Looking for the perfect iPad case that doubles as a snap tablet with a stand? Tired of hunting around and wasting money on a snap case for ipads that aren't up to snuff?

Every minute you wait is costing you potential customers who get frustrated with your clumsy setup. Don't let your outdated tech make them go somewhere else.

Look no further than Moft Case for iPads! It's the only case that works with all Apple's keyboards, has a unique magnetic-friendly design, is scratch resistant, and comes with an Apple Pencil holder for easy access. Plus it's just .03 inches thick, meaning it won't add any inconvenient bulk or weight! Stop losing out on customers and upgrade today!

Product Specs

The Moft Case for iPads is specifically designed to enhance the user experience with Apple's Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio. It instantly connects to the keyboard via a smart connector pass-through technology, making setup a breeze.

It is compatible with many iPad air gen products protecting your device with a durable scratch-resistant exterior while maintaining the slim profile of the device.

This ipads magnetic friendly md014 enables it to double as a Snap tablet stand for a connection between your iPad and MOFT's Snap Stands which offer various viewing angles for different needs. Plus, it has an Apple Pencil holder so you can store and charge your pencil easily with a cut-out design on the back for quick access.

Product Quality

The iPad Case is built with quality in mind. It is crafted from a premium vegan leather back panel, adding a layer of protection to resist daily scratches while remaining smooth and comfortable. The slim design also adds to the product's durability as it's just 0.3 inches thick, providing your iPad with reliable protection without adding any unnecessary bulk or weight.

Moft Snap Case Ipad

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Pricing& Availability

Don't wait any longer to get your hands on the best iPad accessory out there. The Moft iPad Case is available now on Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping for $69.99. Get yours today and start experiencing the convenience of Moft!


When it comes to iPad accessories, the Moft Case stands out from its competitors. Unlike other cases, the Moft is extremely thin, making it ideal for those who want to keep their iPad's sleek design without compromising on protection.

Additionally, the case has a unique magnetic-friendly design that allows it to connect with the Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio, saving you time and money.

The Moft also has an Apple Pencil holder for easy access to your pencil, something that other cases don't have. This is great for those who need quick access to their pen whenever they're working on a project.

The vegan leather back panel and snap case also add an extra layer of protection, making it one of the most durable iPad cases on the market.

Finally, the Moft Case for iPads is more affordable than its competitors as it comes at just $69.99 and with free 2-day shipping via Amazon Prime. This offers great value for money when compared to other iPad accessories on the market.

moft snap case ipad
moft snap case Ipad

Moft Snap Ipad Case FAQs

Does Moft Snap case protect Ipad Pro?

Yes, the Moft Snap case provides excellent protection for your iPad Pro. This case is made from premium materials and has been rigorously tested to ensure it provides optimal shock absorption and impact resistance.

It also features precise cutouts and a secure fit, so you can be confident that your device will stay safe and secure at all times. Whether you're using your iPad Pro at home or on the go, the Moft Snap case is the perfect companion to keep your device protected and in great condition. So if you want to keep your iPad Pro safe and sound, choose the Moft Snap case today!

What devices does the Moft case for iPads work well with?

The Moft iPad case works seamlessly with the following:

  • iPad air gen 4
  • iPad Air 4th 5th
  • air gen iPad Air 4th
  • 3rd 4th gen iPad
  • 4th gen iPad air
  • air 4th 5th gen
  • 2nd 3rd 4th gen
  • iPad Pro 12.9
  • iPad Pro 11 gen

Moft ipad case
Moft Ipad case

Swagscale Advice For You

In conclusion, this product by Moft for iPads is an amazing product. It's smart design and lightweight features make it a must-have for anyone wanting a practical and efficient way to protect their iPad.

The universal compatibility makes it that much more appealing! Plus, its stylish look (unlike big clunky metal sheets) will leave people like how it looks on the outside just as much as they love how it feels on the inside.

You won't be disappointed in this product, so why not give it a try? So what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and click above and buy Moft Ipad Case on Amazon today!

Don’t let a damaged device or interrupted use affect your day-to-day life – go get some Moft protection now! It’s as simple as that.

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