Key Takeaways:

  • The JOOLA pickleball paddles, especially the Ben Johns Signature Paddle, offer a unique blend of power and control.
  • Advanced materials like the carbon friction surface and reactive honeycomb polymer core contribute to the paddle's standout performance.
  • The design elements such as the hyperfoam edge wall and carbon-forged handle provide comfort and stability, making these paddles suitable for all levels of play.

Pickleball has rapidly evolved from a backyard pastime to a full-blown competitive sport, and with this evolution, the gear used has become increasingly sophisticated.

Among the top contenders in the pickleball world is JOOLA, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation.

I will delve into the specifics of the JOOLA pickleball paddles, focusing on the Ben Johns Signature Paddle, to help you determine if it's the perfect pickleball paddle for your game.

The Rise of JOOLA in the Pickleball World

JOOLA has long been a respected name in the world of table tennis, and their foray into pickleball has been met with anticipation and excitement. Their commitment to quality and performance has translated seamlessly into their pickleball paddles, making them a favorite among both recreational players and professionals like Ben Johns.

The Ben Johns Signature Paddle: A Closer Look

The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS is not just another paddle; it's a statement of excellence. Designed in collaboration with the pickleball champion himself, this paddle boasts a carbon friction surface that provides more spin and a reactive honeycomb polymer core for a perfect combination of bounce and control.

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS Pickleball Paddle 

Ben Johns Signature Paddle


Advanced Materials for Peak Performance

The carbon fiber face of the Ben Johns Signature Paddle is a game changer. It offers raw power without sacrificing the soft game touch that advanced players crave. The carbon fiber top surface is engineered to deliver consistent edge-to-edge performance, ensuring that your sweet spot is larger and more forgiving.

The Secret Behind the Swing Speed

A head-heavy or lighter paddle can significantly increase swing speed, and the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS is designed to be an all-court paddle that caters to this need. The head-heavy design adds additional power to your shots, while the lighter average weight ensures that you can react quickly to any situation on the court.

Grip and Comfort: The Carbon Forged Handle

Comfort is key in playing any sport, and pickleball is no exception. The carbon-forged handle of the JOOLA paddles provides a stable, solid paddle experience. The ribbed grip ensures that the paddle feels secure in your hand, allowing for better control and added stability during play.

The Hyperfoam Edge Wall: Added Protection and Power

The hyperfoam edge wall is not just for show. It serves a dual purpose of protecting the paddle from accidental hits and contributing to the overall power of your shots. This feature is particularly beneficial for players who enjoy a more aggressive game and need their equipment to withstand the rigors of intense play.

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The Long Handle: A Tennis Player's Delight

For tennis players transitioning to pickleball, the long handle of the Ben Johns Signature Paddle is a familiar and welcome feature. It allows for a two-handed backhand and provides the leverage needed to spin and for powerful serves and smashes, making it a versatile choice for players of all backgrounds.

The Weight Debate: Heavier Paddles for More Power

While some players prefer lighter paddles for quick maneuverability, others opt for heavier paddles to gain more power behind their shots. The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS strikes a balance with its heavier weight, offering the raw power desired by power players without becoming cumbersome.


The Evolution of Foam Technology in Pickleball Paddles

When it comes to the core of a pickleball paddle, the foam technology can make a significant difference in how much power you can generate with each hit. JOOLA has been at the forefront of this evolution, integrating advanced foam materials that not only enhance the power behind the swing but also provide a responsive feel upon ball contact.

This nuanced approach to foam design allows players to experience a balance of power and control, making each strike both potent and precise.

The latest foam innovations are not just about adding a bit more oomph to your game; they're also about reducing vibration and improving overall paddle stability.

This means that when you're in the heat of a fast-paced exchange, the foam inside your JOOLA paddle works tirelessly to absorb shock and keep your shots consistent. Whether you're slamming a winner down the line or finessing a drop shot, the foam technology within your paddle is your silent partner in every hit.

The Art of the Hit: Technique Meets Paddle Design

Mastering the art of the hit in pickleball involves a blend of skill, technique, and, of course, the right equipment. JOOLA's pickleball paddles are crafted to complement a player's hitting style, whether you're a power player who loves to dominate the court with much power or a strategic player who values precision and finesse.

The paddle's design, from the foam core to the carbon friction surface, is tailored to amplify your natural hitting style, giving you the edge you need to excel.

But it's not just about power. Even the slightest bit of extra control can turn the tide of a match, and that's where JOOLA's attention to detail comes into play. The paddle's weight distribution, the grip's ergonomics, and the foam's density are all meticulously calibrated to ensure that when you hit the ball, it goes exactly where you intend. This harmony between player and paddle creates a synergy that can elevate your game to new heights, making every hit count.

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The Impact of the Carbon Friction Surface

The carbon friction surface is a standout feature that sets the Ben Johns Signature Paddle apart from other paddles. It allows for more spin on the ball, giving players an edge in both their serve and groundstrokes. This technology is a testament to JOOLA's commitment to innovation and performance.

Engage Pursuit: The Quest for the Perfect Paddle

In the quest for the best pickleball paddle, the Engage Pursuit series often comes up as a competitor. However, the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS holds its own with its unique combination of materials and design, offering a different experience that caters to players looking for a lighter paddle with a balance of power and control.

The Sweet Spot: Size and Performance

The sweet spot on a paddle can make a significant difference in performance. The Ben Johns Signature Paddle boasts a large sweet spot thanks to its carbon fiber face and reactive honeycomb polymer core, providing tennis players with consistent performance and a great touch, regardless of where the ball strikes the paddle face.

The Shape of Victory: Paddle Face and Performance

The shape of the head and the paddle face influence how the ball reacts upon impact. The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS features a shape that is conducive to both power and control, allowing for a stable bounce and the ability to direct shots with precision.

The Difference a Paddle Makes: A Case Study

To illustrate the impact of the Ben Johns Signature Paddle, consider the case of a mid-level player who switched from a generic paddle to the JOOLA CFS. The player reported not only an immediate improvement in their hitting power but also found that their control over hitting the ball had increased, allowing for more strategic play.

The Line Between Good and Great: The JOOLA CFS

What separates a good paddle from a great one is often a combination of small details. The JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS pays attention to these details, from the grip length to the carbon surface, ensuring that every element the court paddle contributes to a superior playing experience.

Stability and Control: The Consistent Edge

A consistent edge is crucial for maintaining control during play. The Ben Johns Signature Paddle's carbon surface and edge wall technology provide a stable, consistent edge that players can rely on, whether they're engaging in a fast-paced volley or a strategic dink battle.

Adding Lead Tape: Customizing for More Power

Some advanced players customize their paddles by adding lead tape to achieve a heavier weight and more power. The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS is already optimized for average weight and power, but for those who want to push the limits, the paddle's design allows for easy customization without compromising the balance or feel.

The Verdict: Is It the Best Pickleball Paddle?

After thorough testing and comparison with other paddles on the market, the Ben Johns Signature Paddle stands out as one of the best options available. Its combination of advanced materials, thoughtful design, and overall performance make it a solid choice for players at any level.

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The JOOLA pickleball paddles, particularly the Ben Johns Signature Paddle, represent a fusion of advanced technology and thoughtful design. With features like the carbon friction surface, reactive honeycomb polymer core, and hyper foam edge wall, these paddles offer a blend of power, control, and comfort that can elevate any player's game.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS is a solid paddle, that deserves serious consideration.

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FAQ Section

Is the Ben Johns Signature Paddle suitable for beginners?

Yes, while the paddle is designed with advanced features that cater to experienced players, its large sweet spot and stable design make it accessible for beginners as well.

How does the carbon friction surface affect play?

The carbon friction surface enhances the paddle's grip and ability to impart spin on the ball, providing players with more control and the ability to execute more advanced shots.

Can the weight of the paddle review for the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS be customized?

The paddle is designed with a balanced weight for optimal performance, but players can add lead tape to customize the weight to their preference.