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After working at the same company for 20 years I just wasn't happy with my life. Yes,, I had security with my job but I realized you only have one life so I knew I needed a change and a different direction for me to be happy.

The only problem was I had no idea what I wanted to do so I started buying many different online courses they got me excited at first but then fizzled out because they never delivered on what they promised and would always try to upsell me or their stuff was outdated or never answered my questions so I would get stuck and frustrated.

I came across a video on becoming a brand ambassador. I didn't know anything about this or even how I clicked on this video but I couldn't turn it off because it spoke to me so I joined.

I had no intention of ever doing something like this but I knew I hated my job and didn't want to live my life working in a cubicle or answering to anyone. I tried many online gimmicks and they never worked except for ONE and this is where I went!

The video was structured so well that I was engaged from beginning to end. Chris Luck highlights the key aspects in a way that even beginners can understand and then dives deeper into what more advanced users would be interested in.

His step-by-step approach literally built this site with me clicking the buttons. He shows up weekly for a livestream party where he shows you something new and you can ask questions.

brand ambsdr

The main takeaway of the workshop is that anyone can create a successful website, regardless of their skills or background (trust me I have 0 technical skills and created Swagscale all by myself. Chris teaches a step-by-step process that is easy to understand and follow.

The best part is that viewers can benefit from the course immediately. By the end of the workshop, I was hooked and signed up. After his 6-week course, Swagscale was built.

What sets the AMBSDR Partnership Program apart from other online courses is the support that Chris and his team provide. The online community is active and always willing to help.

Any questions that I had during the process were quickly answered. It is clear that Chris Luck is passionate about teaching and helping others succeed.

Speaking from personal experience, the workshop has helped me achieve my goals and make my website more successful. The ambsdr certification program lasts six weeks and is broken down into easy-to-follow segments that build on one another, making it easy to keep up.

The best part of this brand ambassador business is just the beginning. You can add so many other businesses which Chris teaches step by step so you are never alone.

One of the things that I loved about the course is that Chris is live once a week teaching a new segment. This keeps things fresh and interesting. It is not just a boring prerecorded video that you could easily lose interest in or be outdated like many other courses.

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Joining ambsdr you never have to worry about UPSELLS. You pay to get into AMBSDR and that is it. You have everything to build your site, AI tools included, a private community of people doing the exact same thing to help you along the way, talk about brands you love, and get paid to do it.

If you want to do what I did click on the link below and watch the free workshop. This is what I did to build this site and learn all the tools of the trade. If you are going to spend money on classes to build a business this is the only one that has ever worked and will stand even during the recession that is coming upon us.

I have never seen anyone have refund requests when joining AMBSDR. I can personally tell you that if you follow along and put in the work this can change your life. Don't expect millions overnight but you can build a business that can provide for your family and change your lifestyle.

I hope you join our ambsdr family and you can always shoot me a DM with questions when you have an ambsdr login. If you want to change your life and build a generational business then watch the video below.

Your Fellow AMBSDR,

Ray & Kim

Would you love to do what I do? Talk about your favorite products all day long and get paid for them. Look no further! With AMBSDRLIFE.COM you can learn how ordinary people make money on the Internet!

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