Attention all golf enthusiasts and pool lovers! This summer, elevate your pool party game with the Low Country Pastimes' Float N' Chip, the best-floating golf green on the market.

This all-in-one package comes fully assembled and is chock-full of everything you need for hours of fun on the water. Whether you're aiming to upgrade your summer relaxation or perfect your short game, Float N' Chip is a hole-in-one investment.

Float N' Chip

Float N’ Chip will have you drive, putt, and chip your way to victory in the pool! This Floating Golf Green is the perfect size for your backyard or pool - with a 45" x 65" Green, raised edges, and high-performance turf, you can bring accurate golf performance right to your water. 

Players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy bettering their short game on this floating green- it comes complete with a tee mat and flag, cup, two 12' tethers, 24 floating balls that perform like real golf balls- 12 orange and 12 yellow - plus two straps for easy storage. 

And don't worry about assembly- there's none necessary since Float N’ Chip arrives fully assembled so you're ready for action right away! Get creative and competitive with Float N’ Chip- it's a golfer-tested and golfer-approved kit to help you get your golf groove on in a hilarious fashion! 

So if you're looking to get some putts while lounging by the pool or take turns chipping around the yard, Float N’ Chip is the only way to go. Let’s get floatin', baby!

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1. Exceptional Design and Size

Don't settle for less when it comes to your poolside entertainment. Float N' Chip's 45" x 65" size and raised edges to ensure an authentic golfing experience without the worry of losing balls in the pool. That's right - no more diving for lost balls or annoying pond monsters stealing your perfect shots.

2. High-Quality Materials and Performance

Float N' Chip is the caddy's dream, made with high-quality EVA foam and woven nylon turf to withstand hours of play. Performance and longevity are key, and this floating green delivers. Say goodbye to cheap imitations, loose turf, and flimsy foam that can't handle your mad golfing skills.

3. Fully Loaded Package

When we say all-in-one, we mean it. Float N' Chip comes complete with a float green, tee mat, flag, cup, two 12-foot tethers, 24 floating balls, and two straps for easy storage. No assembly, no hassle, just hours of endless fun right out of the box. You'll be the envy of your neighbors with this impressive, poolside setup.

4. Easy Tethering for Dock or Poolside

Worried about your Float N' Chip taking a voyage across the pond or pool? Fear not, for it comes with two 12-foot tether kits, allowing you to easily secure it to a dock or poolside. Float N' Chip won't drift away, leaving you with more time to focus on that perfect chip shot.

5. Golfer Tested, Golfer Approved

You may wonder if a floating golf green can really help improve your short game. The answer is simple: Absolutely! Float N' Chip is a golfer's dream, allowing you to hone your skills as you lazily soak in the sun. And with 12 orange floating golf balls included, you'll never run out of practice shots. This floating oasis isn't just for relaxation – it's a golfer's training ground, too.

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Swagscale Advice For You

The Low Country Pastimes' Float N' Chip is truly the ultimate poolside or pond entertainment for golf enthusiasts. With its ideal size, high-quality materials, fully loaded package, easy tethering, and golfer-tested design, there's simply no reason not to invest in one for your pool or pond.

Don't let another summer pass you by without experiencing the unparalleled fun and convenience of the Float N' Chip. Fore!

Your Pool Guru,


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