Tired of golfing with the same old shoes?

Ladies, it's time to get your feet in something new. Introducing golf shoes that are spikeless for women! Lightweight and comfortable, these spikes-free shoes feature a unique waterproof upper sock system to keep you dry and active throughout your entire game. These women's spikeless golf shoes also come with a premium leather upper that ensures maximum durability while enhancing performance.

With their rubber sole and solid grip treads, these spikeless golf shoe you’ll never have to worry about slipping or sliding around on the course again. And better yet, why settle for plain when you can stand out from the crowd in one of these stylish spikeless shoe designs such as the Cap Toe laced-up spikeless shoes or Footjoy Sport Retro women's golf shoe?

Step up your game today by clicking one of the lightweight shoe products below and buying some awesome spikeless golf shoes! Trust us –you won’t regret it!

How We Choose

You don't want your feet to feel like they're walking on spikes when you're playing on the golf course in wet or damp weather conditions.

Traditional golf shoes can be a real pain when the weather takes a turn for the worse. With these spikeless golf shoes, you'll never have to worry about your feet slipping and sliding all over the place again.

Our team of experts read through thousands of reviews to find the 6 best spikeless golf shoes for women. These shoes are made by top brands like Adidas, and FootJoy, and come with an infinity outsole that provides good grip and excellent traction in any weather condition.

They have water-resistant designs that will keep your feet dry even in the morning dew. Check out the 5 Best Women's Golf Shoes below.

1. Adidas Womens Summervent Golf Shoe

If you're looking to up your golf game, then why not do it in style? Adidas Women's Summervent spikeless golf shoe. They come in various colors, so you'll be able to find the perfect pair for your game and wardrobe. Whether you need a bright statement golf shoe or something more subtle to match your outfits, there's sure to be something tailored for you. With lots of comfort and movement needed on the course, having premium quality golf shoes is essential - look no further than these stylish golf shoe choices from Adidas. They give you all the ergonomic benefits without sacrificing any of that cool style factor - it's almost like having your cake and eating it too!

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2. FootJoy Women's Fj Flex Xp

When looking for golf shoes, you don’t want a pair that’s too hard on the feet or that doesn’t provide enough support – you need FootJoy Women's Fj Flex Xp spikeless golf shoes! Not only come these shoes in five different colors so you'll be sure to find something suited to your taste, but these golf shoes also boast a rubber sole that ensures a most comfortable shoe to wear on the course. Plus, with the lightweight performance mesh and EVA midsole, there won't be any discomfort or lack of stability while walking the green in this shoe. Get FootJoy Women's Fj Flex XP golf shoes – they are perfect to wear for a snug fit and reliable traction while playing on the golf course.

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3. Skechers Women's Max Mojo

If you’re looking for a spikeless shoe for women that are stylish and performance-oriented for the golf elite as with your game, get ready to take a swing at Skechers Women's Max Mojo. These cool classic style golf shoe for women come in 4 different colors, so you don't have to blend into the background on the green. But it isn’t just about looks for this golf shoe; these women's golf shoe is 100% synthetic with rubber soles and full-grain leather uppers for durability and venting. The Ultra Flight cushioning golf shoe with support saddle gives you an edge for striking powerful shots all day long - not to mention this women's golf shoe is water resistant! Step up your game with style and power, and add Skechers Women's Max Mojo golf shoes to your feet now.

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4. ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid Hydromax

Are you looking for the best women's golf shoes? Look no further than ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid Hydromax Spikeless Golf Shoe – expertly designed with all of your needs in mind. Not only do these women's golf shoes come in three great colors, but they are also crafted from highly durable ECCO YAK leather and premium textiles for unbeatable performance! Plus, with the premium waterproof leather HYDROMAX Technology, your feet stay dry even in wet conditions, while their NATURAL MOTION Technology brings you closer to the ground. Other features include an E-DTS Traction System and FLUIDFORM Technology for cushioning and breathability. So don't wait – make every shot count with these incredible women's shoes for golf today!

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5. Adidas Women's Adipure

Regarding your golf game, you deserve the best women's golf shoes for your money. With Adidas Women's Adipure spikeless golf shoes, you can rest assured that your women's golf shoes will never go unnoticed. These women's golf shoes look great with their selection of 7 colors, and they also make a statement with a highly flexible adiwear spikeless new outsole and pure motion lugs for optimal shoe traction to wear. Fitfoam PU sock liner offers added comfort and looks stylish too! Plus the new Adipure women's last features an aesthetically-pleasing lower ceiling height for comfy play throughout the entire round on the course. Now there's no excuse to be ready on the first tee on the course - get yourself a pair of these golf shoes today and make every shot count!

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6. ECCO Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe

If you're serious about your golf game and on the hunt for a shoe that will help to elevate your performance and improve your experience, then look no further than the ECCO Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe for women. Designed with the tech response BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology, you get greater stability through X-TENSA INVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY. Plus an ECCO MTN GRIP outsole provides optimal grip and high levels of durability! But that's not all; ECCO FLUIDFORM Technology gives you super lightweight feet feel meaning better rotational support coupled with comfortable flexibility - plus a removable Ortholite inlay sole for long-term cushioning and breathability. Most importantly the waterproof sock system will keep your feet dry. When it comes to women's golf shoes this one is at the top of the leaderboard!

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Women's Golf Shoes FAQs

Shopping for the perfect women's golf shoes that are spikeless with optimal traction can be daunting, but don't worry - we've put together this list of FAQs to help you find the perfect golf shoes for women's feet. From removable spikes and tour-proven traction to style tips, you'll be able to find all the answers to some of your questions below.

Do pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Yes, many professional golfers do wear spikeless shoes for golfing. These spikeless shoes are designed to provide the same amount of traction elements and stability as traditionally spiked shoes, but without the need for metal spikes. In addition, they are typically more comfortable and lightweight cushioning than their spiked counterparts. They often feature outsoles made from a combination of rubber or polyurethane materials that provide excellent grip and durability on all types of terrain. Pros may choose to wear spike golf shoes to ensure they have the proper traction during their swings, while also protecting their feet from any sharp objects on the course.. Many of these women's golf shoes come with a one-year waterproof warranty with an athletic fit too.

Do spikeless golf shoes make a difference?

Yes, spikeless golf shoes can make a difference when it comes to playing a round of golf. Traditional men's shoes have spikes attached to the sole which can cause damage to the turf on a golf course. Spikeless models are designed with either a flat sole or one with cleats that are close together and much shallower than spikes, giving you ample support and offering better grip. Additionally, they provide stability during your swing and allow you to pivot more easily during your golf swing. Furthermore, many spikeless models also feature memory foam, a waterproof upper, making them ideal for wet conditions. Overall, spikeless shoes offer great traction, support, and durability for improved performance on the course.

Is there a women's golf shoe that has arch support?

Yes, many companies golf shoe makes women's golf shoes that offer arch support. Manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike, and FootJoy have designed golf shoes specifically for female golfers which feature arch support. Many companies have podiatrist-certified arch support women's golf shoe. The arch support typically comes in the form of cushioned insoles and is designed to provide comfort and shock absorption while walking on the course. Many of these golf shoes also come with waterproof materials, extra cushioning, similar to a running shoe, and spikeless outsoles for greater stability.

Does Tiger Woods wear Footjoys?

Yes, Tiger Woods wears Footjoy golf shoes. He has been sponsored by the company since 1999 and was even involved in the design of a special edition of their shoes. He is known to be very particular when choosing golf equipment, so it is probably safe to say that he wears Footjoy because they offer him outstanding comfort, stability, and performance on the course.

Do any pro golfers wear Skechers?

Yes, there are several professional golfers who wear Skechers women's shoes. Most notably, a two-time major champion and World Golf Hall of Famer Annika Sorenstam is one of the top Skechers ambassadors, wearing the Skechers GO GOLF Pro 2 shoes when she plays on the Legends Tour. In addition to Sorenstam, notable golf elite professional golfers including Brooke Henderson, Matt Kuchar, and Ryan Moore have also been seen sporting Skechers go golf shoe on PGA TOUR and LPGA events. The company designs its golf shoe models with comfort in mind and features technology such as Resamax cushioning, as well as various materials designed to keep feet cool while walking through the course with a golf shoe. Skechers go golf also offers a wide variety of fashionable styles that make it easy for pro golfers to look good while out on the fairways.

What should a non-golfer wear to golf?

For a non-golfer, it is important to wear comfortable, breathable clothing that is light in color. It is also important to find clothing that allows for ease of movement and flexibility so as not to impede the golfer’s movements. Appropriate apparel can include short-sleeved collared shirts or polo shirts, khaki pants or shorts, and comfortable shoes such as sneakers, athletic sandals, or golf shoes. Additionally, it is important to protect the skin from the sun's rays by wearing a hat or visor and sunscreen. 

The type of apparel should also be appropriate for the climate; in cooler weather, a jacket may be needed while in hot weather lightweight layers may be necessary. To ensure an enjoyable experience on the course, non-golfers should make sure their clothing fits properly but isn't restrictive; wear running shoes and they should bring an extra shirt just in case they get sweaty or dirty during play; and everyone should check with the golf course for any specific dress code requirements before getting dressed for their round of golf.


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