Looking for the best youth baseball bats for 10u kids baseball?

We’ve found them and created a list for you. Here are the Top 6 Best Youth Baseball Bats for 10u players in 2023 if you want your kid to have some swag!

Not only are these youth baseball bats some of the best on the market, but they also come at a great price on Amazon. So what are you waiting for? See the list below and click on the button to see the price!

How We Choose The Best Youth Baseball Bats

Your 10-year-old is growing up and needs a new baseball bat for the upcoming season, but you have no idea what to buy.

It can be tough trying to find the perfect baseball bat for your kid. Do you get them a big or small bat? A light or heavy bat? A balanced bat or end loaded bat? Composite baseball bat or hybrid bat? What about brand and price? Kids don't want to have something where they will get made fun of.

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We did the hard work for you and made a listicle below to help you find the best youth baseball bats. Our short list of baseball bats for 10u kids will help take the guesswork out of buying your child's next youth baseball bat. From top brands like Louisville Slugger and Easton to affordable options, we've got something for everyone on this list and marked one of them our number 1 baseball bat so read below.

DeMarini 2022 CF (-10) USA Youth Baseball Bat

Swag looking and a great feeling youth baseball bat

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the Demarini 2022 CF USA Youth Baseball Bat—a two-piece composite construction designed to help young hitters take their game to the next level. This high-performance bat combines a Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel, 3Fusion Connection, and ReAction End Cap for maximum power and an impressive sweet spot.

Is your young slugger looking to take their game up a notch? Look no further. The Demarini 2022 CF USA Bat is the perfect piece of equipment that may have all your opponents running for cover.

With its advanced design features, this bat promises increased weight distribution for balanced and fast swings, improved sweet spots for greater success in hitting the ball just right, and an ultra-durable end cap with a blend of stronger and lighter materials that improve performance yet further.

So if you're planning on becoming a baseball legend in Little League, get your hands on the Demarini 2022 CF USA Bat and show them what you're made of!


You Need To Know

Comes in different sizes and weights. Drop ten is one color only and is USA baseball bat certified so good to go for youth baseball games!

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SwagScale Score

5.0 (A lot of positive reviews, great company, and this bat packs a nice pop)

2023 Axe Strato

Drop 10. Axe Bat Company coming on strong in the bat world because of their unique handles.

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the Axe Strato baseball bat: the perfect bat for users seeking maximum power and performance without any excess bulk! The new lightweight Strato is constructed from revolutionary Armor Enhanced Alloy that resists wear and tears for a lifetime of use.

The Engineered Blastwell barrel gives you an unbeatable sweet spot and unprecedented power, while the HyperWhip end cap helps your swing move faster than anyone could ever imagine. To top it off, Shock-absorbing Endogrid technology built into the Axe Handle reduces vibration which can give you a confidence boost when stepping up to the plate.

So instead of going down watching start swinging with the Axe Strato in your hands and knock it outta the park! Get your Strato today and experience why everyone’s saying Axe Bat is the clear home-run champion.

You Need To Know

USA Baseball stamp certified. Balanced swing weight with a different handle than most USA bats. You can get this in different sizes and weights and these are aluminum bats.

The Marucci Cat Bat 9: The Top Choice for Power Hitters!
Are you ready to upgrade your bat game? Meet the Marucci Cat 9; the top choice for power hitters and guaranteed to increase your performance at the plate!

SwagScale Score

5.0 (The handle of this youth bat is different but actually feels better than a normal youth bat. Axe is a bat company that is coming on strong too)

Easton ADV 360

2023 drop 10 USA baseball bat that is a SWAGTASTIC youth bat with a huge sweet spot

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Why We Give It Swag

Ready for something more out of your youth bat? Take a swing with Easton's ADV 360, and you'll be feeling like a power hitter in no time! Thanks to the awesome Launch Comp Technology, the Easton ADV 360 has a huge sweet spot that lets you blast those home runs even further than before.

The ISO 2-Piece CXN construction eliminates vibration so you get amazing feedback - hit it hard or softly and you won't feel a difference. With the Power Boost "Soft Knob" technology, you get as much leverage as possible while still feeling comfortable. And when it comes to making contact? The Dynamic Feel System carbon handle gives you a solid feel l at contact so there are almost no vibrations with this light bat.

Plus, the Speed Cap makes sure your barrel is flexible and responsive every time. Get ready to make your parents buy you presents when you are hitting homer after homer with the Easton ADV 360!

What You Should Know

USA Baseball Certified Stamp 2-piece composite baseball youth bat.

SwagScale Score

5.0 (One of the best USA bats for your eyes with a lot of power)

Easton | 2023 | Hype COMP Baseball Bat

Fantastic looking USSSA Baseball Bat on the market

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Why We Give It Swag

If you’re looking for a youth bat that not only looks sweet and delivers massive power but also has a light bat weight and is built for speed - look no further than the Easton Hype Comp Youth Bat! This stylish piece of sporting equipment is something special, crafted with Easton's Thermo Composite Technology to provide explosive power with increased bat speed.

Not to mention, it comes equipped with the ConneXion Max 2-piece build, which helps enhance energy transfer on contact. That, combined with the Power Boost "Soft Knob" technology and Pro Stiff Carbon handle make this bat an optimal choice for those who want performance and style.

But it doesn't stop there - you can rest assured that your grip will be as solid as ever thanks to the Flow-Tack Grip being incredibly comfortable and cushiony. So get ready to turn some heads and make the other kids on your team jealous with the SWAGTASTIC Easton Hype Comp Bat 2023!

The Return of the Easton B5 - A Blast from the Past!
Remember the Easton B5? A real classic that’s still around today, but with some modern touches. The beloved bat of the 90s is back - and I’m here to tell you why you should fall in love with it all over again!

You Need To Know

2-piece composite USSSA bat that features USSSA Baseball Certified Stamp logo

SwagScale Score

4.0 (Last year model was one of the best USSSA bats money could buy. We docked it because couldn't find written reviews yet because the bat is too new but hearing great things about this USSSA bat)

DeMarini 2023 The Goods

Our #1 pick of the USA Baseball Bats. Bat looks awesome and the price is really affordable.

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing, The Goods! DeMarini's USA bat promises to be an absolute crushing machine, giving you the power and performance to level up your game and leave your opponents in the dust.

Jam-packed with all the latest innovative technologies, this revolutionary design will give you X14 Alloy Bat Barrel for maximum explosive power, and a Type V Connection to guarantee energy transfers while dampening even the heaviest mishits. Tracer End Cap is composed of lightweight composite materials that'll have your bat speed flying at light speed and rip shots out of the park before anyone can blink.

On top of that, it also features a Half + Half Construction which keeps things stiff and powerful making sure your swing is packed with raw strength. So don't be shy--see for yourself why The Goods has earned its reputation as one of DeMarini's deadliest bats ever created! Go ahead--have some fun with it and roast 'em like your favorite Thanksgiving turkey!

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What You Should Know

A 1-year warranty is included. USA bat.

Swagscale Score

5.0 (Our #1 pick USA bat because it's sweet looking, major power and Demarini is one of the top 3 youth bats manufacturers. The Goods BBCOR is one of the best bat barrels ever made)

Louisville Slugger 2022 Prime

3-piece composite bat design. Our number 2 pick.

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the 2022 Louisville Slugger Prime: your one-way ticket to better performance at the plate. Need more power? Check! More control? Check! The Prime has it all, and then some.

It starts with a top-of-the-line composite barrel – guaranteed to give you that perfect "pop". When coupled with its patented tri-piece design and RTX end cap, you've got yourself a bat loaded with an optimized sweet spot and balanced swing weight for maximum power and speed. But wait, there's more! The Pro Comfort Grip provides just the right amount of tack and cushion to ensure comfort throughout your swing...just don't forget the rest of your practice routine. Step up to plate like a champ: get your Louisville Slugger Prime 2022 today!

What You Should Know

1-year limited warranty on composite bats. USA Bat

Swagscale Score

5.0 (We almost made this our number pick. One of the best USA bats because of composite bat design, very light bat and bat performance factor made it really close to the Demarini The Goods)

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SwagScale Advice For You

You just read the listicle of the 6 Best Youth Baseball Bats for 10u kids. From USA to USSSA bat you are now ready to make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase the right youth baseball bat for your kid.

But don't just take our word for it- see for yourself by clicking one of the buttons above to take a closer and see the price of these bats on Amazon. Our next article will be about the best wood bats for your 10-year-old so check back for that one. Happy shopping!

Your Bat Guru,


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Best Baseball Bat For 10u FAQs

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about youth bats below.

What is the hottest 10u baseball bat?

We'd highly recommend giving Easton's 2020 Mako Comp Lite (-10) 2 3/4" USA Youth Baseball Composite Bat a go! It is crafted with an aerospace-grade composite which gives players explosive performance from game one without any break-in period required so you don't have to worry about sacrificing durability for performance. Its Comfort Grip™ technology also helps minimize sting and vibration in hands for increased comfort when playing.

Furthermore, its lightweight design offers improved bat control and enhanced swing speed; perfect for young players looking to hone their skills at such an early age. Give it a try today – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with its amazing performance!

What size baseball bat Is best for a 10-year-old?

We recommend a drop 10 youth baseball bat for the average 10-year-old baseball player. There really isn't that big of a difference between drop 11 and drop 10 youth baseball bats. Drop just means the difference between the bat's length and the weight. So if 29 inches the weight would be 19 ounces. Make sure you check your league and see if they require a USSSA bat or a USA bat.

What is the best bat drop for a 10-year-old?

Finding the perfect youth baseball bat for a 10-year-old child can be tricky. Many companies are offering bats with different drops, and these can range from -14 to -4 and bat length.

The best youth baseball bat drop weight for a 10-year-old really depends on the player's strength and ability level, as well as what type of power they possess when swinging the bat.

Generally speaking, kids between 8-10 years old should use baseball bats with a drop weight of -12 or even lower (-10 or below is recommended). This lighter bat allows them to have more control over their swing while providing sufficient power in order to hit balls hard.

Overall, if you are looking for the best youth baseball bat "drop" for your 10-year-old child look no further than buying him/her a bat with a negative 10 or less drop weight (or any other specifically suggested by their coach). These baseball bats provide the optimal balance between manageable weight and hitting punch without sacrificing too much in terms of control for growing arms! 

Apart from that, you want to make sure that the length is appropriate according to height — usually, it would be 26”-30” but again this can always vary depending on how tall/short he is!

Which is better, alloy bats or aluminum bats?

There are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing between alloy bats and aluminum bats.

Alloy bats typically offer more durability than aluminum bats due to their heavier weight and higher manufacturing standards. They also tend to be more expensive because they require the use of high-grade metals instead of aluminum. Additionally, an alloy bat doesn't vibrate as much as aluminum bats do when contact is made with a ball so there is less sting on the hands after each hit. This can help batters maintain their grip during an entire game while avoiding fatigue or hand cramps from vibration shock that can come from an aluminum bat strike.

Aluminum bats provide a faster swing speed because of their weight due to their lighter overall construction compared to alloy models; this makes them appealing for speed hitters who prefer a faster swing speed with increased accuracy. Aluminum also provides more pop off the batted ball which leads to farther hits around the diamond or out of the park if a home run is what you are looking for! Finally, these types of bats are generally cheaper than alloys since they only require one material (aluminum) in order to manufacture them rather than multiple metals like alloys do.

Both alloy and aluminum bats have pros and cons: Alloy Bats have greater durability but increased price points while Aluminum offers quicker swings but may not last as long as other options before showing wear and tear compared over time - It's ultimately up to you decide which kind works best depending on your needs!

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