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nfl players
cook evans

WILD CARD Sunday Picks and Player Props


  • Steelers +10
  • Over 37 Pitt/Buffalo
  • Tampa +3
  • Over 43 Phil/Tampa



  •  Allen OVER 38 Rushing Yards
  • Allen over 233 pass
  • Rudolph over 170 pass
  • Hurts over  219 pass
  • Mayfield over 239 pass


  • James Cook OVER 90.5 Total Rushing + Receiving
  • Harris over 59 rush
  • Warren over 32 rush 
  • Cook over 62 rush
  • Warren over 19 rec lock
  • Swift over 10 rec 
  • White over 21 rec


  • Johnson over 38 rec
  • Pickens over 41 rec
  • Shakir over 35 rec
  • Evans Anytime Touchdown
  • Evans over 65 rec
  • Godwin over 54.5 rec
  • D. smith over 69 rec


  • Otton over 24 Receiving 
  • Goddert over 52 rec
  • Kincaid over 36 rec


  • McLaughlin OVER 1.5 Total Made Field Goals

nfl players
warren evans

Parlay Lock

Warren over 19 rec/Evans over 65

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