Have you ever watched a professional golfer hit the golf ball, "Wow, I wish I could do that!"? Well, you're in luck! With the right technique of golf club and some practice, anyone can master the golf swing. And what's one of the most important elements is the early extension golf swing.

Read on to discover why the early extension golf swing is so critical to your golf game and how you can work your golf swing from the comfort of your own home. You don't even need to hit a golf ball at your house to fix this issue!

What Is Early Golf Swing Extension?

Early extension is a term used in golf to describe the movement of extending or straightening your body during the backswing phase of your shot. This means that instead of keeping your upper body bent over as you complete your backswing, you actually push forward with your lower body while keeping your head and arms still.

When done correctly, the golf ball will have more power and accurate ball striking when you complete your follow-through stroke and get the club path on the plane. Many amateur golfers struggle with this concept.

Why Is Early Extension Important in the Golf Swing?

The importance of early extension lies in its ability to generate power. When done correctly, it allows all parts of your body—hips, legs, arms—to move together as one unit during the golf swing. This homogenous motion creates more torque at impact which translates into greater distance off the tee with your golf club.

Plus, by keeping your head and spine angle still throughout both phases of the swing (backswing and follow-through), you'll ensure greater accuracy on each shot since swaying or jerking will be eliminated from your game. Extend early with your arms properly aligned to achieve a professional-level golf swing extension.


How Can You Practice Early Extension at Home?

Fortunately for those who don't have access to a driving range or are too busy for regular trips to the golf course, there are ways to practice early extension golf swing from home! Start by setting up an alignment stick or broomstick in front of yourself as if it were a target line (it should be pointing away from you).

Place two tees about 10-12 inches apart on either side of this stick (these will mark where you should plant your feet). Once everything is set up properly, start practicing swinging without hitting a golf ball until you get comfortable with the correct form for early extension (remember: keep those hips moving forward!). Then hit some balls using this same form until it feels natural. After several sessions at home with just an alignment stick and some tees, try taking it out onto the course!

Early extension is key to mastering the golf swing and achieving maximum power off every tee shot. By developing proper technique through practice at home (or even just inside!), or driving range, amateur golfers can become expert golfers in no time! So grab an alignment stick and some tees today—you never know when that perfect drive might come in handy! Good luck!

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Swagscale Advice For You

Early extension is one of the most important factors in hitting the golf ball. It allows you to transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot, which gives you more power and control over the ball.

If you can master early extension along with your left arm, you'll be on your way to becoming a better golfer. Many amateur golfers or low handicap golfers who are hell-bent on improving their game, be sure to check out other articles written by Swagscale (like below the 8 best golf shoes for walking)

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FYI: We put in a video below by Chris Ryan golf (one of the best golf coaches) to show you how to early extend through the golf ball on your swing. Good Luck.

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