Are you a baseball player that can throw with both hands?

If so, do we have the ambidextrous glove for YOU? It's called the Ambidextrous Glove and it is specifically designed to fit either hand. Whether you're an ambidextrous pitcher throwing lefty or throwing curves righty - this glove has got your back! Plus, it means no more switching gloves every other inning. Just leave it on one hand and you’re ready to go you won't have to switch gloves ever.

This amazing glove was invented by a frustrated dad who had to endlessly switch out his son’s mitts while playing in their backyard. He quickly realized all of those extra minutes were wasting time away from having fun with his kids, so he created something special - perfect for players like his son who would always escape into sports daydreaming when he should have been picking up his discarded equipment.

Now, scores of athletes (big and small) are getting more enjoyment out of their favorite pastime with this revolutionary glove that switches hands faster than Babe Ruth could swing a wooden bat!

See the 3 Ambidextrous Gloves below.


How We Choose

Baseball is hard. You have to be good at hitting, fielding, and throwing.

Even the best players can struggle when they have to switch hands and catch or throw with their other hand.

Ambidextrous gloves make it easier for everyone to play baseball. Now you can switch the glove and pitch with either hand depending on the batter. Put the odds on your side when pitching against a righty or lefty by pitching with either hand.

Akadema Ambidextrous Glove

12-inch leather baseball glove

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Why We Give It Swag

Are you both a lefty and a righty, but can never find the perfect baseball glove to match those impressive skills? Look no further than the Akadema Ambidextrous Glove – the ultimate glove for any split-handed player! Whether you use your left hand to pitch or your right hand to throw, this perfectly balanced bit of kit will take your play to new heights.

And thanks to its unbelievably soft leather material, you'll forget you're wearing anything at all as you deliver lightning-fast pitches with either hand. So whether you're practicing in the park or playing in an important match, the Akadema Ambidextrous Glove begs the question: are you ready for the chance to show off that double-sided talent?

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What You Should Know

Quality ambidextrous 12-inch baseball glove made of leather. 6-finger fielder or pitcher glove that throws with both arms.

Valle Eagle

Ambidextrous Pancake Baseball Training Glove

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Why We Give It Swag

The Valle Eagle is the ultimate pancake-style glove for any lefty or righty. Leave it to Valle, the experts in baseball training gear, to create a glove that fits anyone, no matter their handedness! With an easy ambidextrous design, this awesome glove takes all the guesswork out of buying a baseball training glove.

The Valle Eagle is made with top-notch craftsmanship and premium materials for maximum durability. Its flexible design features extra padding at key areas for superior control and a perfect grip during those tough ball catches.

There's also an adjustable strap at the wrist so you can get an ideal snug fit that won't slip off mid-session. With such thoughtfully designed details, you know this glove means business when it comes to delivering a fantastic performance.

So prove that your bones aren't made of pancakes - fly like an eagle with the Valle Eagle and show off your skills in the trenches!

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What You Should Know

Infield training gloves are made of leather that is for ambidextrous players.

Waboba Water Pro Catch Glove

Ambidextrous mitt for swimming pools and beach

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the Waboba Water Pro Glove - the perfect aquatic weapon for water warriors everywhere! Whether you’re playing beach ball or trying to hone your waterfront skills, this glove helps you catch anything thrown your way without getting wet.

It’s especially great for kids and adults swimming pools – so catching that beach ball with your bare hands no longer has to be a game of painful punishment. And since it’s ambidextrous, there's equality across the board.

Plus, it's made from soft material and even comes with an adjustable size band at the wrist, ideal for an ergonomic fit. So gear up and get ready to take on any challengers like a master water warrior with the Waboba Water Pro Glove!

What You Should Know

Each set comes with one glove and one ball made for the water only.

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If you’re looking for an ambidextrous baseball glove that is going to help your game, then look no further. These are the best 3 baseball glove options on the market and they are sure to give you a competitive edge. So what are you waiting for? Grab a baseball glove above and get ready to take your game to the next level!

Your Baseball Guru,


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Ambidextrous Glove FAQs

We understand that finding the right Ambidextrous Glove can be tricky. To help our customers make the best decision, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Ambidextrous Baseball Gloves. With our FAQs list as a guide, you'll be sure to find the perfect glove for your needs!

Is an ambidextrous pitcher allowed two gloves?

Absolutely! ambidextrous pitchers are allowed two gloves, but this isn't as common or accepted in baseball as a player having one glove for fielding and another for pitching. For an ambidextrous pitcher, the ability to throw with both arms is quite handy on the mound.

At first glance, you may think that it would take too much coordination to manage an extra glove during a game; however, there are ways that an ambidextrous pitcher can easily switch back and forth between the two gloves without taking too much time or focus away from the game. It is a lot easier if a pitcher gets an ambidextrous glove with extra finger slots and thumb loops to spin around so they can pitch with either hand.

If used properly and strategically by an experienced player who knows what works best for him/her, having two separate gloves could make all of the difference in a game situation - especially if that particular player is able to throw with both arms effectively!

Has an Ambidextrous player ever played for the New York Yankees?

Yes! While it's a rather uncommon occurrence, the New York Yankees have had at least one ambidextrous player grace their diamond in recent memory. The most notable would probably be Pat Venditte, who was officially called up to the major leagues in 2015 and was activated as a switch pitcher—someone capable of throwing with both arms.

Pat Venditte actually first made waves with his dual-arm ability when he debuted for Staten Island (the Yankees’ Single-A affiliate) during the 2008 season—he finished that year 5–2, with an impressive 2.21 earned run average. In 2013 Pat Venditte became a free agent and signed on with the Oakland Athletics for 2014 where he went 1–3 over 33 games as a reliever en route to being named Pacific Coast League pitcher of the week twice during his stint there.

In 2015, after losing out on spring training roster spots from both Oakland and Toronto respectively, Pat Venditte found himself back in the Bronx; this time earning promotion directly from Double-A Trenton Thunder to become only the second-ever switch pitcher used by an MLB team (Greg Harris had been previously deployed by Montreal Expos almost 20 years prior). His MLB debut came against Tampa Bay Rays batter Brad Miller which saw Venditte face him righty first then left-handed second; something no other hurler has done since baseball’s inception more than 130 years ago! Amazingly enough, that game ended without either side winning or losing—both batters retired before they made it past two strikes against Venditte making this left-handed performance something truly unique but also meaningful for MLB fans alike across history.

What color gloves are illegal for baseball?

It depends on the level of competition. In Major League Baseball (MLB), all players are required to wear a glove that is either white, gray, or black. This includes both infield and outfield gloves of the same team. MLB also stipulates that all non-white glove colors must be approved by the Commissioner’s Office before they can be worn in play. A pitcher is not allowed to wear a white or gray glove.

In Minor League Baseball (MiLB), each team is allowed to choose its own color for their entire team’s gloves, but will always remain within MiLB's color specifications (white, gray, black, or a combination of these colors).

On a Collegiate level (like creighton university), NCAA men's baseball does not have regulations about glove colors; however, it does encourage teams to keep uniformity across their equipment and accessories including wristbands and batting helmets.

At lower levels of amateur baseball (i.e., high school leagues) or recreational games, different colored gloves may occasionally be seen despite there being no official rules about them - as long as those playing do not commit unfair advantage over the opposing team in any way shape or form then there should be no issues with using non-standard colored gloves!