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super bowl

Super Bowl SF vs KC Picks and Totals

Here's an analysis of the Super Bowl matchup: Chiefs vs. 49ers. The buzz has been all about Kansas City, Taylor Swift, and Mahomes potentially outshining Tom Brady. However, when examining the teams' rosters, this is my assessment:

  • Quarterback: Mahomes has the edge over Purdy. (Really?)
  • Head Coach: Andy Reid is preferred over Kyle Shanahan.
  • Tight End: Kelce is ranked above Kittle.
  • Running Back: McCaffrey is chosen over Pacheco.
  • Wide Receiver: Aiyuk is favored over Rice.
  • Utility Player: Deebo is selected over Watson.
  • Defense: The Chiefs and 49ers are evenly matched.

Despite the individual comparisons, KC has major issues with Tight Ends and Running Backs catching passes. I think SF gets the ball to CMC, Deebo, and Kittle in space. If the 49ers can shut down Rice and double Kelce I see a lot of field goals by KC.

The 49ers both playoff games have come from behind so don't count out Purdy if that happens. Mahomes is great and I think it will be a great Super Bowl but I am going with the following:

49ers to win

Under 48 points

(I see the final score being 24-21, 24-23, 21-17, 27-21)

If the KC line gets up to +3 I would take that line or buy it up to 3.5.

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Player Props Will be Out on Friday
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