For most golfers, getting their golf impact position down is a struggle with their golf swing. But with these 9 tips, you can start to feel more confident when it comes to your golf swing, and have more control over where the golf ball goes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these tips will help you master your impact position and hit the golf ball better.

Start with the Basics:

Before you try anything fancy, make sure that you understand the basics of how to properly take your golf club and set up for a golf shot. Make sure that you know where your feet should be positioned during setup, what your grip should look like, and how to align yourself toward the target line so you can hit good golf shots on the golf course. Once you have these fundamentals down, then move on to more advanced techniques for your own swing.

Learn from the Pros:

One of the best ways to learn about how to perfect your impact position is by studying a golf swing like Matthew Wolff or Adam Scott's golf swing. Pay attention to how they set up their own swing and how they create a powerful impact position down the line. Watching their golf swing can give you valuable insight into what you need to do to play great golf

Practice Makes Perfect:

Practicing is key to mastering your golf swing! Get out on the course as often as possible and try different drills and techniques until you find something that works for you and your unique swing style. You need to get rid of your old swing and tailor it to a PGA tour professional's golf swing.

Know Your Swing Inside Out:

The key to understanding how all of your body parts work together throughout each part of the golf swing motion. From setting up correctly at address and all the way through follow-through, all parts of your body must be working in harmony in order for your shots to fly straight and land on target!

Use George Gankas’ Methodology:

George Gankas is one of today's top instructors when it comes to teaching young players how to improve their swing technique and get better results out on the course - his method involves focusing on creating good lower body torque during setup as well as getting maximum club head speed through proper use of left arm rotation during impact down the line - following this methodology can drastically improve your golf swing!

Try Different Drills:

There are tons of drills out there designed specifically for improving one's golf swing impact position down the line - try them all out until you find one that works best for you! Focus on keeping a consistent tempo throughout each drill with your swing while also paying special attention to keeping your head still so that it stays in alignment with both arms during each shot's contact zone with its target line - this will ensure maximum power transfer from club head into golf ball upon hitting it cleanly.

Take Videos of Your Swing and Get Lessons from PGA Tour Pros:

If practicing alone isn't enough, take videos of your unique swing or take lessons from PGA Tour pros! Many PGA Tour Professionals offer online lessons where they break down their own swing, talking through each step along with helpful visual aids to help young players. Seeing somebody else's swing in motion can help give perspective on what works best for achieving what you want in golf.

Analyze Old Swings :

It's always useful analyzing older footage of yourself or other great players. By looking back at a previous swing, you can identify areas needing improvement! This helps people analyze their own swings more objectively so can tweak them accordingly in order to achieve optimal performance out there on any given day.

Find a Role Model:

Finally, find someone who has achieved success on the PGA Tour like Matthew Wolff, you can strive to emulate them! Whether it be some PGA Tour Professional close by or one far away (like Matthew Wolff), study their techniques closely so that you may incorporate aspects into your own swings. Of course, remember not everyone has an identical swing - stay true to yourself but never forget those around us who have achieved greatness before us!

Swagscale Advice For You :

Following these nine tips will put any golfer on track toward mastering his/her impact position down the line. With patience and dedication, anyone can begin playing better golf than ever before! Remember, don't be afraid to take risks or experiment with different techniques (Matthew Wolff and Jim Furyk have a unique golf swing) - after all, no two people have exactly the same swing! Go out and practice and become a PGA Tour player someday!

Your Golf Guru,


PS: You will need golf shoes to practice so check this article on the 8 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes below. Also, we put a video below on PGA Tour Pro Matthew Wolff so you can see his swing.

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