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cade cunnigham shooting
Cade Cunnigham

22 NBA Player Props for Thursday, March 7th

(With 3 PrizePicks Entries We Did) 😈

  • Cade Cunningham Over 28.5 Pts+ Asts WIN

  • Kevin Durant Over 42.5 pts+rebs+asts LOSS
  • Immanuel Quickley OVER 19.5 pts WIN
  • Jaylen Brown Over 21.5 pts WIN
  • Anthony Edwards Over 29.5 pts WIN
  • Pascal Siakam Over 9.5 rebs+asts LOSS
  • Dennis Schroder Over 6.5 asts WIN
  • Jamal Murray Over 22.5 Pts LOSS
  • Tyrese Haliburton Over 10.5 asts WIN
  • Jimmy Butler Over 28.5 pts+asts LOSS
  • Nicolas Claxton Over 12.5 Pts WIN
  • Jalen Duren Over 12.5 Pts LOSS
  • Nikola Jokic Over 46.5 pts+rebs+asts WIN
  • Ayo Dosunmu Over 13.5 pts WIN
  • Cade Cunningham Over 21.5 pts WIN
  • Duncan Robinson OVER 14.5 pts WIN
  • Luka Doncic LESS 53.5 Pts+rebs+asts LOSS
  • DeMar DeRozan OVER 22 pts WIN
  • Stephen Curry over 36.5 pts+rebs+asts LOSS
  • Devin Vassell Over 23.5 pts WIN
  • Draymond Green Over 12.5 rebs+asts WIN

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Below are two of my entries. I do more and mix and match players with other sports.
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*I participate in six-man entries because successfully hitting one provides me with 25 additional entries, courtesy of the winnings. Achieving five out of six selections results in my entry fee doubling. I consistently wager the same unit amount each time, and thanks to football and basketball this season, I've seen a significant increase in my returns. Additionally, I engage in betting on other platforms, taking advantage of boosts, lines and parlays.

👉🏻 The reason I like PRIZEPICKS the best is the REBOOT on players if they get hurt or blown out like the Warriors Yesterday. The other sites don't do this and they should.

Copy my PrizePicks entry using this link:

Copy my PrizePicks entry using this link:

Copy my PrizePicks entry using this link:

Last Slate

10-6 (Some blowouts that hurt us which could have been a big night!) 😀

Year To Date

Win: 144

Loss: 124

Win Percentage: 54%

Total Plays: 268

Your NBA Guru,


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