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MLB Player Props for Weiner Wednesday 6/19

  • Bobby Witt over 2.5 h+r+rbis (demon) ✅
  • Cole Ragans over 6.5 ks✅

  • Elly De La Cruz Over 1.5 h+r+rbis❌
  • Hunter Greene Over 6ks ✅
  • Marcell Ozuna over 1.5 h+r+rbis ❌
  • Ketel Marte over 2.5 h+r+rbis❌
  • Christian Walker over 1.5 bases❌
  • Freddy Peralta over 5.5 ks✅
  • Christian Yelich over 1.5 h+r+rbis✅
  • Freddy Freeman over 2.5 bases❌
  • Shohei Ohtani over 2.5 bases ✅
  • Garrett Crochett over 6 Ks (f)✅
  • Hunter Brown over 4.5k's✅
  • Pete Alonso over 1.5 h+r+rbis✅
  • Starling Marte Over 1.5 H+r+rbis✅
  • Marcus Semien Over 7 fantasy❌
  • Royce Lewis over 1.5 h+r+rbis✅
  • Jose Altuve over 1.5 H+r+rbis✅
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. over 6.5 fantasy❌
  • Gunner Henderson over 1.5 h+r+rbis✅
  • Jose Ramirez over 1.5 h+r+rbis✅
  • Tanner Bibbee over 5.5 ks✅
  • Bryce Harper over 1.5 h+r+rbis ✅
  • Juan Soto over 1.5 bases❌
  • Mitch Keller under 2.5 runs ✅

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    Copy my PrizePicks lineup using this link:

    Copy my PrizePicks lineup using this link:


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