The golf world has been buzzing with excitement over the past few years, thanks to the entry of new and affordable golf ball brands. Golfers do not have to rely on pricy Titleist golf balls or Callaway golf clubs as their go-to ball brands anymore.

The competition has brought new blood into the market, and now have a plethora of golf ball options to choose from. In this article, we will dive deep into four mainstream golf ball brands—Kirkland, Piper, Vice, and Legato.

We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice and some recommendations on which golf balls could work best for you.

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How We Choose The Right Golf Balls

Choosing the best golf ball can be an intimidating and difficult process. With so many different brands, materials, and features to consider, it's hard to know which ball is right for you.

You could spend countless hours researching the specs of all the different golf balls available on the market today, or you could just choose blindly based on the recommendations of others without knowing what's inside.

Forget all that hassle! Kirkland Golf Balls offer a great balance between quality and price so you can play your best game and save money at the same time. Get out there with confidence knowing that you have one of the highest-rated and best golf balls around.

Key Takeaways

- The Kirkland Signature golf ball is a great value option with high performance.

- Piper and Legato offer similar performance to Kirkland but at a slightly higher price point.

- Vice Pro offers premium performance at a premium price.

- Choosing the right golf ball depends on personal preferences and playing style.

- Testing and experimenting with different brands and models can help golfers find the best fit for their game.

Kirkland Ball

Costco Golf Balls

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About Kirkland Golf Balls

Kirkland is a private-label brand of Costco that has recently forayed into the golf market. Kirkland Signature Golf Balls have generated a lot of buzz for being the most affordable, high-quality balls, and they are no disappointment. These balls cost less than $1 per ball, which is insane, considering the quality on offer.

Kirkland Design

The Kirkland Signature golf balls are made with a three-piece design and a soft urethane ball cover. The urethane helps the ball spin and enhances its durability to last longer.

The Kirkland balls are comparable to some of the best urethane golf balls on the market, such as the Titleist Pro V1 Balls, Callaway Chrome Soft & TaylorMade Tour Response.

Who Are These Golf Balls Designed For

Kirkland golf balls are designed for golfers who are on a budget but still want quality golf balls. These balls are especially suitable for high handicappers, as they provide a great balance of distance and control.

Kirkland Signature golf balls are incredibly affordable and offer golfers a comparable alternative to more expensive brands on the market. Despite their affordability, these balls feature advanced technology, including a low-compression core and soft urethane cover.

Additionally, they are constructed to offer consistent play and durability. Therefore, Kirkland golf balls are an excellent choice high spin golf ball for those who want to improve their performance on the links without breaking the bank.

Piper Golf Balls

Designed for 15+ Handicaps

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About Piper Golf Balls

Piper was founded in 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has won numerous awards for its innovative products and commitment to sustainability, including recognition from the PGA Tour and Golf Digest.

With its mission to change the game of golf, Piper is a leader in the industry of golf equipment and a favorite among golfers worldwide.

Piper Design

Piper golf balls are designed to maximize distance and straighten shots, making them the perfect choice for beginner, senior, and high-handicap golfers with lower swing speeds.

The 2-piece construction creates longer shots with a stable flight, while the DuPont Surlyn cover limits spin to reduce slice and hook and promote straighter shots.

Additionally, the custom green color alignment guide helps golfers identify their ball on the course and align their shots more accurately.

Who Are These Golf Balls Designed For

Piper golf balls provide exceptional performance and value for golfers who regularly shoot in the 90s or 100s and want to improve their game. Give Piper golf balls a try and experience the difference they can make in your game!

Vice Pro Golf Balls

Higher quality golf ball

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About Vice Golf Balls

Vice Golf Balls is a German-based golf ball company that was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating high-quality golf balls that are affordable for golfers of all skill levels.

Their product line includes a range of popular golf ball, types and designs, each engineered to offer a unique combination of distance, accuracy, and feel. Vice Golf Balls has quickly become a popular choice among golfers due to their competitive pricing, innovative designs, and exceptional performance.

Vice Pro Design

The Vice Pro golf ball design features a cast urethane cover, a highly durable 336 dimple pattern, and dual casting for added distance and lower ball flight. Its advanced design provides golfers with precise feel and control around the greens, while simultaneously delivering long-distance performance off the tee.

Additionally, its low-compression core helps to reduce spin and increase ball speed for maximum distance. With proven performance on the PGA Tour, the Vice Pro is a top-performing golf ball for serious golfers.

Who Are These Golf Balls Designed For

The Vice Pro golf balls are designed for serious golfers who seek a high-performance ball with unmatched precision and control. Whether you're a professional or an amateur with a low handicap, the Vice Pro is built to deliver consistent performance round after round.

Its cast urethane cover provides excellent spin control and feels on short shots, while the low compression core and dual casting deliver maximum distance and accuracy on long drives. The Vice Pro is ideal for golfers seeking a premium ball that performs at the highest level.

Legato Golf Balls

Designed to Help Golfers Break 90

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About Legato Golf Balls

These golf balls are engineered to provide maximum driver distance at all swing speeds while offering better wedge control and a softer feel with a Urethane cover.

Golf Laboratories, Inc has tested and confirmed that the performance of Legato Golf Balls rivals that of the #1 golf ball on the market.

Legato Design

The design of Legato Golf Balls is centered around optimizing performance for golfers looking to improve their game. The 3-piece construction of these golf balls is intentionally engineered to provide maximum driver distance while ensuring better wedge control and a softer feel with the Urethane cover. The Bold Track Technology is also incorporated into the design to make putting easier for golfers.

Who Are These Golf Balls Designed For

Who Are These Golf Balls Designed For: Legato Golf Balls are designed for golfers who want to break 90 on the golf course. These golf balls are perfect for golfers looking to improve their distance and control off the tee while also having a soft feel for better control and feel around the green.

The Bold Track Technology makes it easier for golfers to sink putts and improve their overall score. These performance-enhancing golf balls are perfect for both novice and experienced golfers looking to take their game to the next level.

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SwagScale Advice For You

Each golf ball offers something different to players. Whether you are looking for extra distance off the tee, superior spin and control around the green, or a combination of both, there is a choice here for all types of players.

Kirkland golf balls prove to be reliable providing distance without sacrificing feel. Given their low price point and proven performance, these balls certainly provide excellent value on the market.

So if you're in search of an improved ball flight, increased accuracy or just trying to save some cash when outfitting your bag, look no further than Kirkland Signature golf balls!

Click above and buy one of these 4 golf balls on Amazon for yourself, friends, or family today! After all, everyone deserves a perfect day on the course! And who knows? Maybe with the help of your new Kirkland golf ball, you'll even crack 90 on a constant base!

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Kirkland Golf Ball FAQs

What do the numbers on Kirkland golf balls mean?

The numbers on the Kirkland golf balls refer to their compression rating, which indicates the hardness of the ball. A lower compression rating means that the ball is softer and can provide greater distance with a slower swing speed, while a higher compression rating means that the ball is harder and can provide greater control with a faster swing speed.

Who owns Kirkland Golf Balls?

Costco Wholesale Corporation makes Kirkland Golf Balls, a US-based multinational retail corporation. Costco sources these golf balls from various manufacturers, including some of the top brands in the golf industry itself, and applies its private label Kirkland brand name to them. These high-performing golf balls have gained a lot of popularity due to their affordability and quality.

Does Kirkland make golf clubs?

Yes, Kirkland has a very affordable set of golf clubs. Costco sell golf clubs which are the Kirkland brand. The Southern California Design Company manufactures Kirkland Golf Clubs.

How many layers does a Kirkland golf ball have?

Kirkland Signature golf balls are known for their high quality and cost-effectiveness. These balls feature a four-piece construction, including a soft, high-energy core, a mantle layer for distance and spin control, an outer layer designed for optimizing spin rates, and a cast urethane cover for durability and feel.

With four layers, Kirkland Signature golf balls are able to offer a combination of distance, accuracy, and control that appeals to a wide range of golfers. Plus, the price point for these balls is significantly lower than other premium balls on the market, making them a popular choice among budget-conscious golfers.

Do Kirkland Golf Balls Crack?

Yes, Kirkland golf balls can crack under certain conditions, just like any golf ball. Cracking golf balls are usually due to just being old and in the cold. However, this is mostly rare and occurs in extreme circumstances such as hitting a tree or cart path at high speed.

In fact, many golfers have reported that Kirkland golf balls have great durability and can last multiple rounds without cracking. Additionally, Kirkland golf balls have been highly rated for their performance and value, making them a popular choice among avid golfers.