Are you a dog owner looking for the perfect way to keep your furry friend safe and secure while your working from home?

Finding the right home for your puppy can be tricky. You don't need to stick energetic dogs in a dog crate anymore. That’s why we found the best Indoor Dog Pens to help out all dog owners.

These dog playpens are designed to fit any size dog from a small dog to a large dog comfortably, they offer great visibility so your puppy can see what’s going on around, have a step-through door that makes getting in and out simple, come in different shapes and sizes to give each pet his own special space—and they easily collapse down into a carrying case when it’s time to go on a trip!

Whether you need a larger pen for more room for an older dog or small enough for an energetic little puppy, these pens will help keep everyone safe both indoors and out.

And because these pens can expand as your puppy grows, there’s no worrying about buying larger sizes as he grows up. Plus, with their sleek design and lightweight portability option, you can take them anywhere.

Add even more fun by using Room Divider panels - add four or six panels at one time so they get even more room while playing inside their pen.

See now below and see the best dog pen indoor suited specifically to your dog's needs!

How We Choose The Right Dog Pen For You

You love your dog, but you don't love your dog's chewing tendencies.

Dogs will be dogs, and sometimes that means chewing on things they shouldn't.

An indoor dog pen is a great way to give your furry friend more space while keeping them out of trouble especially when you are working from home or watching TV. Plus, many of these pens have a portable option so you can take them with you wherever you go.

1. Pick For Life

If you're looking for the ultimate in modern pet ownership convenience, then look no further: Pick for Life's Dog Pen is your one-stop shop! This versatile and durable pen is perfect for keeping your pets safe and perfect for indoor use while giving them an appealing space of their own.

Plus, the washable pee pad means there'll be less mess to clean up than ever before! With its sturdier construction, non-slip material, and waterproof protection - this is one of the best dog pens that stands up well against anything life can throw at it. So treat your furry friend to Pick for Life's Dog Pen today and ditch the little size crate you already have - it's the best way to give them the upgrade they deserve without breaking the bank with a high-price option.

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Are you looking for a pet pen that has it all and then some? Look no further than the Petime Dog Pen. With 8 panels at 24 inches high, an included top cover, and a bottom pad, this pen offers your pet the highest quality of play and comfort. Whether you are using it indoors or outdoors, this foldable sturdy metal dog exercise pen will provide the ultimate security, style, and suitable privacy for your pets in houses all over the world. Plus the ease of set-up means there’s a minimal hassle in setting up this heavy-duty, easy-transport metal indoor dog pen — just unfold and go! Get your pooch the everyday escape they crave with the Petime Dog Pen.

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3. New World Pet Products

Whether you're a first-time dog owner or an experienced pro, owning puppies is a big responsibility that comes with lots of questions. One of the biggest dilemmas can be keeping Fido safe when you have to leave the house for a short period of time or need to work at home. With the New World Pet Products Dog Pen, you'll have peace of mind knowing your puppy is safe and secure. This foldable exercise pet playpen is easy to store when not in use, and its stylish black color will fit perfectly into any home décor. And small size of 24 inches by 24 inches make this small dog playpen one of the most versatile on the market. So don't settle for anything but the best--invest in a New World Pet Products Dog Pen today!

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Why invest in an IRIS dog playpen? Think of it as one of your most rewarding purchases: it's easy to assemble and has a gate so dogs or pets can come and go as they, please. Not only is it roomy enough for small and medium-sized dogs, but you can customize the playpen itself with different shapes however you like. Great for the outdoors in your grass and putting toys in the playpen for animals to play with. You can even fold it down when not in use for convenient storage. Get your dogs or cats (or both!) a comfortable space of their own! After all, nothing says loving care like thinking ahead to keep them safe, secure, and happy. Get an IRIS pet pen today!

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5. Artmalle

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck in dog pens, there's only one way to go... Look no further than the Artmalle Dog Pen. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor use, so your puppy will stay safe and secure no matter what - and hey, we all know that a happy puppy that is jumping around is a healthy puppy!

Plus, it's super easy to assemble and sturdy, making it so much more convenient than other dog pens you'd have to build from scratch. And, best of all, if you're ever in need of extra space, this pen can expand up to 24"x24"x8", giving your pups plenty of room to roam around, play and chew on plastic toys and stretch their legs when they sleep. So don't hang on any longer or wait for shipping - get your dog its very own Artmalle Dog Pen today!

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6. FXW

It’s time you get an indoor FXW dog pen — the ultimate pen for your puppies. Having a pet is great, but what happens when they run wild? Do you stick them in a heavy-duty crate? That is not fair to the animals. That’s where FXW comes in!

This Rollick Dog Playpen is the perfect solution: made from 24-inch tall sturdy high-quality steel panels and designed with portable and camping in the grass and yard fun in mind. Plus, this playpen has sixteen panels (five different heights) which means more room for your puppies! Stop giving your dog too much freedom or else you’ll have a world of chaos on your hands. Start shopping and get an FXW dog pen today for your house so you don't have to worry about your dog's chewing tendencies and let them romp around without the risk of running off – it’s the best way to guarantee peace of mind.

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7. Ruff 'n Ruffus

Looking for the perfect pen for your puppy? Look no further than Ruff 'n Ruffus dog pens. This dog playpen conveniently collapsable indoor dog pen is the ideal containment station for your peppy pup. You can bring it with you wherever you go thanks to the included carrying bag and easy storage. Plus your puppy won't have to worry about sunburns anymore with the removable shade cover. Available in three different sizes, this water-resistant pest prison will make sure your pup doesn't escape to meet his friends at the park ever again. Get yours today and rival any puppy jail out there!

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Indoor Dog Playpen FAQs

Confused about the perfect indoor dog playpen that best suits your puppy? Don't worry--we compiled a list of indoor dog playpens for you. From size and material choices to style tips, find out everything you need to know to make an informed decision and let your puppy relax in comfort and style as your puppy grows into a dog!

Is a crate or dog playpen better for a dog?

It really depends on the individual dog and its needs. Both a dog crate and dog pens can be useful for providing a safe space for your canine companion, but it’s important to understand how each one works, what advantages they may offer, and which is a better option. A dog crate offers more security, as dogs usually find enclosed spaces comforting. Crates come in different sizes, so you can find one that fits your pup perfectly. The only downside to a crate is that it doesn't provide much opportunity for animals to play or mental stimulation during the day when the pet parent isn’t home.

Alternatively, a playpen gives the dog more room to explore, providing an opportunity for physical exercise and mental stimulation by allowing them to play with toys and other objects inside the pen. This is great if you want your puppy to stay entertained while you’re away at work or if you need someplace to put them while you clean up around the house. However, they don't feel as secure as they do in a crate due to its open nature and lack of walls or barriers that could keep other pets or people away from them.

Is it OK to leave your dog in a pet playpen?

It depends on the temperament, age, and breed of the dog in question. Generally speaking, it is okay to leave your dog in a pet playpen as long as they have been properly socialized, is not prone to separation anxiety, and is provided with adequate food, water, exercise, and environmental enrichment. The size of the pet playpen should be taken into consideration; ideally, it should allow enough room for your pet to move around comfortably. Furthermore, it's important to provide plenty of mental stimulation when leaving a pet alone in such an enclosed area by offering dogs toys or items that rotate out on a regular basis. It's also best to ensure that your dog is comfortable and safe while confined; check their enclosures regularly to make sure they haven't chewed through any materials or otherwise caused possible harm to themselves.

Should you put a pee pad in the playpen?

A pee pad in playpens can be beneficial for training a dog, but it should only be used temporarily. Pee pads can be useful to teach puppies new potty habits and give them the ability to go wherever they want within playpens. That said, over time pee pads are not recommended use as it can become confusing for the pets to understand what is acceptable and where to go.

Puppies may begin using the pad outside of the pet playpen or rely on it too heavily instead of learning proper outside bathroom habits. Additionally, if left in the pet playpen too long, your pet may get bored playing in an area with no variety and limited room for exercise, leading to behavior issues such as barking or destructive chewing.

Ultimately, if you choose to use a pee pad in a pet playpen for your dogs, it should be used sparingly and eventually phased out when your puppy begins showing signs that they understand their potty routine.

Can a dog sleep in a pen instead of a crate?

Yes, in some cases a dog can sleep in a pen instead of a crate. The main thing to consider when deciding if dog pens are suitable is the size and construction of the pen enclosure. If the pen is large enough and heavy-duty or has panels that extend all the way up to the ceiling, it can make an adequate substitute for a crate.

Also, make sure that the pen has no openings that your pets could potentially squeeze through, as this could be dangerous. It's also important to provide comfortable bedding material inside the indoor pen so that your pet is warm and comfortable while they sleep. Additionally, if you choose to use a pen instead of a crate, you should provide plenty of mental stimulation during the day to ensure your pup doesn't become bored or destructive while he's in his pen.

When should I let my dog roam the house?

When you let your dog roam the house, it is important to make sure they have been trained well and understand boundaries. You should also ensure that they are not a danger to themselves or others while moving around freely in the indoor house. It is best to wait until your puppy has reached an age where they have been properly socialized and have learned essential obedience commands that will help keep them safe in a home environment.

After they have mastered basic obedience commands, it is important to supervise them while they roam the house, so you can step in if needed. If your dog has learned boundaries and commands, then it would be ok for them to roam the house during times when someone is available to supervise their activities and intervene if needed.

How long should a dog be in an indoor pen?

They should be in a dog playpen for at least 30 minutes each day. This gives them time to exercise and explore their environment, which is great for emotional development. The size of the indoor dog pen should also be considered; small dogs may need more than one dog playpen if space is limited. It is important to adjust the amount of time and size of the enclosure depending on the individual needs of the pet, such as energy level, age, or breed type.

Additionally, it's important to provide plenty of playtime and enrichment activities while they're in their enclosure so that they stay entertained and have something to look forward to in the dog pens. Lastly, allowing your dog supervised access to a yard, grass, or other safe areas outdoors several times throughout the day can give them much-needed mental stimulation.

How do I leave my puppy at home while at work?

Leaving your puppy at home while you are at work can be a difficult thing to do. To make sure that your puppy is safe and comfortable, it's important to set up the environment in advance. First, create designated areas for eating, playing, sleeping, and going to the bathroom. Make sure there is plenty of food and water available, as well as comfortable bedding, crate, or dog pens for them to relax in.

You should also leave out plenty of heavy-duty toys for them to play with and chew on for entertainment. Additionally, be sure that all cords and other choking hazards are kept out of reach. Taking your puppy on walks throughout the day will also help keep them from feeling lonely or anxious. Finally, if you can take your pet to doggy daycare or hire a dog walker while you're away, they'll get more exercise and mental stimulation too!

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If you ever have dogs and cats, then you know the struggles of finding ways to keep them entertained so they don't lose their minds (and yours). Have no fear, we've found the 7 amazing indoor dog playpens that will do the trick. From heavy-duty metal sturdy options to more portable ones, there's definitely a pick for every dog and every price range. From a step-through door, both indoors and outdoors pens to some that come with a carrying case these dog pens are all you need for your indoors So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your puppy and get the best indoor pen on the market today by clicking one of the products above!

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