Are you a golfer who is looking for something new to wear on the course?

Step up your game with Adidas golf shoes! This touring-inspired collection is specifically designed for golfers, featuring non-replaceable spikes, energy return Boost foam, and synthetic leather uppers. Plus, some of these shoes use recycled materials so that you can feel good about your purchase.

With wide-size options and superior stability and traction, you’ll always be ready for the first tee at the course. Feel secure in every golf swing knowing that no matter how long it takes to finish those 18 holes – your feet will stay dry and snug in their brand-new pair of Adidas golf shoes!

So keep your fingers crossed and grab your new shoes before they're all gone - read below to see our picks of the top 4 Adidas golf shoes for you!

How We Choose

You're looking for a new pair of golf shoes, but there are so many brands out there that it's hard to decide which ones to buy.

It seems like every time you turn around, there's a new brand of golf shoes on the market. How do you know which ones are worth your time and money?

We've done the hard work for you. After reading through thousands of reviews on Amazon, we've found the 4 best Adidas golf shoes for you. Whether you're looking for a style, traction, arch support, or something more performance-oriented, we've got you covered.

1. Adidas Boa Golf Shoe Men's S2g Wide Spikeless

It’s time to add a bit of panache to your golf wardrobe on the golf course! With Adidas' Men's S2g Boa Wide Spikeless Golf Shoes, you can do just that. With their rubber sole and textile upper, they combine lightweight comfort with durability. Plus, the micro-adjustable dial-based fit system guarantees a custom fit--cool enough for a king! No need to worry--you won't be sacrificing fashion or quality here like most shoes. So go ahead and make your statement out on the links with this cool spiked shoe!

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2. Adidas Men's Codechaos 22 Boa Golf Shoe

If you’re looking for the perfect price golf shoe that can keep you comfortable and feet dry on the green or in a parking lot, then look no further - the Adidas Men's Codechaos 22 Boa Golf Shoe has it all! With a regular fit as well as a micro-adjustable dial-based fit system, you’ll be able to confidently pick up your game without worrying about slip or sliding on the ground. The waterproof film over the textile upper is designed to have you ready for any kind of weather, allowing you to stay cool in the heat and dry in wet conditions. And don't forget about the INSITE sock liner, which provides an extra layer of cushioning and support for even more comfort! So, if you want to make sure you hit your next drive with ultimate precision then don’t wait - grab these shoes today!

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3. Adidas Men's Zg21 Motion Primegreen Boa Mid-Cut Golf Shoes

When looking for golf shoes, you want to make sure you've got the right fit with maximum comfort and stability throughout your game. With Adidas Men's Zg21 Motion Primegreen Boa Mid Cut Golf Shoes, you can get all of that — with a few extra kicks in the dirt. These golf shoes have a customizable fit, thanks to the micro-adjustable dial lace system; additionally a waterproof upper; plus, Boost midsole, and Lightstrike cushioning to charge up every step. Seriously, these golf shoes are designed for next-level performance on the course. And did we mention this is all made with Primegreen recycled materials? So look no further for your new pair of reliable golf shoes — get a pair today!

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4. Adidas Tour360 22 Golf Shoes

Strap on quality and confidence with the revolutionary Adidas Tour360 22 Golf Shoes! Not content to just provide scoring stability, these Adidas Tour hardworking golf shoes will keep you comfortable and looking the part while each and every drive. Features like a leather upper for smooth comfort, Boost midsole for responsive cushioning, or TPU outsole for durable grip will have you looking good on the green in the Adidas Tour golf shoes. Plus, their versatile silhouette works with both wide and medium-width feet so your gear fits like a glove even when your handicap doesn’t. Get ready to step up your game - buy Adidas Men's Tour360 22 Golf Shoes today!

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Top Nike Golf Shoes for Every Golfer!
Hi everyone, if you’re a golfer looking for some fresh gear, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m about to review the top Nike golf shoes on the market that will help you take your game to the next level this season!

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All and all, Adidas golf shoes are definitely one of the leading contenders out there when it comes to longevity, comfort, energy return, and technology. From incredible traction that allows you to dominate the course no matter the terrain, to eye-catching designs that will turn heads in your direction, these 4 amazing options are sure to have your feet thanking you - but just MAKE SURE you get the correct size before hitting purchase!

Don’t worry about spending too much because, in addition to being fashionable, they’re also fairly affordable. As always, if you're looking for a pair of golf shoes today click one of the products above and go buy an Adidas golf shoe on amazon! Go forth young grasshopper and make all those long putts with a little help from our friends at Adidas!

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Adidas Golf Shoes FAQs

Are you tired of losing focus on the golf course during your round because the shoes you are wearing just aren't cutting it? Would you rather be connected on your phone and talking to your client or boss named Scott instead of golfing because your current shoes stink?

Do you occasionally slide when you swing the golf club or feel slightly uncomfortable in your heel? It's time to upgrade to Adidas golf shoes. But we know that searching for the right pair can be a bit confusing - with so many models and features to choose from, it's easy to get lost down the rabbit hole. That's where we come in.

We've done the research and compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Adidas golf shoes so that you can stay focused on improving your game and enjoying life on the green.

Can you replace spikes in Adidas Tour360 golf shoes?

Yes, you can replace spikes in Adidas Tour360 golf shoes. As with most golf shoes, the spikes are removable and replaceable, and the Adidas Tour360 models are no different. The replacement process is fairly straightforward: simply remove each spike using a spike wrench, then insert your new spikes into the sole of the golf shoe. It's important to ensure that you use proper-fitting spikes for your golf shoes; having incorrect-sized ones could lead to uncomfortable wear or damage to the golf shoe itself. Additionally, when replacing your spikes make sure you use an appropriate lubricant to ease insertion and prevent premature wearing.

Is Adidas CodeChaos waterproof?

Adidas CodeChaos golf shoes are waterproof and provide excellent protection from wet conditions. They feature Climastorm technology that makes them highly breathable and lightweight, while also keeping your feet dry in light rain or damp conditions. With a full-grain leather upper and strong synthetic overlays for added durability, the CodeChaos provides maximum protection from the elements so you can continue enjoying your round of golf regardless of weather conditions.

Can I return golf shoes to Adidas after wearing them?

Yes, it is possible to return golf shoes to Adidas after wearing them. The returns policy for most of Adidas’ online product purchases states that you can return items for a refund or exchange up to 30 days from the purchase date if the item is unworn and in its original condition. If you have worn the shoes, you may still be able to return them for an exchange or store credit depending on the specific store policies. It's best to go to the Adidas website and contact customer service directly so they can point you in the right direction before returning any worn items, as you may be subject to additional fees or charges depending on the condition of the shoes when returned.

Is the Adidas tour360 22 the most popular golf shoes that professionals wear?

No, the Adidas Tour360 22 is not the most popular golf shoe that professionals wear on their feet. While it does offer impressive performance with its breathable Climastorm upper and cushioning Boost midsole, there are several other options on the market that have proven to be more popular among professional players. For instance, FootJoy's Pro/SL spikeless golf shoes provide exceptional comfort and stability with their lightweight design and advanced outsole grip system. Additionally, Nike's Air Zoom Victory Tour shoes boast an ultra-responsive cushioning system and innovative lacing pattern to provide a secure fit. Therefore, while the Adidas Tour360 22 may be a great choice for its technology and features, there are several other options that professional golfers prefer over this particular model.

Does Dustin Johnson wear the Adidas Tour360 22 golf shoes?

Yes, PGA Tour professional Dustin Johnson wears the Adidas Tour360 22 golf shoes. He has partnered with Adidas since 2013 and is seen sporting the brand's popular golf shoe model on the course at events around the world. The Adidas Tour360 22 golf shoes feature a combination of lightweight materials and responsive cushioning to provide a snug but comfortable fit on each swing. The Adidas tour360 22 golf shoes feature such as a waterproof leather upper, Climaproof technology for breathability, and an E-TPU midsole for energy return during golf play, these golf shoes are an ideal choice for any golfer looking for a reliable performance golf shoe.

*We hope you find the thing that makes you smile from the list above! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — Swagscale may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy finding the thing that makes you smile in this article!