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NBA PROPS For Wed 1/24

  • Luka Doncic Over 51 PTS/REB/asts
  • Ayton Over 10 Points
  • Chet Holmegren Over 26.5 pts/reb/asts
  • might add more

Here are the New User Free Squares for every single day from 1/24/2024- 1/30/2024!

Wednesday (1/24) - Steph Curry (NBA)

curry promo

Thursday (1/25) - LeBron James (NBA)

james promo

Friday (1/26) - Victor Wembanyama (NBA)

wemby promo

Saturday (1/27) - Luka Doncic (NBA)

doncic promo

Sunday (1/28) - Christian McCaffrey (NFL)

cmc promo

Monday (1/29) - Joel Embiid (NBA)

embiid promo

Tuesday (1/30) - Steph Curry (NBA)

curry promo

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