Want to give your pup the best in nutrition and treats?

These 7 FREEZE-DRIED TRIPE DOG TREATS are the perfect solution for dogs! These delicious, nutritious treats are made from green beef tripe and provide a complete and balanced diet containing vital nutrients such as olive oil, honeycomb tripe, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, and more.

Not only does this provide essential nutrition for your pup's health but also gives them something they’ll love too with these tasty tripe dishes built right in. Plus its freeze-dried process ensures that all vital essentials stay intact while giving your pup an enjoyable snacking experience.

Get your furry friend what he or she craves with one of the 7 FREEZE-DRIED TRIPE DOG TREATS below — it contains all-natural ingredients packed full of flavor with no grain or gluten content. Your dog will devour each bite while keeping their coat shiny, skin healthy, teeth strong, and breath fresh! This pet food also provides a great training treat choice due to its zesty taste for advanced training techniques needed to make your pup stand out among his peers — sounds like one smart doggo!

Hurry over now to purchase one of these 7 FREEZE-DRIED TRIPE DOG TREATS at our website below today - It's sure to be the most enjoyed dish on your dog's menu!

How We Choose

Treats for dogs can be a bit hit-or-miss. You want to reward your pup with something tasty, but it’s hard to find snacks that you know will be healthy and delicious.

Some treats are made from too many artificial flavors, preservatives, and additives - not to mention some brands aren't cruelty-free! With the wrong selection of treats, you could be compromising your dog's health.

We've got the answer to all your doggy treat woes! Our 7 FREEZE-DRIED TRIPE DOG TREATS are 100% natural, full of flavor, and bursting with health benefits. We've read thousands of reviews on Amazon so you don't have to! Give your pup the best treats they deserve today!


Beef Tripe Grain Free

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Why We Give It Swag

Treat your pup to VITAL ESSENTIALS Beef Tripe Treats! Stuffed with nothing but freeze-dried, all-natural beef tripe and vegetables, these treats will have tails wagging in no time. No added fillers here! They omitted all the wheat, corn, and soy so your furry friends will be getting only the good stuff.

Move over ingredients that give you a tongue twister - we're talking about real nutrition in every bite. Not to mention it's gluten-free, so don't worry about any possible allergies or reactions. Plus, the freeze-drying process ensures none of the flavor or natural nutrients ever get lost along the way.

And talk about fresh! They've kept everything 100% American made so you know it's quality and safe for Fido. Whether you're using these crunchy morsels as rewards during training sessions or as tasty snacks between meals, your pup is sure to love their new favorite treat - VITAL ESSENTIALS Beef Tripe Treats!

2. Raw Paws

Lamb Tripe Sticks

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Why We Give It Swag

Is your pup driving you 'work-bonkers'? Treat them to Raw Paws Lamb Tripe Sticks and they won't be barking up the wrong tree! These treats are tastefully tantalizing, packed with natural goodness, and come from flocks raised without antibiotics or added hormones. And let's face it; your pup deserves the best!

Not only do these tasty snacks keep them entertained but the green lamb tripe sticks for dogs can help reduce destructive behaviors, provide dental and mental health support, AND act as a coprophagia deterrent. They'll be frisky enough to join you at the office but not so much that they'll make a nuisance of themselves (no one wants THAT!).

Raw Paws Lamb Tripe Sticks soft chews for dogs provide an abrasive action that helps clean plaque and tartar off their teeth—healthy gums lead to strong chompers! And on top of all that? Grabbing a chew releases dopamine for some happy-go-lucky pups!

So why wait? Pamper your pup with some delicious Raw Paws chews—their tail won't stop wagging after they try it.

3. K9 Natural

Lamb Green Tripe Booster

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Why We Give It Swag

Welcome to K9 Natural! With our freeze-dried Lamb Green Tripe Booster treats for dogs, you'll be giving your pet the natural superfood of their dreams. These treats are made from 100% free-range grass-fed Lamb green tripe, so you can feel good about what you're feeding your pup.

Plus, they make a great supplement to your pup's diet to support their digestion, skin, and coat health, and even their immune system. All without any GMO ingredients green beef tripe, fillers, legumes, plant protein, starch, or preservatives - these treats are made the right way!

And since it's freeze-dried technology, all the taste is kept in while we just remove the water. So that means no more stuck-up noses when it comes time to treat time! Make sure you give your pup a great treat that they'll love with K9 Natural Lamb Green Tripe Booster treats. We promise your fluffy friend won't be disappointed.


Freeze Dried Beef Green Tripe

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Looking for a healthy and delicious treat for your four-legged friend? Look no further than the RAW PAWS Freeze Dried Beef Green Tripe treats! We know our furry friends love to indulge in yummy snacks just like us, but it’s important that we choose ones that are good for their health too.

Fortunately, these treats don’t compromise on flavor – the gentle freeze-drying method locks in the scrumptious beef tripe flavors while preserving its essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

They also make a great addition to any pet’s well-rounded diet! So if you want to treat your pooch without sacrificing nutrition, the RAW PAWS Freeze Dried Beef Green Tripe treats are the perfect treat! They might even beg you for more!

5. K9 Natural

Beef Greene Trip

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Why We Give It Swag

Get your pup running and jumping with K9 Natural's Beef Green Tripe treats! Not only are they deliciously tasty but they're also extremely nutritious! Packed full of nutrients to support a healthy skin and coat condition along with boosting the nutritional value of your canine companion's diet in seconds, these treats are sure to bring life into any furball.

Best of all, each treat is made from 100% New Zealand grass-fed beef green tripe, sourced from ethical and sustainable sources for your peace of mind.

So why not let your pup experience the yumminess and benefits of K9 Natural's Beef Green Tripe - we guarantee it'll get their tails wagging! With an 8.8 oz pack containing all-natural and filler-free ingredients, you can trust you're treating your pup with only the best!


Tripe & Lamb Recipe

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Why We Give It Swag

How can something not just be healthy for your pup, but also tastier and more nutrient-dense? Well, ZIWI Tripe & Lamb Recipe treats make the impossible come true! Our air-dried treats provide all the advantages of a raw diet in a delicious snack.

They only use certified ingredients without any artificial fillers or additives - we guarantee that every morsel is 95% fresh meets, organs, and bone with an added boost of superfoods like organic kelp and green mussels. Plus these treats are sustainably and ethically sourced from free range New Zealand farms with no harm caused to animals in their production.

Speaking of nutrients, ZIWI Tripe & Lamb Recipe treats are three times as nutritious as regular wet meals due to our unique drying and cooking process. That means fewer feeds to get the same amount of goodness - so even picky eaters won't be able to resist this dish! So bring home the food that gives you peace of mind knowing it's good for your four-legged friend and that they'll love every bite!

7. Xdog

Green Buffalo Tripe

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Why We Give It Swag

The Xdog Green Buffalo Tripe treats bring your pup something that’s hard to find – the highest quality buffalo tripe around! You've heard of green smoothies, but now you can have green dog treats! This powerful superfood is amazingly nutritious and Eco-friendly, with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and more packed into each tasty treat.

Not to mention, these treats are chock full of probiotics and digestive enzymes to support your pup's gut health and immunity. And you thought all dog treats were the same - say hello to Xdog Green Buffalo Tripe treats for a new level of healthy pampering for your canine companion.

Now your pup can join in on the many health benefits promised by nature's incredible superfood. Go ahead, and give each tail-wagging day a nutritional boost for your four-legged friend with the Xdog Green Buffalo Tripe Treats!

Freeze Dried Tripe FAQs

Are you unsure what tripe is, and how it can benefit you? We've got the answers! We know that it can be intimidating to make a purchase of something that you don't fully understand. But fear not - we've collected all the most tripe information for you.

Get ready to learn about everything there is to know about frozen tripe, including the most frequently asked questions! With our comprehensive list of FAQs, you'll have all the knowledge you need to make an informative and confident purchase decision. Exploring freeze-dried tripe has never been so easy!

Is freeze-dried tripe good for dogs?

You better believe it! Freeze-dried tripe is not only a delicious and nutritious treat for dogs, but it also has numerous health benefits. It is rich in essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that promote healthy digestion, immune system function, and overall well-being.

Additionally, tripe contains digestive enzymes that can improve gut health and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. So, if you're looking for a healthy and delicious treat for your furry friend, freeze-dried tripe is definitely a great option!

Can my dog eat tripe every day?

Although tripe can be a nutritious addition to the meat in your dog's diet, it's not recommended to feed it every day. Tripe is high in protein and essential nutrients, but can also be high in fat and hard to digest for some dogs.

Additionally, feeding only one type of animal protein source to your dog every day can lead to nutrient deficiencies and allergies. As with any new food, it's important to introduce tripe slowly and in moderation and consult with your veterinarian before making any major changes to your pet's diet.

So while tripe can be a healthy treat for your furry friend and great training treats, make sure to mix it up with other protein sources and use it as a supplement rather than a staple in their diet.

Does freeze-dried tripe smell?

Yes, freeze-dried tripe does have a noticeable odor. This is because it is made from the stomachs of animals, which contain digestive enzymes and bacteria. However, many dog owners find that the smell is not overpowering and is actually quite appealing to their dogs.

Additionally, freeze-dried tripe has numerous health benefits for dogs, including being a great source of protein and containing digestive enzymes that aid in gut health. So, while it may not be the most pleasant-smelling treat, it is definitely worth considering as a healthy option for your furry friend.

Is freeze-dried green tripe as good as fresh tripe?

Absolutely! Freeze-dried green tripe offers the same nutritional benefits as fresh green tripe, with added convenience and longer shelf life.

Plus, the freeze-drying process locks in all the essential amino acids, digestive enzymes, and probiotics for optimal digestion and gut health. So go ahead and spoil your furry friend with some freeze-dried green tripe - their tummy and taste buds will thank you!

Is dried green tripe good for dogs?

Dried green tripe is an incredibly nutritious and beneficial treat for dogs. It's loaded with digestive enzymes, probiotics, and essential fatty acids that support everything from healthy skin and coats to strong joints and muscles.

Plus, its unique smell and taste are sure to make your furry friend's tail wag with excitement. So go ahead and treat your pup to some dried green tripe – they'll thank you for it!

What are the benefits of freeze-dried tripe for dogs?

Freeze-dried tripe is a powerhouse of nutrition for your furry friend! Packed with essential nutrients like protein, healthy fats, and digestive enzymes, freeze-dried tripe is a great option for supporting your dog's overall health and well-being.

It's a natural source of probiotics, which can help support healthy gut function, and also helps to promote healthy teeth and gums. Plus, freeze-dried tripe is low in calories and high in flavor, making it a great choice for satisfying your dog's hunger between meals. If you're looking to give your pup a boost in the nutrition department, consider adding freeze-dried tripe to their diet!

What does beef and tripe soup taste like?

Beef tripe, which is the stomach lining of cows, has a distinct chewy texture and a mildly sweet and earthy flavor. Some people describe it as tasting like a more tender and flavorful cooked version of beef.

However, it is important to note that it is an acquired taste, and not everyone enjoys it. As a treat for dogs, beef tripe is a popular choice due to its high protein and nutrient content. Plus, many dogs seem to love the unique taste and texture of cook tripe!

Is tripe sausage good for dogs?

Yes! Tripe sausage is a fantastic treat for dogs. Not only is it packed with nutrients like protein and calcium, but it also contains natural digestive enzymes that can aid in digestive health.

Plus, its strong smell and taste make it a highly coveted snack among canines. Just be sure to check for any added ingredients and consult with your vet to ensure it fits well into your pup's overall diet plan. Happy treating!

Is stewed tripe good for dogs?

Yes, stewed tripe can be a healthy and nutritious treat for dogs! Tripe, which is the stomach lining of cows, is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals that can support your dog's overall health. Stewing the tripe can also make it more digestible for your furry friend. However, it's important to note that some dogs may have trouble digesting tripe, so be sure to introduce it slowly and monitor your pup's reaction. Overall, stewed tripe can be a great addition to your dog's diet in moderation.

Can dogs eat peanut sauce?

Yes! Dogs can enjoy peanut sauce as a delicious treat. However, it's important to note that peanut sauce should only be given in moderation, as it can be high in fat and calories. Additionally, make sure to check the ingredients for any potential allergens or harmful spices, such as garlic or onion. Overall, peanut sauce can be a tasty and nutritious addition to your pup's diet as long as it's given in appropriate portions and with caution.

Swagscale Advice For You

Who knew that there was a world of dog treat options out there made from freeze-dried tripe? We certainly didn’t, but now you know! We hope that this blog post has opened your eyes to the variety of great products available for your pup that won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for an easy way to give your furry friend some tasty treats made from freeze-dried tripe, be sure to check out one—or all—of the seven options above.  Cooking tripe is a pain so just go buy a bag instead! Your fur baby is sure to thank you for it! So what are you waiting for? Get clicking and go buy one of these fantastic dog treats before they’re gone! Go on, give your doggo the gift of tripe today!

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