Are you looking to up your golf game?

Look no further! These high-top golf shoes mens are the best way to ensure a successful day on the course. The traditional design with modern touches makes these shoes comfortable and ergonomic, giving you better control over your swing. And thanks to unique breathable material, your feet will stay dry even after an entire day of playing in the sun or rain.

With replaceable soft spikes, you can enjoy that perfect walk-and-play experience every time - plus they come in various colors so you can find something that matches your unique style.

These high-top golf shoes also provide superior traction and support, making them ideal for any terrain.

Shop now and get ready to Play Your Best Game Ever with the Best Golf Shoes that are High-Tops!

Key Takeaways

  • High-top golf shoes provide superior traction and support.
  • Replaceable soft spikes offer a comfortable walk-and-play experience.
  • Unique breathable material keeps feet dry all day.
  • Modern design with traditional touches for optimal control over golf swing.
  • Various sizes and color options to match any style.

How We Choose The Right Golf Shoes

It's really hard to find good high-top golf shoes. How many times have you rolled your ankle from basketball or golf?

With all of the different brands and types of high-top golf shoes on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are actually worth your money.

After reading thousands of reviews, we found the 9 best high-top golf shoes for you to choose from below.

1. Adidas S2g Recycled Polyester Mid-Cut Golf Shoes

Waterproof golf shoes

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Why We Give It Swag

Meet the golf shoes designed to keep you one step ahead of Mother Nature, even when she's in full force. The Adidas S2g Recycled Polyester Mid Cut Golf Shoes are here to give you a little extra protection against wet and cold and extreme weather conditions! – because why should rain get in the way of you and your game?

Constructed with 100% synthetic materials, these kickers feature a four-spike outsole for extra grip needed on slippery greens and fairways.

Plus, a wide fit, lace closure, mesh upper, and textile lining all make these shoes comfortable enough to wear throughout your entire 18 holes. Keep Mother Nature’s powerplay off the course with the Adidas S2g Recycled Polyester Mid Cut Golf Shoes!

What You Should Know

Various sizes are available and this is a lace-style golf shoe.

2. FootJoy Stormwalker Golf Shoe

Men's waterproof golf shoe

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Why We Give It Swag

Swing your way to a hole-in-one with the FootJoy Stormwalker Golf Shoe! Get ready to be amazed at the unbeatable comfort, traction, and durability of this high-top footwear option. With a rubber sole and easy-care synthetic uppers that are weatherproof, it will keep your feet warm and protected from any wild shots you take.

On top of that, the Pulsar LP cleats by Softspikes give you on-course stability and support for better performance in all areas of the game. So why wait? Get these shoes before everyone else takes your birdie right outta the park!

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What You Should Know

Various sizes are available and this is a lace-style golf shoe.

3. Skechers Torque Brogan Relaxed Fit

Winter boots for golf boots for golf

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Why We Give It Swag

If you’re a golf fan looking for a stylish and comfy new pair of golf shoes to hit the green with, look no further than Skechers Torque Brogan Relaxed Fit golf boots! This dependable pair of high tops comes with a rubber sole and replaceable soft spikes that provide maximum stability when you’re taking your swing.

A lightweight and responsive Ultra Flight midsole helps keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. An adjustable Velcro top ankle strap provides secure support while the Relaxed Fit design gives you an extra roomy feel in the toe box.

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And thanks to its two-year waterproof guarantee, you never have to stop playing just because of a little rain shower! So hit the fairway in style with Skechers Torque Brogan golf boots today!

What You Should Know

Come in various sizes and 2-year waterproof warranty. Great for winter golf.

4. Adidas Zg21 Motion Primegreen Boa Mid-Cut Golf Shoes

Comes in 3 different colors and various sizes.

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Why We Give It Swag

Is it time to take your golf game up a notch? Then check out these top-of-the-line Adidas Zg21 Motion Primegreen Boa Mid Cut Golf Shoes. These stylish shoes will have you playing in style while offering the best in comfort, stability, and micro-adjustable fit.

Just turn the BOA Fit System dial and you'll quickly achieve a customized fit unique to your needs. With an engineered textile upper, INSITE sockliner, and Lightstrike cushioning your feet will truly get the royal treatment with every swing of the golf club. Plus, thanks to the added Boost midsole, you can be sure that each step is infused with powerful energy from start to finish.

And when you consider these shoes are made with Primegreen – a series of high-performance recycled materials - then you really have all bases covered. So why not hit up those greens looking and feeling your best with Adidas Zg21 Motion Primegreen Boa Mid Cut Golf Shoes? The wait for perfection is over!

What You Should Know

Water-resistant golf shoe.

5. Nike Air Max 270 Golf Size

Men's golf shoe comes in two colors.

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Why We Give It Swag

Hit the Green in Style with Nike Air Max 270 Golf Size!

Are you looking for a golf shoe that not only looks impressive but also performs at its best? Look no further than Nike Air Max 270 Golf Size! This limited-edition golf shoe has been specially released by Nike and offers a unique style that will make you stand out on the green.

The rubber sole of the Nike Air Max 270 will give you a superior grip, so no matter what kind of terrain you face, your feet will be firmly planted on the ground. Plus, it’s designed to provide a comfortable fit, ensuring that your feet stay fresh and ready for play.

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So if you’re looking for a high-top golf shoe with unbeatable style and performance - grab yourself a pair of Nike Air Max 270 Golf Size today! Let this limited edition design brighten up your game and help you hit the green in serious style.

What You Should Know

Reviews are saying to buy a size up than you normally wear.

6. ECCO Biom G 3 Boa Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

Soft spike golf shoe

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Why We Give It Swag

Don’t need a few strong men to help you tie your golf shoes? No problem! Slip on the ECCO Biom G 3 Boa Gore-Tex Golf Shoe and be ready for the green in seconds! These amazing shoes feature a BOA Fit System engineered for an ideal fit, comfort, and easy adjustment.

Plus, our X-TENSA INVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY links the sole unit to the laces via internal enforcement for extra stability and even more convenience. And don't worry about Mother Nature ruining your game - this shoe is fully waterproof with GORE-TEX technology!

They even added BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology which brings you closer to the ground than ever before. Get ready to tee up with ZARMA-TOUR spikes combined with hybrid elements, like the rotation line along the toe and hybrid cleats - now you can really drive your way through the course!

So why wait? Make sure your golf game is up to par above all else with ECCO Biom G 3 Boa Gore-Tex Golf Shoes.

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What You Should Know

Waterproof golf shoe with soft spikes that you can remove.

7. Jordan 12 Low Retro Golf Cleats

Men's golf shoes come in 4 colors.

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Why We Give It Swag

Who wants to be like Tiger Woods when you can be like Michael Jordan? If you've been searching for the perfect pair of great golf shoes and cleats, your search stops here! Introducing the Jordan 12 Low Retro Golf Cleats. Not only are these golf shoes stylish and sleek - they're designed to keep your feet comfortable and secure all game long too.

The rubber sole ensures maximum grip and durability on any terrain, so you can take a swing without worrying about slipping. But don't let the basic design mislead you- this shoe has a classic retro look with iconic aesthetics from one of the biggest names in sports- Michael Jordan.

Golfers everywhere can now hit the green with style and confidence; get a pair of Jordan 12 Lows today and never look back!

What You Should Know

Come in various sizes and 4 color options.

8. PUMA Golf Unisex-Adult Titantour Hi-Top Se Jr.

Unisex golf shoe

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Why We Give It Swag

Are you ready to level up your golf game? Look no further – PUMA’s Titantour Hi-Top Se Jr Golf Shoe is here to get you there! Built with a 100% leather outer that has been engineered with a one-year waterproof guarantee, these golf shoes make sure your feet stay comfortable and your feet dry even in the tough weather conditions of those early morning rounds.

Plus, Fusion Foam cushions and brings energy return to every step so your swings are pure power. Try gripping the course within reason thanks to GripZone Traction and its specialized microfiber pattern perfect for maintaining traction. Lastly, optimize fit with adjustable collar and strap options, keeping you as steady as you need between each shot.

So with stylish looks and high-performance technology, what else do you need in a golf shoe? Get yours now and prepare to hit new lows on the green!

What You Should Know

High-top golf shoes with one color choice and limited size options.

9. Adidas Tour360 Xt Primeknit BOA Golf Shoes

Comes in 3 different colors and various sizes.

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Why We Give It Swag

Need a hole-in-one with your golf game? Check out the Adidas Tour360 Xt Primeknit BOA Golf Shoes! These babies offer maximum comfort, amazing energy return, and outstanding performance.

With an Adidas Primeknit upper that supports and conforms to your feet like a dream and a full-length boost midsole that adds cushioning, you'll be ready for every swing and reduce foot fatigue during those long days on the course. Plus, the X-shaped primary traction element with deep flex grooves helps you achieve better grip when putting or chipping around the greens.

So if you're looking for superior style and reliable performance all in one, look no further than these trendy new golf shoes from Adidas! Order a pair today and hit a hole-in-one on your next trip to the driving range!

What You Should Know

Good golf shoe to play golf in. Very swagtastic looking.

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Swagscale Advice For You

Congratulations! You've come to the end of your journey to finding high-top golf shoes. By now, you should understand why these awesome shoes are a must-have for any non-traditional golf shoe aficionado.

With their amazing support and unparalleled flair, it's no wonder that these golfing delicacies take center stage.

So why don't you make that move and purchase one today? Whether you're looking for increased comfort and performance or an on-trend conversation starter, there is certainly a shoe on our list to fit your style.

We hope we can walk you through this abundance of high-top hi-top golf shoes, so click one of the 8 products above and go buy one of these high tops golf shoes! Life is too short not to!

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High-Top Golf Shoes FAQs

Are you getting ready to hit the golf course? Don't take a swing without making sure you have the best high-top golf shoes for your game! With our collection of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the best models, you'll be sure to make an informed purchase that will keep you playing in total confidence.

From Skechers golf shoes, Puma golf shoes, ECCO golf shoes, and spikeless golf shoes to straight old traditional golf shoes we have answers for pretty much all your questions.

Can you wear golf shoes to Topgolf?

Yes, you can wear golf or regular tennis shoes, to Topgolf. However, it is not required, as Topgolf provides a casual environment with artificial turf, making regular sneakers or athletic shoes sufficient for playing. Golf shoes would offer better traction and stability, but they are not necessary for enjoying the Topgolf experience.

Do any PGA players wear spikeless golf shoes?

Yes, some PGA players wear a stable spikeless golf shoe. These golf shoes offer excellent traction, stability, and comfort on the turf while allowing players to maintain closer contact with the ground. Notable professionals such as Fred Couples, Martin Kaymer, and Rory McIlroy have been seen sporting spikeless golf shoes during tournaments.

What are spiked golf shoes for?

Spiked golf shoes offer increased traction, stability, and support on the golf course. The spikes, typically made of plastic or metal, grip the turf and prevent slipping during swings, enhancing overall performance and minimizing injury risks.

Which golf footwear brand is the most popular golf shoe brand most frequently worn on the PGA Tour?

FootJoy is the most frequently worn golf footwear brand on the PGA Tour, known for its comfortable and high-performance shoes.

What are the best shoes to wear golfing?

The best shoes to wear golfing are those with a comfortable fit, excellent traction, and ample support, such as high-quality spiked shoes or spikeless golf shoes. Top brands like FootJoy, Adidas, ECCO, G/Fore, and Puma offer top-performing high tops best spikeless golf shoes that cater to different preferences and course conditions. Keep in mind, selecting waterproof materials and the right type of outsole for the course will ensure maximum comfort and stability during your golf game.

What golf shoes does Kyle Berkshire wear?

Kyle Berkshire, a professional long driver, wears athletic-style high-top golf shoes, specifically the PUMA PROADAPT DELTA Golf Shoes, which provide a blend of comfort, style, and support for his powerful golf swing.

Can you wear high tops golfing?

Yes, you can wear high tops golfing as they provide ankle support, stability, and style. However, ensure they have proper traction and waterproof features for maximum foot protection and optimal performance on the golf course. You will want to buy high-top golf shoes for the best results.

Can you golf in Chuck Taylor's?

Yes, you can golf in Chuck Taylors, as they provide a flat sole and casual comfort. However, they lack the necessary traction, support, and waterproof features found in dedicated golf shoes, which could impact your performance on the course. There are plenty of casual golf shoes that are a spikeless shoe you can wear on the golf course or out and about. ECCO shoes and Puma Shoes offer running shoes and spikeless shoes that will accomplish this task for you.

Are golf shoes necessary?

Golf shoes are not absolutely necessary, but they do provide enhanced stability, support, and traction on the course, making it easier to navigate varying terrain and tough weather conditions. High-top golf shoes, specifically, offer extra ankle stability and control during swings. Investing in a quality pair can improve performance and overall enjoyment of the game.

Can I wear vans on a golf course?

Yes, you can wear Vans on a golf course, but they may not provide the ideal support and grip needed for the sport. High tops golf shoes are designed specifically for golfers, offering better stability, waterproof materials, and spiked or spikeless soles for optimal traction on various terrains, especially in wet conditions. Wearing Vans might affect your performance and might not be allowed on certain courses with strict dress codes.

What is the best classic golf shoe brand?

The best classic golf shoe brand is FootJoy, renowned for its superior quality, comfort, and timeless design for most golf shoes that they make. They have been a trusted choice for professional golfers for decades and are considered the best overall golf shoe brand in the US. FootJoy makes winter shoes and other golf gear too.

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