We all know that pine tar is an essential part of the game of baseball. From pitchers using it to gain a better grip on their pitches to batters using it to make sure they get a good grip on the ball, or batters using it on wood baseball bats.

This sticky substance has been a staple of the game for generations. But did you know that pine tar can also be used to give your BBCOR baseball bat an extra edge? Let's take a look at why you should use pine tar on your BBCOR bats!

The Science Behind Pine Tar & BBCOR Bats

Pine tar provides two major advantages when applied to BBCOR bats. First, it gives players a better grip on the bat, which helps them swing with more power and accuracy. Second, pine tar helps keep the bat in peak condition by protecting its wood and metal from moisture and other environmental conditions.

This means that your baseball bat will last longer and perform better for longer periods of time. In fact, some studies have shown that pine tar can extend the life of a BBCOR bat by up to 50 percent!

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How To Apply Pine Tar To Your BBCOR Bat

Now that we've established just how beneficial pine tar can be for your BBCOR bat, let's talk about how you can apply it yourself. It's really quite simple—all you need is some pine tar and a rag or sponge (or any cloth). Simply dip the rag or sponge into the container of pine tar, then rub it onto your bat until it's evenly coated.

Once you're done, just let it sit for a few minutes so that it can set in before you start swinging away at those balls! Make sure you don't eat fast food or whatever food you like after you grab your bat because your hands will get sticky.

There you have it! Using pine tar on your BBCOR bats is like having superpowers—it increases your grip strength while also protecting your bat from wear and tear over time. Below is a pine tar we recommend for all ages along with the best BBCOR Baseball Bats you should use in 2023! Click on the product or the button to see the quick list of baseball bats you should use.

Tiger Stick

Bat Wax for Baseball Bats

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