Not your Grandma’s furniture here!

Who says functional and fun can't be the same? The Baseball Glove Chair is designed to bring baseball theme culture into any room with a playful approach. Perfect for putting up your feet while sitting in a chair after a long day, or playing video games with your friends in your man cave… it's all part of what makes these baseball theme chairs so comfortable.

With these 4 baseball glove chairs below we guarantee there's something here that will fit in everyone’s home—whether you’re an old-school fan or a parent looking to spice up your kid's game room. And not only is this furniture comfortable, but it also looks swagtastic!

Check out our selection of Baseball Glove Chairs—where style meets comfort below!

How We Choose The Best Baseball Glove Chair For You

You love baseball and want a cool baseball glove chair that is also comfortable.

Everyone wants a cool baseball glove chair, but not everyone wants to sacrifice comfort.

Our team of experts has found the best baseball glove chair for you! This baseball glove chair is not only stylish, but it is also incredibly comfortable. Get ready to catch your friends off guard with these swaggy chairs.

​​Costzon Kids Couch

Children's baseball glove chair

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the Costzon Kids Couch - the softest, snuggliest baseball glove chair your kids will love! With the unique baseball glove shape design, this is sure to be a hit in any child's room. It's designed specifically for 3-5-year-olds, with just the right height and width for their little tushies.

Best of all, it's filled with a premium 20D sponge for maximum coziness and adorned with a soft faux suede surface that feels like sitting on a cloud. Let your kids get their kicks out of our new Costzon Kids Couch today in this baseball glove chair!

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What You Should Know

Do you have a little athlete who loves the game of baseball or softball? If so, the Costzon Kids Baseball Glove Chair is sure to be a huge hit! This armchair is made from sturdy materials and designed to be comfortable as well as stylish.

It comes in two different colors – red and black – and has adjustable armrests for extra comfort. It also features a thickly padded seat cushion that will provide ample support—perfect for just lounging around the house or after playing ball outside.

Flash Furniture

Swivel Baseball Chair For a Desk

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the Flash Furniture Baseball Swivel Task Office Chair – now your little home run hitter can have a desk chair fit for a slugger! This fun, swivel chair is vinyl upholstered, with a fire-retardant foam featuring a classic cream and brown baseball pattern. What’s more, it boasts a 150 lb. weight capacity and can adjust up to 21.5” in height – so even the biggest of players won’t miss out!

The heavy-duty nylon base puts them firmly in the lineup every time, too. Whether they’re studying for the next big game or just looking for some comfy downtime, Flash Furniture is there to keep your little pro swinging away at the plate all day long.

So do them an upgrade and pick up a Flash Furniture Baseball Swivel Task Office Chair today! After all, you have to put runs on the board – but why not throw some style in while you’re at it?

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What You Should Know

The Flash Furniture Baseball Swivel Chair is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last with durability. It supports up to 250 lbs and also has adjustable arms for added comfort. Additionally, this swivel chair also comes with a convenient locking mechanism that keeps it securely in place when not in use.


Baseball Glove Chair and Ottoman

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Why We Give It Swag

Do you have a future all-star baseball player in your family? Then the XLYAN Baseball Chair and Ottoman are perfect for them! This comfortable and stylish baseball glove chair comes with a matching ottoman decorated with durable and easy-to-clean interiors.

The swivel chair dimensions are 36" x 30" x 29" inches high, while the footrest is 17 inches in diameter and 10 inches high—the ideal size for a kid who covets the thrill of the diamond!

In a black glove chair with a white footstool, this set will make your kid feel like a champion in his man cave. So get ready to surprise & delight every time they jump up on their XLYAN Baseball Chair and Ottoman - your little MVP will love it!

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What You Should Know

The XLYAN Baseball All-Star baseball glove Chair and Ottoman Set are made from quality materials that are designed to last. It supports up to 250 pounds and also comes with an easy-to-clean fabric cover that makes it exceptionally easy to care for. Additionally, this set also includes an ottoman that adds an extra touch of comfort while lounging or watching the game.

Heritage Kids

Foam Sports Chair

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Why We Give It Swag

Are you ready to introduce your little slugger to the perfect seating solution? Heritage Kids has just the chair they need to feel like a major leaguer in the living room, bedroom, playroom, or anywhere else they want to relax and kick back. Available in a variety of adorable designs, this Foam Baseball Chair armrest will have your kiddo batting a thousand when it comes to comfort and style.

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Soft foam filling surrounded by supportive arms and a structured back make this chair incredibly comfy for lounging, reading comics, or watching Saturday morning cartoons.

All you have to do is choose their favorite design with lots of wild colors and start breaking records at home!

And no worries—the materials are spot clean only for easy maintenance so you don’t need an MVP-level cleaning routine. Your mini all-star can be cheered on in comfort with Heritage Kids' Foam Baseball Chair!

What You Should Know

These chairs come in a variety of exciting designs and colors, so there’s sure to be one that your little one will love. In addition, each chair is filled with foam cushioning and features a supportive back and arms, making it comfortable for your kid to sit in.

The dimensions of the chair are 13"W x 18"D x 18.5"H, making it ideal for smaller spaces. This adorable set is suitable for kids aged 3+ years old, with a weight capacity of up to 81 lbs.

Other Baseball Decor Products


Baseball Throw Pillow

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Why We Give It Swag

Are you looking for the perfect baseball-themed gift for the ultimate fan? Look no further than our CatchStar Baseball Pillow Big Baseball Throw Pillow! This premium and comfortable pillow is made from soft, skin-friendly fabrics that are filled with enough PP cotton to keep you and your family comfortable during movie marathons and lazy days.

The unique and creative design looks just like a real baseball, complete with embroidered red thread. Not only do these pillows provide comfort and relaxation, they’re also a unique way to jazz up any home décor room.

Perfect as a housewarming or birthday present, this plush pillow is sure to please everyone! So don’t wait - get your CatchStar Baseball Pillow Big Baseball Throw Pillow now and watch the smiles light up on their faces!

What You Should Know

The CatchStar Stuffed Baseball is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. It measures 8 inches in diameter and is lightweight enough to be easily thrown around (just make sure not to throw it too hard or else it might burst!). Additionally, this ball is perfectly sized for little hands, meaning even kids can get in on the family fun.

Sweet Jojo

Baseball Floor Rug

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the Sweet Jojo Baseball Floor Rug - a great way to show off your team spirit in style! This beautiful 30” diameter rug is hand-tufted with 100% cotton, so it's not only super soft and cozy but stylish too.

It's perfect for adding a little pizzazz to any child's bedroom or bathroom. And don't worry – this rug has a non-skid backing to make sure it won't slip out from under your little one.

Plus, it coordinates perfectly with the Sweet Jojo Designs Bedding Collection - so you can create an entire look that will keep any kid smiling from head to toe! Need a quick clean? No problem – just spot-clean as needed! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for some real home run looks - grab your Sweet Jojo Baseball Floor Rug today!

What You Should Know

Baseball Rug dimensions are 30 inches in round diameter. You can use it in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Bodhi Sports

Baseball Bedding Set

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Why We Give It Swag

If you’ve been trying to discover a bedding set with a fresh and sporty look, your search has just come to an end. Introducing Bodhi Sports – the new pep in your step for stylishly cool sleep!

This comforter and pillow set is made of ultra-soft microfiber polyester that keeps you cozy, letting you hit the snooze button every day without worrying about any harm being done to your skin.

From its unique pattern to vibrant colors that brighten up any bedroom, it’s no wonder why Bodhi Sports will make your bedroom the envy of all your friends. So don't wait - get some serious zzz's with Bodhi Sports today!

What You Should Know

The Bodhi Baseball Bedding Comforter Set includes one comforter measuring, two pillowcases, and a bed skirt measuring. They have Twin, Queen, and King Sizes available.

This bedding set is machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent without bleach or fabric softener and should be tumble dry on low heat when needed.


Non-Slip Baseball Area Rug

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Why We Give It Swag

Spice up your space with the snazzy Naanle area rug! This stylish feature dimensions 3' x 5', making it the perfect size regardless of what room you place it in - living, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, dorm room, or hallway.

Better yet, this gorgeous addition to your home is crafted of polyester, sponge, and non-woven fabric for an ultra-soft touch that's wear-resistant and non-slip.

Perfect for kids and pets as well, this area rug is sure to add comfort and safety to their playtime. Plus, its modern design brings a personalized and unique touch to whatever space you choose!

Looking for a housewarming gift? The Naanle area rug is the perfect piece for any home no matter the occasion. So don't wait - add that pizzazz today with the Naanle area rug!

What You Should Know

The Naanle Baseball Tablecloth dimensions are 60"L x 36"W and fit. It is machine washable on cold settings and should be hung away to air dry when needed. 27 different designs to choose from.


Baseball 3D Night Light

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Why We Give It Swag

Bring a Major League blast of style and flair to your bedroom or office with the Fullosun Baseball 3D Night Light! This amazing 16-color night light with remote control offers four incredible modes of color flashing - Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth - plus dimmable LED lights that are soft, uniform, and non-flickering.

And better still, it features a bigger size of acrylic plate and lamp base than 90% of other 3D lamps meaning you get even more wow factor in an eye-catching 3D design. Perfect for an exciting gift for kids or family members who love baseball, this powerful Fullosun Baseball 3D Night Light is just striking!

What You Should Know

The FULLOSUN Baseball Night Light has 16 color recommendations and requires 3 AA Batteries or USB connection. This night light can be wiped clean with a damp cloth when needed.

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Swagscale Advice For You

All in all, we found you a baseball glove chair either for your man cave, bedroom, bathroom, basement, or kids' room that money can buy on Amazon. Not only that, but we gave you 5 other baseball decors.

If you're looking for a great product that is durable, rustic, metal, thick, and made of wood or leather we have you covered in this review. So look no further than one of the baseball glove chair options above. So what are you waiting for? Tap one of the buttons above to buy one of the Best 4 baseball glove chairs today or one of the 5 other products for your home today!

Your Interior Decorator,


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Baseball Glove Chair FAQs

To compile a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about baseball glove chairs we identified the most common questions that people ask when considering or using these chairs. Following this process, our team checked each answer for accuracy and completeness to ensure that only reliable information was included on the list.

Does a baseball glove chair come in leather or wood?

Baseball glove chairs come in a variety of materials, both leather and wood being two of the most common. Leather is a popular material for baseball glove chairs as it adds an element of comfort and style in the seat that you would expect from something as iconic as a baseball glove chair.

The leather can be smooth or textured, depending on the design of your seat, giving you plenty of options to find what works best for your home or office space.

Wood is also an excellent material option for your baseball glove chair if you’re looking for something more rustic and durable. Wood or plywood as opposed to leather has the added advantage of being able to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions and lasts longer than leather due to its durability.

And when paired with metal accents such as screws or feet in the base, it gives your recently used chair buy guest that extra hand that ties everything together perfectly! So whether you’re looking for something leather or wood to impress your guests there is sure to be a perfect option available at any furniture store near you!

Does Rawlings make a hide glove chair?

Yes, Rawlings makes a baseball glove chair. That you can buy it at It is a very expensive baseball chair seat that is made of leather and is very durable. Probably one of the best expensive seat chairs on the market.