Does your pup have a discerning palate for treats?

If so, Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats are the perfect choice. These natural and deliciously nutritious snacks will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters - with just five calories per treat! They are made from high-quality ingredients like wild-caught fish, free-run poultry, chicken liver and heart, lamb liver, and wild boar liver - and they’re also enriched with vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in fresh foods!

These gently freeze-dried treats provide a healthy boost to your pup’s diet while giving them an unforgettable flavor experience. With only natural preservatives added to keep their delicious goodness intact until you’re ready to indulge Fido again – these freeze-dried dog treats make for the perfect snack time addition for any pup who deserves a little extra love.

Try out Orijen freeze-dried dog treats today by visiting our website below now! Your best friend won't regret it.

Orijen Freeze-Dried Treats

Regional Red

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Rev up your pup's treats with the ORIJEN Regional Red! This delicious, nutritious treat is made with 99% quality animal ingredients and packed with WholePrey includes the most nutrient-dense parts of the prey to give your buddy a snack they love and need.

Freeze-dried to lock in all that rich, pure, and tasty treat goodness and only 6 calories each - great for training or rewarding your dog! With beef liver, goat, wild boar, and lamb combined in this USA-made product, you'll rest assured you're getting world-class ingredients in every bite. So why not make ORIJEN Regional Red your pup's new favorite?

Orijen Freeze-Dried Treats


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Introducing ORIJEN Tundra Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - the ultimate in all-natural rewards for your dog! Our treats are nearly too delicious to be true, featuring Boer goat, wild boar, ranch-raised venison, Arctic char, free-run duck, and ranch-raised mutton. This tasty treat also comes with 100% quality animal ingredients and only natural preservatives so you can trust that you're giving your pup the absolute best.

But it's not enough just to satisfy their taste buds - we want to make sure our treats are truly beneficial and that's why we use raw animal ingredients including meat, organs, cartilage, and bone. This Biologically Appropriate mix has been carefully crafted to replicate the preying habits of their ancestors in order to gain maximum nutrition.

They don't take shortcuts when it comes to sourcing ingredients - they're supplied by people we know and love, right here in North America. Plus they're delivered raw in their most natural and nourishing form ready for us to use to create these amazing treats.

So your doggo will be getting goat, venison, duck, wild boar, and lamb that's never been processed or altered in any way - no wonder it tastes so good!

Orijen Freeze-Dried Treats


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Are you ready to treat your precious pup to something irresistibly delicious and oh-so-nutritious? Look no further than ORIJEN Lamb Freeze-Dried Dog Treats! Crafted with premium, grass-fed lamb (that’s right!) these snacks will make even the pickiest of pooches drool.

We source only the most natural ingredients and freeze-dried them to keep all those yummy resources locked in, full of rich nutrients and intense flavors. Our process ensures that the treats retain their nutrient-packed natural goodness throughout, giving your pup a snack that’s as healthy as it is scrumptious.

So if you have one discerning furball in need of some major munchies, choose ORIJEN Lamb Freeze-Dried Dog Treats – they won’t regret it!

Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

Duck Recipe

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When it comes to treating your pup, treat them to the best! With ORIJEN's Duck Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Treats, you're giving your doggo only the highest-quality treats around. After all, why settle for second-best when it comes to spoiling your four-legged friend?

In each individually-packaged bag, you get the perfect combination of quality animal ingredients and natural preservatives - supplying your dog with exactly what nature intended. There's no worrying about artificial flavors or fillers here! Just 100% deliciousness from real duck and wholesome ingredients.

And we don't skimp on the portions either - each serving contains raw meat, organs, cartilage, and bone for a meal packed with nutritious awesomeness. Best of all –these top-notch ingredients are supplied by our trusted partners, so you can be sure that every ingredient is fresh as can be.

If you're ready to level up from boring old doggie treats,, then Orijen's Duck Recipe Freez-Dried Treats are just the ticket! So go ahead – give your pup their just deserts – they deserve the very best!

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Orijen Dog Treats FAQs

Is Orijen safe for dogs?

Orijen is a safe and trusted brand for dog treats. Their products are made with high-quality, ethically-sourced ingredients and are free from any harmful additives or preservatives. Plus, their commitment to transparency and rigorous quality control ensures that your furry friend is getting the best possible snack. Give your pup the ultimate treat with Orijen pet foods.

What dog food is better than Orijen?

When it comes to finding dog food that is better than Orijen, there are a few options to consider. Some popular options include brands like Acana, Canidae, and Merrick. These brands are known for using high-quality ingredients and prioritizing the health and well-being of dogs. Additionally, they often offer a range of formulas designed specifically for different dog breeds, sizes, and health concerns.

While Orijen is a great choice for many dogs, it's important to remember that every dog has unique dietary needs. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian before making any significant changes to your dog's diet.

What are the best dog treats on the market?

When it comes to the best dog treats on the market, a few standout. One popular option is Zuke's Mini Naturals, which are made with high-quality animal protein, and come in a variety of flavors.

Another great choice is Blue Buffalo Blue Bits, which are soft and chewy and contain real meat as the first ingredient. Finally, if you're looking for a treat that can also help with dental health, Greenies Dental Treats are a top for picky dogs, thanks to their unique texture that helps clean teeth and fight plaque. Choose any of these options and your furry friend is sure to be wagging their tail in delight!

Is Orijen hard to digest?

No, Orijen dog treats are not hard to digest. In fact, they are made with high-quality, easily digestible ingredients that are beneficial for your dog's health. Orijen food also uses fresh and regional ingredients, ensuring a high protein and nutrient content, which makes it an excellent choice for your furry friend.

Plus, the brand has a great reputation for producing premium quality dog treats that are both nutritious and delicious. So, if you want to provide your dog with a treat that is easy on its digestive system, look no further than Orijen.

How many treats should you give a dog a day?

A pet's daily food intake ultimately depends on its size, age, and activity level. As a general rule, it's recommended to limit treats to no more than 10% of your dog's daily caloric intake. So if your dog needs 500 calories a day, then they should have no more than 50 calories worth of treats.

Remember to also consider the quality and ingredients of the treats you're giving them. Stay within these guidelines and you can keep your furry friend happy and healthy!

What are mixed tocopherols?

Mixed tocopherols are natural preservatives derived from vitamin E that are often used in dog treats (like turkey liver & chicken heart) to extend their shelf life and prevent spoilage. They are a blend of different forms of vitamin E, including alpha, beta, and gamma-tocopherol, and provide an effective and affordable way to keep dog treats fresh without the use of artificial preservatives.

Additionally, mixed tocopherols are highly nutritious and can provide a range of health benefits for dogs, including better skin and coat health, improved immune function, and reduced inflammation. So if you are looking for a natural and healthy way to keep your dog's treats fresh and tasty, mixed tocopherols are definitely worth considering!

Orijen food includes what high-quality ingredients?

Orijen foods include high-quality ingredients such as free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and ranch-raised meats. They also include (guaranteed analysis crude protein) nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, along with botanicals for added health benefits.

Orijen is committed to providing biologically appropriate diets for dogs, with formulas designed to mimic their natural diets in the wild. With a focus on quality and sustainability, Orijen is a top choice for pet owners looking to provide their dogs with healthy, delicious treats. So if you want to give your furry friend the best, Orijen is the way to go!

Swagscale Advice For You

We have gone over all of the fantastic benefits of buying Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats for your best furry friend. Orijen grabs the succulent parts of animals to deliver the nutrition dogs need.

It's time to make that purchase and reward your pup with a chew full of natural proteins and vitamins. Let’s be honest, who can resist those cute puppy treats? Your fur baby won’t be able to either!

Not only do these treats offer superior nutrition, but they are convenient for any lifestyle! No more worry about spoilage or running out, just pop in a pouch and let them enjoy. They will thank you later… and reward you with lots of wiggles and kisses!

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