Are your pup’s treats getting a bit stale? Do you know dogs eat cheese and love it?

We have the perfect solution! 7 Dog Cheese Treats to choose from are delicious and nutritious, with human-grade cheddar cheese and coconut flour giving them all the flavor your dog will crave. The addition of almond flour provides essential fatty acids, B complex vitamins, and more for their healthy diet. Plus, these tasty snacks are lactose-free so even pups with intolerance can enjoy them as an occasional treat.

These treats make a great everyday snack or a special treat for those days when you just want to show extra love to your four-legged friend. Whether you’re preparing it on a baking sheet or lightly floured surface using wheat flour, almond flour, or coconut flour – Dog Cheese Treats are sure to be a hit with pet parents everywhere!

Scroll on down now and get one of these 7 mouthwatering Dog Cheese Treats for your pup today!

How We Choose

Your dog loves cheese, but you don't want to give them processed cheese or unhealthy snacks.

Most people think that giving their dog cheese is a good idea, but they don't know which kind of cheese to give them. Processed cheeses can be unhealthy and full of additives.

We've got you covered! Our team read through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the 7 best and healthiest dog cheese treats for your pup. From cheddar to cottage cheese, your dog will love these delicious snacks!

1. PureBites

Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

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Why We Give It Swag

You bark, we listen! If your pup has a taste for cheddar cheese, PureBites Freeze-Dried Cheddar Cheese Dog Treats are the answer! These treats are made in the USA with nothing but 100% pure Wisconsin cheddar - no fillers, sweeteners, or funky stuff here just fresh raw whole food cheese!

Plus, they’re freeze-dried RAW to help preserve all those important nutrients and proteins. Just try not to drool on your keyboard.

Picky eaters also get a paw up; our treats are low in calories (at just 15 per treat) and have no added colors or preservatives, making them ideal for dogs with allergies and other health issues, or those on restricted diets. Be sure and reward yourself too – these treats may be for Fido, but you can feel good about giving him something so fresh & pure!  Go get Purebites freeze-dried treats: the taste dogs crave today!

2. Raw Paws

Human-Grade Dried Cheese for Dogs

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If you're looking for dog treats that are as delicious as they are nutritious, then our Raw Paws Wisconsin Freeze Dried Cheese Dog Treats are the perfect choice. Made with 100% Real Wisconsin Cheese, these tasty snacks offer a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin A, and essential fatty acids. Plus, cheddar cheese is an excellent source of protein and B-complex vitamins which helps keep your furry best friend happy, healthy, and full of energy!

These savory treats also make great training rewards - they're small in size so they're easy to digest, plus they contain zero wheat, soy, or corn so they won't upset your pup's sensitive stomach.

Don't just settle for any ordinary homemade cheese dog or treat; give your canine companion something special! Get Raw Paws Wisconsin Freeze Dried Cheese Dog Treats to give them a taste sensation that will have them coming back for more. These cheesy delights are sure to have Fido begging for more!

3. Three Dog Bakery

Baked Dog Treats

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Are you ready for your furry family members to have the best crunchy treat around? Then look no further than Three Dog Bakery Crunchy Itty Bitty Bones Baked Dog Treats! These treats are hand-crafted with premium ingredients and no artificial flavors, so they taste just like the ones you’d bake yourself. Your furry friends will be euphoric with our crunchy snack that packs a pawsome punch of flavor.

Each tasty treat is baked in small batches here in the USA, so you can trust that your pup is getting the highest quality. And our resealable bag keeps them fresher for longer, so even if you pause from feeding them treats one day, they can enjoy their deliciousness for days to come. Plus, these bone-shaped biscuits are bite-sized which makes giving out rewards a snap during training time.

Your dogs won't be able to resist this irresistibly flavorful everyday treat! Plus, they have slow-baked them to preserve their bakery-fresh flavor and irresistible aroma that your dogs love to drool over. So what are you waiting for? Get those tails wagging with some Three Dog Bakery Crunchy Itty Bitty Bones Baked Dog Treats today!

4. Exclusively Dog

Best Buddy Bits-Cheese Flavor

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Looking for something special for your pooch? Then stop the search because you’ve just hit the jackpot! Exclusively Dog Best Buddy Bits-Cheese Flavor is here to make all your pup’s snack dreams come true!

Packed with a delicious cheese flavor and made with human-grade, Kosher ingredients, these crunchy treats will have your canine companion begging for seconds. Plus, they're free of animal parts, by-products, and fillers—so you can feel good about treating them right.

Perfect for training or hiding in treat toys, these little bites of yumminess taste dogs are truly irresistible. Treat yourself (and your pup) to something special and get a bag of Exclusively Dog Best Buddy Bits today!

5. Bocce's Bakery

Oven Baked Cheese Recipe Treats for Dogs

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Treat your pup to something extra paw-sitively delicious! Bocce's Bakery has just whipped up the perfect treat – Oven Baked Cheese Recipe Treats that dogs everywhere will drool over. With just 8 real ingredients like oat flour, cheddar cheese powder, and rolled oats on a prepared baking sheet this recipe is limited but loaded with yumminess.

And with only 9 calories per treat, you can indulge without worry! Best of all, these treats are proudly made in the USA with natural preservatives, absolutely no soy, wheat, or corn - so you can always feel good about treating your best friend.

Oh yeah - did we mention how deliciously soft they are? Perfect for those puppies, picky eaters, and seniors that need a chewier bite. No need to thank us - a 'woof' does it! From all of us at Bocce's Bakery – Happy snacking!

6. KONG Easy Dog Treat

Bacon and Cheese spray cheese for Kongs

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Introducing KONG Easy Dog Treat: the world's most delicious, no-mess way to engage and delight your furry bestie! These irresistible Easy Dog Treats are the same great KONG quality you've come to expect from us, now conveniently packaged for stuffing into your pup's favorite treat dispensing toys (or any other rubber KONG toys) for an extra special reward when they're up to their silly antics.

Plus, these unforgettably tasty bites are proudly made in the USA and sure to satisfy even the barkiest of bellies. So what are you waiting for? Introduce your pup to a flavor experience like no other and make mealtime something to look forward to with KONG Easy Dog Treat today - happy snacking!

7. Cloud Star

Training Treats

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Dogs everywhere will be putting their paws in the air for Cloud Star Tricky Trainers! These bite-size training treats are so deliciously soft and chewy, your pup won’t be able to resist. Impressively low in calories, these treats are made with only wholesome ingredients like cheddar cheese, with zero added colors or artificial flavors.

Even better, no corn or wheat is included, so you can treat Fido without a guilty conscience. So give them something amazing and irresistibly tasty next time you want to reward good behavior - Cloud Star has been the go-to choice of professional trainers since 1999!

Dog Treats with Cheese FAQs

Looking for the perfect treat for your fur baby? Don't worry, we've got your back with our list of frequently asked questions about dog cheese treats! This article will give you all the information you need to choose the right snack that'll make your pup's mouth water - so they can enjoy their special treats while keeping their tail wagging! Keep reading to get the scoop on this delicious topic!

What cheese is good for dog treats?

When it comes to choosing cheese for dog treats, it's important to find one that is low in fat and lactose-free because most dogs are lactose intolerance in big doses. Some great options include cheddar, mozzarella, and cottage cheese. These cheeses are not only a tasty snack for pups, but they also provide a good source of protein and calcium. However, it's important to remember that cheese should still be given in moderation as too much can cause digestive issues. So go ahead and indulge your furry friend with some cheesy goodness, just make sure to do it in moderation. Happy snacking!

Is it OK to give dogs cheese?

Absolutely! Many dogs enjoy cheese and it can be a great source of protein and calcium. However, some dogs are lactose intolerant and may experience digestive issues. It's best to start with a small amount and monitor their reaction. Also, avoid giving dogs cheese that is high in fat or sodium, as it can lead to weight gain and other health problems. As always, consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog's diet. Happy snacking!

How much cheese can a dog eat?

I cannot recommend a specific amount of cheese for a dog as it varies based on their breed, weight, and age. However, dogs are lactose intolerant, and consuming too much cheese can cause digestive issues such as diarrhea and vomiting. It's best to consult with a veterinarian before feeding your dog any cheese or dairy products. Remember, keeping your furry friend healthy and happy is always a top priority!

Is shredded cheddar cheese good for dogs?

No, shredded cheddar cheese is not recommended as a regular part of a dog's diet. Although some dogs may enjoy the taste and tolerate small amounts, cheese is high in fat and can lead to digestive issues, obesity, and pancreatitis. It also contains lactose, which many dogs have difficulty digesting. It's best to stick to snacks specifically formulated for dogs and consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new foods to your dog's diet. Stay safe and healthy, four-legged friends!

What is the best-shredded cheese for dogs?

There is actually no need to feed shredded cheese specifically to dogs, as it is not a necessary component of their diet. However, if you do decide to feed your pup a small amount of shredded cheese as a treat, it is important to choose a low-fat cheese option such as shredded mozzarella or cheddar cheese. These types of cheese are lower in calories and fat, making them a healthier option for your furry friend. Remember to always feed in moderation and consult with your veterinarian before introducing new foods to your dog's diet. Happy snacking!

Swagscale Advice For You

If you have a pup that loves cheese, then these 7 delicious dog cheese treats are exactly what they need! Make sure your pup has the best possible treat in town with these top-notch delights. These three dried treats are all amazing gifts that you can offer to your furry friend and bring them lots of joy at meal times.

Not only will they satisfy their cravings, but they’ll also be doing something great for their health as well as giving them lots of energy and nutrition. So what are you waiting for? Why not click one of the 7 products above and go buy one of the 7 dog treats now? Believe us, your pooch won’t regret it!

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