizes spin for almost Jedi-like control on approach shots. Last but not least, the new 338 Speed Dimple Pattern helps cut through headwinds while boosting lift levels - perfect if you're playing a tight course! Available in a range of swaggy colors and sold in packs of a dozen, get your hands on one of the most popular golf balls Srixon Z-Star XV now for total golfing domination!

One Person’s Review

"To me this ball is comparable to a Pro-V1. But I find that I hit it a little further and I have better spin control."

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Best for swing speed less than 105 MPH

Srixon Z-Star

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Srixon Z-Star

Best golf balls for low-handicapped men or women golfers with swing speeds of less than 105 mph. LPGA women like Inbee Park & Minjee Lee play this golf ball.

Why We Give It Swag

Looking to take your game to the next level? Check out the Srixon Z-Star golf ball! It packs all the power of its 4-piece predecessor, with a never before seen level of performance.

Now, you can drive farther and with maximum accuracy - even in tough wind conditions. With its premium 3-piece construction, get ready for some serious swag on the green.

And don't worry about picking up a boring white ball; this 3-piece golf ball is available in a variety of colors for those who like to stand out from the crowd. With an unbeatable combination of distance and accuracy, make sure you stock up on Srixon Z-Star balls - you won't regret it!

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Great for Women Golfers

Srixon Soft Feel Lady

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Srixon Soft Feel Ladies Golf Balls

Best golf balls for women who are average to high handicappers with a lower swing speed of less than 100 mph. Also, great beginner golf balls for kids.

Why We Give It Swag

Ladies, ready to hit it long and straight off the tee? Look no further than Srixon's Soft Feel Ladies Golf Ball! Engineered specifically for women golfers, these balls are designed to launch high, giving you maximum distance off the driver every single time.

With their newly developed super-soft Energetic Gradient Growth core and a Hit Straight alignment aid, you'll be able to generate impressive ball velocity and hit targets with pinpoint accuracy. You don't want to settle for subpar performance; now you don't have to, with Srixon Soft Feel Ladies Balls!

Whether you're playing in a tournament or out on the links with friends, these balls will put some serious swag into all of your shots with these white or pink golf balls! Swing away and enjoy your game, the ladies of golf are destined for greatness with Srixon Soft Feel Ladies Balls.

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SwagScale Score

5.0 (my wife plays this golf ball and loves it)

Badass looking golf ball

Srixon Z-Star Divide

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Srixon Z-Star & Q-Star Divide

Two color golf ball that is badass looking but still has the goods. The divide comes in different golf ball options for a beginner golfer to an expert.

Why We Give It Swag

Ready to get your swag on? Then it's time to make the Srixon Z Star Divide your new go-to choice in golf balls! This badass-looking golf ball has got tons of different color options so you can stand out while teeing off. You won't ever have trouble finding this ball either.

This golf ball is so easy to see from a distance, that no one will mistake their golf ball for yours with this gaze grabber! The feel and performance are the exact same as a Titleist Pro V1 too!

Every shot you take with the Srixon Z Star Divide will count for max points - soaring 18 yards farther than usual and stopping on the greens with the spin you need and want! The only thing I recommend is don't get the blue/yellow combination. It was very difficult to see the blue in the fairway and rough so I would strongly recommend avoiding that color combo. Very cool-looking golf balls when in the air so make sure you make it yours today; you'll never look back.

One Person’s Review

"I purchased this ball early in the spring and played roughly 7 weekends with them. I love the way they look in flight, making them easy to track. The 50/50 ball makes lining up your put easier to. The feel of the ball around the greens is very crisp and true. You can really put some touch on the and know it will respond. I highly recommend the Srixon Divide Z-Star."

Swagscale Score

4.95 (blue/yellow combo hard to see which is why we docked it .05 points)

Better For Higher Handicaps

Srixon Q-Star Tour

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Srixon Q Star Tour

Better for weekend golfers

Why We Give It Swag

Step onto the green with some serious swag by using the Srixon Q Star Tour golf ball! The luxurious feel of this golf ball off the sweet spot will make your putts more accurate, while its exceptional spin performance and height give you a distinct edge no matter how big or small your shot is.

Whether you're struggling with low shots or hooked drives, you'll be able to bring more control to your game with each stroke! Plus, with so many happy customers boasting about its performance, you know you're in good hands with this fantastic golf ball. If you want an affordable golf ball but are still able to play well then this is the golf ball you need. Bring your A-game and show off some serious swagger by picking up a pack of Srixon Q Star Tour golf balls today!

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Golf Ball That Koepka Has Played

Srixon Z-Star Diamond

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Srixon Z-Star Diamond

The same golf balls that Brooks Koepka has played that are not meant for slow swing speeds

Why We Give It Swag

Step up your game with the new Srixon Z-STAR DIAMOND golf ball! With its sleek white or yellow design and 3-piece golf ball construction, this is a ball you won't ever want to let go of.

Spin Skin with SeRM coating on the urethane cover, digs deep into the grooves and irons of your clubs, allowing for maximum spin and control while increasing stopping power. Thanks to the new 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, you'll get all the greenside spin control and long-game distance you need with an increased spin on mid-and long-iron shots for this softer feel golf ball.

If you're looking for performance, precision, and style in a golf ball all rolled into one - look no further than the swagalicious Srixon Z-STAR DIAMOND! If you want a golf ball similar to the top brands in a dimple pattern with high energy transfer from club to golf ball then this is for you.

Srixon Golf Balls FAQs

Golfers are always looking for an edge on the green.

Even a small improvement in your golf game can mean the difference between winning and losing. You need to be playing the right golf ball that fits your game. There are golf balls for beginners, penetrating ball flight golf balls, and popular golf balls.

Srixon is one of the best golf ball manufacturers that design to give you an edge on the green based on swing speeds. From a beginner golf ball, with low driver spin to premium tour player golf balls, Srixon golf balls offer unmatched distance and control, so you can swing with confidence. We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Srixon Golf Balls so you can make an informed decision and find the best golf ball for your game!

Which Srixon golf ball is most like Pro V1?

Beginner golfers should not be wasting their money on these premium golf balls. When considering the question of which golf ball is most like Titleist Pro V1, the answer must be Srixon’s Z-Star or Tour Preferred golf balls. These two offerings offer incredible performance in a variety of ways and are very much in the same league as Titleist's highly acclaimed Pro V1.

Starting with the Z-Star, this ball features a progressive compression core that creates more distance off the tee but doesn't sacrifice any feel for short game shots around the green. The thin Spin Skin coating also provides an extra spin on wedge shots so you can hit longer iron shots closer to the pin. Additionally, it has an aerodynamic cover design and dimple configuration which allows for maximum lift during your swing and results in better accuracy off every hit.

The Tour Preferred is meant specifically for elite players looking to get serious about their game, as evidenced by its higher price point than other models from Srixon. It features a dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core designed to increase ball speed while enhancing energy transfer efficiency at impact – essentially improving your shot’s trajectory with every single tap of your club face.

All in all, if you're looking for quality performance on par (pun intended) with Titleist's Pro V1 line then look no further than Srixon's Z-Star or Tour Preferred offerings – they've got everything you need to take your game up a notch!

Which Srixon golf ball do pros use?

This is a very common question and one that many golfers are interested in. It turns out that pros don't only use one brand of a golf ball - they use whatever works best for their game! That being said, Srixon golf balls have remained popular among professionals.

At the highest level of competitive play, many Tour players rely on Srixon's Z-Star Series which features 4 Tour-level offerings – 3 models tailored to low spin (XV), mid spin (XXV), and high spin (SV).

Which is a better Srixon Z-Star or Q-Star?

It really depends on what kind of golfer you are and what you're looking for in a golf ball! If you're an experienced, low-handicap club player who likes to shape shots and tends to be quite accurate, then go with the Srixon Z-Star.

It has a urethane cover which allows it to have more spin control which is great for both distance control and shot shaping. Plus it's incredibly durable so if you like playing 18 holes or even 36 holes in a day, the Z-Star will be your best bet.

If however, you don't feel that confident about your skills yet and need some extra help controlling your distance off the tee then go with the Q-Star - it's been designed specifically for mid-handicappers or beginner golfers who are still trying to hone their accuracy but need generous forgiveness from a golf ball.

Is Srixon Z-Star better than the Pro V1?

The eternal debate: Srixon Z-Star or Pro V1? It's the golf version of Apple vs. Windows, and everyone has an opinion. I'm here to settle it once and for all!

First things first, it depends on what type of golfer you are. If you're a high-level player who relies on more controlled shots and needs a lot of spin around the greens, then you'll want to go with the Pro V1. The Z-Star is great for those players who need more distance off the tee but still require good control and workability when approaching their target.

However, if neither distance nor workability is a huge priority for your game, then either one will do depending on personal preference - both golf balls have their own unique characteristics that golfers appreciate differently from each other. My only advice is if you want a different golf ball on the golf course go with the Srixon Z-Star (divide is a really cool looking golf ball too) Good luck in finding your ideal ball fit!

Do any pros use the Srixon Z-Star?

Absolutely! Many top-notch players trust their game to the Srixon Z-Star. Some household names that have been seen teeing it up with the Srixon Z-Star Brooks Koepka, Shane Lowry, and Hideki Matsuyama just to name a few.

Not only do many of golf’s biggest stars use this ball, they actually rely on it heavily during competition rounds. It offers excellent performance in all areas including the distance off the driver, spin-around greenside shots, and durability throughout the play.

While there are plenty of good golf balls on the market today, what makes the Srixon Z-Star so special is its combination of feel and low spin-off the clubs– something which top professionals struggle to find from other manufacturers' offerings.

And even with its premium profile, you can grab yourself some quality value for money; one dozen at an online retailer will set you back no more than around $50 USD - a small price for such an impressive product!

Who should play the Srixon soft feel?

The best answer is golf balls for beginners. This soft golf ball is sure to bring a smile to your face without breaking the bank.

The Srixon Soft Feel was designed specifically for players of all skill levels but ideally for slower swing speeds like senior golfers or ladies (no offense but most women have slower swing speeds).

It has a low compression core that makes it easy to hit straight shots right off the tee, as well as an outstanding feel on short chips around the green. The 3-piece construction also helps golfers get optimal spin and distance when they need it most, while also providing them extra control when they have longer irons in their hands.

In addition, the Srixon Soft Feel looks great too! Whether it's in shades of red or white - even neon colors - there are options available that will make any golfer look professional and stylish on the course.

Do any tour players play the Srixon ZX5?

Yes - there are some tour players that play the Srixon ZX5! Many pros have utilized this driver from the Tour Van, but one notable example is Shane Lowry.

The ZX5 is known to be forgiving yet long off the tee and its Graphene-infused Crown allows ball speed to move more efficiently throughout the clubface. It also comes with three adjustable loft settings for up to four degrees of trajectory control, allowing you to adjust your launch angle and spin rate in order to achieve optimal performance no matter what conditions you're playing in.

With such features packed into one little package, it's no wonder why Lowry has thrown his name in as an endorser of this great driver.

What Srixon ball is best for Seniors?

For Seniors looking for the perfect golf ball, Srixon has just what you need – the Soft Feel Golf Ball. This softer-feeling golf ball is specifically designed with senior players in mind and offers maximum distance with the feel around the greens you need!

It features an ultra-soft core to provide more control around the green while still providing maximum distance off the tee. The cover also has a special Durability Enhancer that will resist cuts and abrasions from those pesky hazards you'll encounter on your day out on the course. Plus, its 338 dimple pattern reduces drag for increased accuracy and consistent flight patterns throughout your round.

So don't worry about losing distance as you age - now you can get even closer to that coveted pin without sacrificing feel or performance!

What is the difference between Srixon Z-Star and XV?

The golf balls are similar but the construction is slightly different. The Z-Star has a 3-piece construction while the XV uses a 4-piece design. This means that the Z-Star has more flexibility in terms of spin, trajectory, and control compared to the XV which is usually better for higher ball speeds and distance off the tee box at slower swing speeds.

Due to its urethane cover material, The Z-Star also offers a superior feel around greens compared to the Surlyn cover material on the XV which provides improved durability but does not offer as much feedback on your shots or spin on chips around greens.

SwagScale Advice For

Srixon is a brand you should be playing. They are one of the best golf ball industry companies in the business. A lot of people use Titleist golf balls, but this company is just as good. Be different and stop following the sheep who just play Pro V1's.

We found Srixon golf balls for beginners, intermediate, and experts so decide what type of player you are and pick one of the golf balls we found in this article for you. Check the price above today and start playing Srixon Golf Balls!

Your Golf Guru,


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*We hope you find the thing that makes you smile from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — Swagscale may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy finding the thing that makes you smile in this article.

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