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  • 🚨 Wednesday (2/7) - Kawhi Leonard (NBA) 👈🏻
  • Thursday (2/8) - Nikola Jokic (NBA)
  • Friday (2/9) - LeBron James (NBA)
  • Saturday (2/10) - Zion Williamson (NBA)
  • SUPER BOWL Sunday (2/11) - Patrick Mahomes (NFL)
  • Monday (2/12) -  Paul George (NBA)
  • Tuesday (2/13) - LeBron James (NBA)

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jonathan kuminga dunking
credit: @ferotorres

NBA PROPS For Wed 2/7

  • Cade Cunnigham Over 29.5 pts + asts No play
  • Victor Wembanyama OVER 3.5 Blocks + Steals Loss
  • Tyler Herro Over 2.5 3pt fg Win
  • Darius Garland OVER 14.5 Points Loss (man is he struggling)
  • James Harden over 13.5 rbs + asts Loss (13)
  • Jonathan Kuminga Over 20.5 Pts Loss (blowout)
Rough one but we will get back on track!

Year To Date

Win: 42

Loss: 37

Win Percentage: 53%

Total Plays: 79 (Not counting the ties)

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