Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the unique features and performance of Engage pickleball paddles through comprehensive reviews.
  • Understand how the Pursuit line, including the Engage Pursuit MX and Pursuit EX models, stands out in the market.
  • Learn how to choose the right Engage paddle for your play style with insights on handle length, control, and power.

Pickleball has surged in popularity, and with it, the demand for high-quality equipment. Engage paddles have become a staple in the pickleball community, known for their exceptional control and power.

This article dives deep into Engage pickleball paddles, comparing them with other paddles on the market, and providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Pursuit of Excellence: Engage Pursuit Line

The Pursuit line by Engage is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation. The Engage Pursuit MX and Pursuit EX models are designed for players who seek more control and power in their game.

The Pursuit MX, with its polymer core and graphite surface, offers a soft feel and great power, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and pros. The Pursuit EX steps it up with a larger sweet spot and even more power, thanks to its unique design and materials.

Engage Pursuit Pro MX 6.0 Pickleball Paddle

Elongated Shape


Engage Pursuit Pro EX Pickleball Paddle



Power Paddles: Unleashing Your Potential

Engage's power paddles, such as the Pursuit line, are engineered to help players hit hard and fast. The added weight and head-heavy balance provide extra momentum, allowing for powerful shots without sacrificing control.

Players who prefer a more aggressive play style will find these paddles a great fit, as they offer the pop and dive needed for high-impact hand battles.

Control Shots: Mastering the Soft Game

For those who excel in the soft game, Engage paddles like the Pursuit Ultras offer exceptional control. These paddles are designed to enhance hand speed and precision, allowing players to place their shots with pinpoint accuracy.

The graphite skin and black core work together to eliminate dead spots, ensuring that even the most delicate control shots are executed flawlessly.

Engage Pickleball Pursuit Ultra MX 6.0

Carbon Fiber Long Handle


Paddle Fitting Quiz: Finding Your Match

Engage offers a unique paddle fitting quiz that helps players find the perfect paddle for their play style. By answering questions about your preferences for grip size, handle length, and weight, you can discover which Engage paddle will complement your game. This personalized approach ensures that every player can find a paddle that feels like an extension of their arm.

Pursuit Paddle: A Closer Look

The Pursuit paddle series is a standout in the Engage lineup. With models like the original Pursuit and the Pursuit Pros, players can enjoy a great combination of soft feel and good power.

Engage Pursuit Pro EX Pickleball Paddle 

Elongated or Wide Body Available


The polymer core and graphite surface work in harmony to deliver a paddle that performs well in all court conditions, making it an all-court paddle that's versatile and reliable.

The Evolution of Non-Thermoformed Paddles In the ever-evolving world of pickleball, the distinction between thermoformed and non-thermoformed paddles is becoming increasingly significant. Non-thermoformed paddles, traditionally crafted with separate layers glued together, offer a different kind of playability.

Players often report that the paddle feels more 'alive' with distinct feedback upon ball contact. This tactile response can be crucial for those who rely on sensory information to fine-tune their game.

Additionally, the latest non-thermoformed paddles have been engineered to minimize the dreaded 'dead spot'—an area on the paddle's surface that fails to deliver consistent bounce.

New models, such as the Engage EX model, are designed with advanced materials and construction techniques to ensure a uniform and responsive surface across the entire face of the paddle.

This innovation allows players to execute shots with confidence, knowing that the ball will react as intended, no matter where it strikes the paddle.

Balancing Your Play: Head Heavy Paddles and Their Impact Pickleball players are often on the lookout for equipment that can enhance their performance, and the balance of a paddle is a critical factor.

A head-heavy paddle shifts the weight distribution towards the top of the paddle, which can provide additional power behind each shot. This setup is particularly beneficial for players who want to add an extra oomph to their drives and smashes, making the ball zip across the court with increased velocity.

However, it's important to consider how a head-heavy paddle feels during play. Some players might find maneuvering more challenging, especially during quick exchanges at the net or when finesse is required for soft game strategies.

Engage's new models address this by offering a balance that caters to both power and control, allowing players to adapt to the game's pace—whether it's time to slow down for a precise drop shot or speed up for a powerful baseline drive.

Engage Pickleball Encore MX 6.0 Pickleball Paddle

All Skill Levels


Innovative Materials: Beyond Thermoforming

Regarding the construction of pickleball paddles, the conversation often revolves around the popular thermoformed models. However, the non-thermoformed paddle options present an intriguing alternative for players seeking a different feel and performance.

These paddles are typically made using traditional layup techniques, where composite materials are layered by hand and then cured without the use of a thermoforming process. This method can result in a paddle that has a unique response and a more 'organic' touch, which some players might prefer for their style of play.

The non-thermoformed paddles often boast a craftsmanship that appeals to purists of the sport. Without the constraints of a mold, manufacturers can experiment with varied shapes and material compositions, leading to innovative designs that challenge the status quo.

Players interested in these paddles should consider how the differences in construction might affect their game, such as the potential for increased vibration or a change in the balance of power and control. As with any equipment choice in pickleball, it's all about finding the right tool for your play style.

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Sustainability in Paddle Production

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental impact of sports equipment manufacturing, and pickleball paddles are no exception. The production of non-thermoformed paddles offers an opportunity for brands to explore more sustainable practices.

These paddles can be crafted from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastics or sustainably sourced woods, which benefits the environment and provides a unique selling point for the eco-conscious consumer.

Moreover, the process of creating non-thermoformed paddles often requires less energy compared to their thermoformed counterparts. This reduction in energy consumption is a step towards a more sustainable future in sports manufacturing.

Players who value environmental stewardship might find these paddles particularly appealing, not just for their performance on the court but also for the statement they make about the player's commitment to preserving our planet for future generations of pickleball enthusiasts.

Thermoformed Paddles: The Engage Advantage

Engage's thermoformed paddles are taking people to new heights and a step above non-thermoformed options. The process of thermoforming ensures a consistent, durable paddle with a larger sweet spot and improved performance. The Pursuit line, with its thermoformed construction, offers players a paddle that maintains its integrity and feel, game after game.

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Pursuit UL: Lightness Meets Power

The Pursuit UL series is designed for players who want a lighter paddle without sacrificing power. The reduced weight allows for quicker hand battles and more reach, while the polymer core and graphite surface provide the pop needed for powerful shots. The Pursuit UL is an excellent choice for players who value speed and agility on the court.

Engage Pursuit Pro: The Professional's Choice

The Engage Pursuit Pro is a paddle that's built for the highest level of play. With its exceptional control, great feel, and ability to generate spin, it's no wonder that many professional players choose this model. The Pursuit Pro's balance of power and control makes it a formidable weapon in any player's arsenal.

Customizing Your Paddle: Lead Tape and More

For players looking to fine-tune their paddle's performance, Engage offers options like adding lead tape for extra weight or adjusting the handle length for a custom fit. These modifications can make a big difference in play, allowing you to tailor your paddle to your specific needs and preferences.

Engage Paddles vs. Other Paddles: The Biggest Difference

When comparing Engage sports paddles to other paddles on the market, the biggest difference lies in their innovative designs and materials. Engage paddles often feature a higher price tag, but the investment is justified by their superior performance and durability. The attention to detail and quality construction set Engage Paddles apart from the competition.

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SwagScale Summary

Engage sporting llc pickleball paddles are a top choice for players seeking a balance of control, power, and innovation. The Pursuit line, including the Engage Pursuit MX and Pursuit EX models, offers a range of options for different play styles.

With features like a larger sweet spot, graphite surface, and polymer core, Engage paddles are designed to enhance your game.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, taking the paddle fitting quiz and considering factors like handle length and weight can help you find the perfect Engage paddle. Remember to look out for discount codes to make your purchase even more enticing.

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Are Engage pickleball paddles suitable for players of all levels?

Yes, Engage offers paddles for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Their range includes models that cater to different play styles and preferences.

How do I know which Engage paddle is right for me?

Engage's paddle fitting quiz is a great tool to help you determine the best paddle for your play style. It takes into account factors like grip size, handle length, and preferred weight.

Can I customize my Engage paddle?

Yes, Engage allows for customization options such as adding lead tape for extra weight or adjusting the handle length. These modifications can help tailor the paddle to your specific needs. Go to their websites and complete the online registration form. Their development team will get back to you.

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