If you’ve ever been to a batting cage, then you know how important it is to have a good swing. But there’s one secret weapon that many batters don’t know about – turning the knob of the bat. That’s right – if you want to maximize your hitting power, then turning the knob of your bat is key!

Most people who don't know how to swing the bat will say to push the knob toward the baseball. Do yourself a favor and don't listen to them because here are four reasons why they are wrong if you want more power in your baseball or softball swing!

  1. It adds extra force to contact. By turning the knob of your bat when you hit, you add extra pressure to your swing. This means that when you make contact with the baseball, it will be sent flying further than before!
  2. It helps give more control over where the ball goes. When you turn the knob of your bat, your arms are not fishing out making your swing long. Instead, your arms are staying inside the baseball making everything nice and compact for more power! So, just turn the knob and the bat will work behind you!
  3. It helps maintain form and technique. Turning the knob of your bat allows for better control and keeps the bat In the hitting zone for a lot longer than pushing the knob and swinging down on the baseball.
  4. People who tell you to hit down on the ball you need to get away from. As you start playing travel, high school and higher baseball or softball ground balls will equal outs for you!
  5. It can help increase exit velocity and distance when done correctly! Last but not least, turning the knob of a bat correctly can help increase both exit velocity and distance of each hit — meaning those long home runs will be even longer or the routine fly balls will become home runs now.
Turning the Knob Of The Bat. Barry Bonds

So there you have it - four reasons why turning the knob on your bat is key for hitting with power! If you want to be like Aaron Judge, Mike Trout and Barry Bonds do what they do and turn the knob of the bat to hit with power.

That is the number 1 key that many do not talk about. If you want to check out the 6 Best BBCOR Bats for 2023 tap the link below to see the list! Good luck and turn the knob to hit more dingers!

PS: I put a video at the bottom to see how to turn the knob with your swing.

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