Calling all baseball and softball players - don't let your baseball glove be a stiff rookie!

These are the best 9 glove oil kits that will make sure your baseball glove is ready to take on the field. With their special formulation of baseball glove oils, these kits guarantee maximum performance so you can excel in baseball or softball while still getting that classic "well-oiled" feel when catching the ball.

Plus, with nine different varieties to choose from, you won't have any trouble finding exactly what kind of baseball glove oil you're looking for.

Imagine having such control over your baseball glove dexterity it'll almost seem like an extension of yourself; no longer worry about dealing with leather gloves that are too rigid to play with thanks to these specialized baseball glove oil kits! And all this at prices that won’t break the bank!

Get your baseball gloves or softball gloves broken in fast because now you can purchase one of these fantastic league glove oil kits today and play like a pro in no time! Don't delay - pick up your perfect baseball glove oil kit now!

How We Choose Baseball Glove Oils

Baseball gloves or softball gloves take some time to break in so they can become an extension of your hand. You have to catch the ball with a glove, and if your glove isn't oiled then the baseball glove won't close properly so the ball will fall out.

Not only is baseball hard, but it's also really frustrating when your baseball glove doesn't work properly. All that practice and you can still have errors during the game because glove leather won't close?

Don't worry, we've got the perfect solution for you- glove oil baseball kits! These kits come with everything you need to keep your leather gloves in top condition, including an easy-to-use applicator bottle and a soft cloth for polishing.

SARNA Baseball Softball Glove Oil

Baseball glove oil

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Why We Give It Swag

Calling all ballers, SARNA's Baseball & Softball Glove Oil is perfect for your mitt-management needs. Formulated with a unique blend of premium ingredients, this baseball glove oil guarantees results that are better than the competition.

With easy and convenient new and improved packaging, SARNA's leather gloves oil has got you covered whether you're breaking in a new mitt or just simply looking to revamp your favorite glove.

Plus it won't clog your pores or deteriorate your leather glove over time like some other oils on the market! With swag and witty formula, all baseball and softball players can trust their equipment with SARNA - we know it takes some skill to be able to hustle at the plate and out in the center field after all!

So if you're ready for some winners' circle improvements, try out SARNA's Baseball Glove Oils today - no matter if your glove is a flare glove or middle and corner infielders glove..we've got your entire glove covered!

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You Need To Know

  • Comes in a 4-oz bottle with an easy applicator cap
  • Made from natural ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, lanolin, etc.
  • Provides superior protection against dirt and moisture
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable product
  • Helps preserve the shape of the glove by maintaining flexibility
  • Repels dirt and resists water without leaving a greasy residue on gloves

SwagScale Score

5.0 (great price and tons of positive reviews)

SARNA BASEBALL Glove Conditioner Cream

For leather gloves

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Why We Give It Swag

Attention all ballplayers! If you’re serious about the game, then it’s time to get serious about your glove. That’s why professionals and amateurs alike turn to the best baseball glove conditioners-SARNA.

When you’re ready to go big league, choose the right glove conditioners: SARNA combines a unique, top-quality formula with a premium blend that won’t clog pores and allows your leather gloves to breathe while restoring their precious moisture and pliability.

It gets better! The formula keeps those leather gloves colors popping and constant light stretch like an outfielder snagging the game-winner at the bottom of the ninth. Designed by pros and proven on diamonds around the world - SARNA BASEBALL Glove Conditioner Cream was MADE for you.

You Need To Know

  • Baseball glove conditioner comes in a 4-oz tube
  • Made from natural ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, lanolin, etc.
  • Provides superior protection against dirt and moisture
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable product
  • Helps preserve the shape of the glove by maintaining flexibility
  • Repels dirt and resists water without leaving a greasy residue on gloves
  • Easy to use; simply apply a thin layer of cream to the leather surface of your glove

SwagScale Score

5 (One of the best baseball glove conditioners with a great price and tons of positive reviews)

Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

Cheap Glove oil

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Why We Give It Swag

is your glove leather looking a bit old and tired? Or do you have a new baseball glove? Say goodbye to gloves that could use a facelift, because Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner is the answer you've been waiting for!

Put the “swag” back into your glove with this easy-to-use conditioner; it softens and revitalizes leather, bringing back that funky fresh feel that gloves always had when they were new.

And don't worry about losing out on color; just rub in Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner, and watch as your gloves go from dull to daring in no time. Plus, it adds a natural leather scent to leave you feeling extra revived!

So say “hey yo!” to the best baseball glove conditioners of yesteryear and get some Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner today!

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What You Should Know

  • Made from quality oils, waxes, and special resins
  • Conditions and maintains the leather on baseball and softball gloves
  • Prevents premature wear by keeping the leather supple
  • Reduces water absorption and improves grip
  • 4 oz tube of conditioner
  • Easy to use: apply with a soft cloth or brush in a circular motion, let sit for 30 minutes then wipe off any excess with a soft cloth Reviews: An Honest Review of Jasper AI Copywriting Assistant!
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SwagScale Score

5.0 (great price, great company, great reviews, and great for a new baseball glove)

Rawlings | GAME READY Glove Break-In Kit

Glove oil

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Why We Give It Swag

Get your baseball gloves game-ready in no time with the Rawlings GAME READY Glove Break-In Kit! Carefully crafted, this comprehensive kit includes everything you need for a successful break-in.

The advanced formula for the Glovolium Break-In Formula is non-petroleum and non-toxic providing you with the perfect way to clean, preserve, soften, and break in your glove leather.

The ProApplicator Cloth serves as an optimal surface for gently massaging the Glovolium formula into the leather. As well as completing the break-in process, use the Jumbo Rubber Band to help maintain and form the pocket shape of your glove. Don't waste time trying to break in your gloves like a GED test taker—get GAME READY with our Rawlings Glove Break-In Kit!

You Need To Know

  • Includes a glove steamer, game-ready oil, game-ready conditioner, and lacing tool
  • Steam softens the leather and allows more flexibility when forming pockets

  • The oil keeps leather soft and supple while preventing drying or cracking over time

  • Conditioner adds extra protection to help maintain the structural integrity of the glove
  • Helps break in gloves quickly while reducing the risk of wear and tear
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SwagScale Score

4.5 (oil is great but there are better products on the market to break in your glove. A lot of positive reviews for this product though.)

Covey Baseball Glove Breakin Kit

Includes oils and conditioners

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the Covey Baseball Glove Breakin Kit - the swag way to get your glove game ready! Whether you're breaking in a brand-new baseball or softball glove or keeping your old, broken-in one in tip-top shape all season long, this kit has everything you need!

In addition to the Covey Sports Mallett and a bottle of Glovolium conditioning oil, you'll also get a microfiber cloth and a glove band wrap to keep things flying at all times.

The one-piece mallet further ensures a perfect pocket that you won't have any worries about parts coming off after repeated use – letting nothing stand between you and achieving peak performance with your glove. Stop messing around with limp leather, pick up a Covey Baseball Glove Breakin Kit, and become an MVP on the diamond today!

*We hope you find the thing that makes you smile from the list above! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — Swagscale may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy finding the thing that makes you smile in this article!
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What You Should Know

  • Includes two gloves, an oiling pomade, and game-ready conditioner
  • Oiling pomade softens leather and allows more flexibility when forming pockets
  • Conditioner prevents premature wear and tear while preserving the structural integrity of the glove
  • Helps break in gloves quickly with minimal effort

Swagscale Score

5.0 (great price and has all the tools you need to break in a glove)

Hot Glove Break-in Kit Glove Care Management System

For old and new gloves

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing your one-stop shop for all things glove care - the Hot Glove Break-in Kit Glove Care Management System! No matter if you’re breaking in a new glove, reviving an old one, or hockey goalie gloves the Hot Glove’s got you covered!

This package comes with three rockstar products to make sure your mitt is not only comfortable and functional but also preserved and protected.

First up is our Hot Glove Heat Treatment that instantly breaks in your clean slate of a glove as well as gives it some extra TLC for those aged gloves. It’s non-toxic and effective, making sure that even the pickiest of pitchers can be satisfied with the result. Millions of gloves have been treated with the Hot Glove love – trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Next on the agenda from this swag, the witty kit is the trusted tenured captain - the Hot Glove Cream Conditioner. This moisturizing all-natural lanolin and vitamin E cleanser softens and restores leather to like-new condition while repelling rain and moisture so your glove can be ready to go any time you need it. Say goodbye to damp disappointment!

Last but certainly not least we have the savior of pocket safety (removable handle wrap) - the Glove Wrap. When you’re on top of your game, don’t let pocket preservation stop you now! Not sure if this was the glove wrap on shark tank season.

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No matter where your sportswear journey takes you, take comfort in knowing that the Hot Glove Break-in Kit knows exactly how to take care of it!

What You Should Know

  • Professional strength formula softens leather and helps glove form pockets
  • Prevents shrinkage and cracking over time
  • Can be used for all sizes of gloves
  • Ideal for amateurs and professionals alike

The Hot Glove Break-In Management System is an incredibly helpful tool for anyone looking to break in a new glove or maintain an old one while a pocket formed in minutes. With just minutes of your time, you can get increased performance from your glove with this easy-to-use system!

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Swagscale Score

5.0 (Great reviews, a swanky-looking shoe, and a great price make this our number-one pick!)

Nokona NLT Classic Leather Glove Conditioner

For old and new gloves

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Why We Give It Swag

Play your best, look your best, and be the best with Nokona Leather Treatment Classic Glove Conditioner! With this industry-favorite glove conditioner, you can keep your favorite glove in top shape—both in comfort and appearance.

Used for over fifty years, Nokona Classic leather care formula securely oils and conditioners without soaking into the padding. It's simple to use: just like applying lotion on hands, apply NLT Classic as needed. Take the long path outta breaking in a new glove and make sure you raise the bar every time you go out there with NLT Classic!

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What You Should Know

  • Natural oils and waxes provide intense conditioning
  • Repairs dry, cracked leather
  • Long-lasting waterproof finish
  • Easily restored with just one application

The Nokona NLT Leather Conditioner is an excellent choice for anyone looking to restore or maintain their leather goods. With just one application you can easily repair any damage done over time and keep your items looking as good as new!

Swagscale Score

5.0 (best baseball glove conditioner for the price and reviews)

MIscelanous Products People Buy With The Glove Oil

TOFL Glove Wrap - Baseball & Softball Mitt Shaper

Used for baseball and softball mitts

Check Price On Amazon

Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the TOFL Glove Wrap - the perfect fit for any baseball and softball glove! This glove wrap not only looks swaggy but it helps keep your glove properly in shape at all times.

The elasticized fabric and adjustable pressure feature let you tailor-fit the wrap to perfectly match your glove’s size and shape. Forget about using household items or getting creative with duct tape--our Glove Wrap has you covered!

If your goal is for a perfectly shaped pocket or to extend the life of your glove, you’ll love Glove Wrap. It’s designed to provide the right amount of pressure on your mitt so it won’t wear down easily.

Whether you’re playing in T-Ball or Double-A, don’t let your glove give you any unexpected surprises! With our Glove Wrap, you can confidently count on playing with a well-shaped pocket that keeps its form even after many uses.

So make sure to grab a TOFL Glove Wrap today to up your swag game and look like a pro while you play catch

What You Should Know

  • Securely holds any size glove during break-in
  • Provides an extra layer of protection when storing gloves
  • Easily fits into most bags and packs
  • Lightweight and durable construction

The TOFL Glove Wrap is an essential tool for anyone who plays sports regularly or is a fan of outdoor activities. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to store and transport, while its durable design ensures your gloves stay in top condition for years to come.

Swagscale Score

5.0 (great product to start forming your glove)

Knuckle Buster

Wood Mallet to break in gloves

Check Price On Amazon

Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the Knuckle Buster - The ultimate companion to transform your softball or baseball glove into a pocket-catching machine! Time to get your swag on and take outfielding to new heights.

Put some pressure on the leather to create deep pockets and make those hard-to-reach spots a thing of the past. This wooden mallet is strong and firm with just the right amount of power for maximum impact when breaking in your glove, so you don't need any rags or towels.

And don't worry about hitting your knuckles as our handle is designed long enough so you can comfortably hit away at those pesky creases that would ruin any game.

What You Should Know

Wooden mallet to smash the pocket of the glove with

Swagscale Score

5.0 (You need this to really break in your glove)

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SwagScale Advice For You

And that's a wrap as we found the best baseball glove oil for new and old gloves for you on Amazon! Be sure to choose one that fits both your budget and needs. Just click one of the buttons above and check the price on Amazon. As always, happy shopping!

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Baseball Gloves Oil FAQs

We compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about glove oils by researching online forums, customer reviews, and feedback from glove manufacturers.

We reviewed the comments and queries to discover what topics were mentioned most often and created our list with these in mind. We also used our own expertise gained from years of working with glove oils to ensure that we had all the important information on the list.

Should baseball gloves be oiled?

Yes, baseball gloves should be oiled to keep the gloves soft, in good condition, and performing optimally. Best baseball glove oils keep a glove soft and supple, which can improve grip and increase the longevity of the glove. It also makes it easier to break in stiff gloves, which is important for fielding balls more effectively.

Before applying any oil to your glove pocket, make sure that you clean it first with water or leather cleaner—this will ensure that your glove is free of dirt and debris before being conditioned.

You should then use a combination of the best baseball glove oils and the best baseball glove conditioner with some beeswax or pure lanolin oil for added protection against moisture damage. Using these combinations together will help provide optimal conditioning for your new gloves.

Once applied, let the oils rest on your glove overnight as they absorb into its fibers; however, try not to leave them longer than necessary since too much oil can cause stiffness in its material over time.

To finish up the process, you’ll want to buff out any excess oil with a soft cloth so that it doesn't attract dust particles from intensely playing games outdoors or indoors over time—any sort of airborne particles could interfere with ball contact when fielding players during games if left unchecked!

In summary: Putting the best baseball glove oil on your gloves regularly even old baseball gloves, will go a long way in preserving their condition while providing optimal performance on the field!

Properly cleaning and conditioning your baseball gloves using various types of oils along with additional hot glove cream conditioner should help you have the best glove for you. Just know that glove oil helps make the gloves soft.

What does glove oil do to a baseball glove?

Glove oil is a very important step in making your new gloves possible. It helps to extend the life of your glove and improve its performance. When you apply it to the glove's leather, it will soften and lubricate them, allowing for easy movement and flexibility as you move from catch to catch. This also makes it easier for your hand to slide into the pocket when catching different types of balls without having to force your way in.

Glove oil also waterproofs leather by creating an impenetrable layer that prevents dirt and moisture from penetrating the fibers of the leather material.

This can significantly reduce wear and tear over time, offering added protection against sun damage or weather conditions that could otherwise weaken or break down even high-quality gloves prematurely.

Lastly, applying a small amount of glove oil regularly to old gloves keeps the leather supple while preserving its natural aroma—allowing you to enjoy each game with ease!

Overall, using proper maintenance care like regular cleaning, drying fully after use, and conditioning regularly with glove conditioner/oil helps protect one’s investment by extending the life span of their gear while ensuring optimal performance on game day! They make spray applicator bottles or wax for glove oil.

Is Vaseline good for baseball gloves?

Yes, Vaseline is an excellent product to use on new gloves and old gloves. It can help restore the leather to its original condition and also waterproof it, preventing any dirt or dust buildup. Since baseball gloves are often exposed to sun and rain during outdoor games, keeping them well-conditioned with Vaseline will increase their life span significantly.

When applying Vaseline to leather sports equipment, it's important to make sure your hands are dry and clean before application. A small amount of Vaseline should be rubbed into the leather using circular motions until it has been fully absorbed by the material. After application, allow the glove some time to sit in a cool area away from direct sunlight before wiping off any excess residue with a clean cloth.

The best way to ensure maximum protection for your glove is by regular conditioning and polishing it with Vaseline about every two weeks or after each game played outdoors for extra protection against those elements mentioned previously (sun and rain).

Not only will this improve the longevity of your glove but also increases ball grip ability thanks to that extra layer of traction provided by lubricating oils in Vaseline!

Is WD 40 good for leather baseball gloves?

No, WD 40 is not good for leather baseball gloves. This is because it contains mineral oils and certain solvents that can damage the leather over time. Leather needs to be conditioned and cleaned using special leather conditioners or cleaners designed specifically for such use.

Using WD 40 on old gloves may temporarily soften the leather, but in the long run, could lead to cracking and premature aging of the leather. In addition, when a ball touches an area treated with WD 40 it could cause slippage or lack of control which would hinder a player's performance significantly during gameplay.

For those looking for what products are safe to use on softening, cleaning, and conditioning football gloves, there are several options available: Lexol All-Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner; Bickmore Leather Conditioner; Pink Soap (dissolved in warm water) & Neat's Foot Oil; Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain Repellent plus Leather Cleaner; Hydrates Sports Glove Lotion Spray; Picard’s Original Baseball Glove Lotion Softener/Conditioner Treatment Spray, etc.

Which youth baseball glove is the easiest baseball glove to break in?

The ease of breaking in a youth baseball glove can vary depending on factors such as materials (synthetic gloves, top grain leather), design, and personal preference. However, many players and parents find that gloves made from softer leather or synthetic materials tend to be easier to break in.

Gloves with a more flexible and pliable construction (outfield gloves) can speed up the process of molding to the player's hand and making it more game-ready.

Popular choices for youth baseball gloves that are often considered easy to break in include those made from full-grain leather, synthetic leather, or a combination of both.

Additionally, gloves with adjustable straps, finger linings or features that allow for a customized fit may enhance comfort during the break-in period.