Are you tired of the same old regular beds?

It’s time to get creative and make something new! DIY Montessori Beds are perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of fun to their kid's bedroom. Using just a few materials like wood, glue, and screws, you can create a unique bed frame with various house shapes your child will love.

Plus all the products used on these DIY frames are safe -- no sharp edges or unsafe surfaces -- so your little one can sleep peacefully at night.

When you have this unique bed in your home, it's sure to draw attention from friends and family alike. Plus, since it allows airflow underneath, it helps promote better sleep for children who often toss and turn throughout the night.

Put those baby gates away and get them out of the crib - this is an ideal solution especially if they're notorious when it comes to following those nightly routines!

Looking for a fun and easy DIY project? Check out our selection of Montessori Floor Beds that are simple to assemble and perfect for kids! Choose from six different styles and create a unique and personalized space for your little ones. Get started today and watch their imaginations soar!

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Key Takeaways:
  • Introducing the Montessori bed - a game-changing tool in the world of child-centered learning! Developed by the brilliant Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori, this bed fosters independence and self-reliance in young children.
  • The Montessori Method is goodbye to rigid sleeping routines and hello to the freedom for your little ones to explore and discover at their own pace. By granting them the power to come and go from the bed as they please, the Montessori bed encourages a sense of autonomy that will positively impact their development and help them fall asleep easier than a regular bed.
  • All of these products are easy to assemble and come with parts.

How We Choose DIY Montessori Floor Bed

You want to get your child a Montessori floor bed but don't have the time or money to build one yourself. You want something easy to put together that doesn't take all day!

Not only are DIY Montessori floor beds time-consuming and expensive, they can also be dangerous if not built correctly.

We've done the hard work for you and found the 6 best DIY Montessori floor beds on Amazon. Each bed has been rated 4 stars or higher and is easy to assemble for you.


Floor DIY House Bed with slats

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Why We Give It Swag

HOMEforDREAMS brings you the newest innovation in kid beds—the DIY Montessori Floor Bed! This bed will make your child feel like the master of their own domain.

Here’s why: It’s handmade with polished high-class Aspen or Alder wood and coated with an eco-friendly and baby-safe natural wax blend made of linseed oil, pine resin, beeswax, and more.

No worries about unnecessary chemical exposure here! Plus, not only does this wax protect the bed from wear and water resistance, but it also fills in any possible nicks or scratches in the wood while adding a pleasant honey aroma to your home.

But that's not all – each floor bed comes with lightning-fast FedEx Express Delivery (2–4 business days) so you don’t have to wait to enjoy the full advantages that come along with it. For example, you can set boundaries for your little one so they learn physical limits without feeling cooped up.

Not to mention, since it's low to the ground your child can easily access their books or toys without assistance making them feel independent and helping them develop spatial awareness.

So give HOMEforDREAMS DIY Montessori Floor Bed shot today and watch your kid's self-love soar off the chart!

What You Should Know

Assembly required and dimensions size are 52x28, 5 in.

2. Bellemave

Easy to assemble twin-size mattress DIY floor bed

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Why We Give It Swag

The Bellemave DIY Montessori bed is the perfect way to spice up your kid’s bedroom. With its fun house shape, roof with windows, and design with drawers right underneath for extra storage, this bed is both practical and stylish.

This cleverly designed bed has a twin-size frame made of 100% quality and durable wood, making it strong enough to not only survive but thrive in a child’s bedroom! Kids will love having fun customizing their own rooms while discovering new skills.

Plus parents can trust that this cutely designed bed will be lasting them a long time—allowing them to save on costs too! You no longer have to sacrifice style for function; Bellemave has the perfect solution!

So don’t wait any longer—say goodbye to boring and dull bedrooms and add some taste of character with the Bellemave DIY Montessori bed!

What You Should Know

Dimension size:75.4"L x 42"W x 58.8"H and comes with numbered parts in the instructions making it easy to put together. The twin mattress is not included.


Easy to assemble the full-size floor bed design

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Why We Give It Swag

If you're looking to decorate your kid's room in a way that will stay with them into adulthood, look no further than the AOCOROE DIY Montessori bed! This full bed frame comes complete with a playhouse design allowing you to decorate the bars with pictures, string lights, and photos (not included) for fun and charm.

Plus, the low profile is perfect for transitioning your little one from their crib bed to this house platform bed. It's easy to assemble and is available in white, espresso, and grey colors making it suitable for both boys and girls alike. So give your child a bedroom adventure with an AOCOROE DIY Montessori bed today!

What You Should Know

Dimension size is 80.7"L x 56.3"W x 53.9"H and it comes with a 365 return or replacement warranty.


Full-size bed house-shaped frame.

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Why We Give It Swag

Looking for the perfect bed to give your little one a sense of independence while also making sure they have a safe and sound sleep? Look no further than the MERITLINE DIY Montessori Bed!

This house frame bed is designed with full-around bed rails and a low-profile design to keep your child safe. Plus, it can be decorated by you in whatever way you like - ribbons, lanterns, or even tents! Let your imagination take over and create the cutest dream house for your kiddo today!

What You Should Know

Dimensions are 78"x 56.4"x 68.8"(L x W x H). Box Spring is needed and slats too.

Wood screws are included.

5. Bellemave

Full House Beds with Trundle

Check Price On Amazon

Why We Give It Swag

Are you looking for the ultimate sleep solution to make your kid's bedroom a dream? Look no further than Bellemave's DIY Montessori bed! This trendy full-size house bed frame with an adorable pitched roof and wall section windows is sure to bring charm and character to your little one's room.

Not just that, but it also saves tons of space when you pull out the twin trundle bed underneath - perfect for accommodating guests or housing multiple kids! Crafted from 100% quality tested solid wood, this full-size house daybed will provide exceptional durability and stability for many years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Let your kiddos have some fun and help them turn their bedroom into a fantastic piece of paradise with 'Bellemave's DIY Montessori Bed'. Get yours today!

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What You Should Know

Dimensions size are 77.6"L x 56.3"W x 81.7"H. You will get two packages and numbered parts for easy assembly.

6. Harper & Bright Designs

Toddler Floor Bed

Check Price On Amazon

Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the Harper & Bright Designs DIY Montessori bed - the perfect floor bed for your kid's adventure-filled dreams to come true! This rustic design features a house-shaped frame that provides your little one with a semi-enclosed space for them to unleash their imaginations.

Plus, its sturdy construction ensures both safety and a better sleep environment for your kids. To make it even better, you can deck out this space however you'd like - from special artwork to decorations galore! So what are you waiting for? Let your kids' dreams soar high with this DIY Montessori bed!

What You Should Know

Dimensions are 77.6"L x 41.7"W x 59.1"H and are easy to assemble.

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Swagscale Advice For You

You may now be wondering whether DIY Montessori beds are worth the time, effort, and money you'll have to put into them. The answer? Absolutely! These six amazing bed options will make a huge impact on your kids' lives!

Not only are they incredibly functional, but they also look stylish and can blend perfectly into any room in your house. All of these beds boast both style and convenience for a few reasons -- what more could a parent ask for?

So don't wait up; click one of the 6 products above and go buy one of these DIY Montessori beds for your little tykes today! Soon enough, you'll be witness to all the creative use that comes with these chic sleeping quarters.

Plus, you'll never know what other hands-on home improvement project might come along after you begin assembling one of these magnificent DIY Montessori beds from scratch!

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Montessori Bed FAQs

Are you looking for a way to make bedtime fun for your little ones? Introducing the Montessori Floor Bed – the perfect choice for parents who want to encourage creativity and imagination in bedtime routine for their children. Discover why Montessori Floor Beds are becoming popular, how they can help your child learn, and find out what options you have when it comes to purchasing one.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section will tell you all you need to know about these amazing beds – providing total and complete confidence as a parent!

What age is appropriate for a Montessori bed?

A Montessori bed is a bed designed for children to promote independence and self-sufficiency. While there is no strict age requirement for a Montessori bed, they are typically recommended for toddlers and young children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old.

The Montessori approach emphasizes child-led learning and encourages children to take an active role in their own development, which is why the bed is designed to be low to the ground to help children get in and out of bed independently.

Additionally, Montessori beds are often designed with safety features such as bed rails to provide a secure sleeping environment for younger children. Ultimately, the age at which a child is ready for a Montessori bed depends on their individual development and comfort level, as well as the preferences and priorities of their parents.

What size should a Montessori floor bed be?

When it comes to choosing the size for a Montessori floor bed for kids, there are several factors to consider. First, the age and height of the child are important, as well as the available space in the bedroom. Montessori floor beds usually come in twin or toddler sizes, although some manufacturers may offer other custom sizes.

Generally, a twin size is appropriate for older kids who need more room to sleep and play, while a full toddler bed size is suitable for younger children who are just transitioning from a crib mattress to a bed. Additionally, it's recommended to choose a height that is low enough for the child to climb in and out of the bed independently, but high enough to prevent them from accidentally rolling off during sleep.

Ultimately, the size of a Montessori floor bed should be chosen based on the child's individual needs and preferences, as well as the family's budget and available space.

Why are Montessori beds on the floor?

Montessori beds are on the floor because they promote independence and freedom of movement for children. By being low to the ground, children can easily climb in and out of bed without assistance, empowering them to take control of their own sleeping needs.

In addition, Montessori philosophy emphasizes a minimal and naturalistic approach to child-rearing, and having a bed on the floor creates a more organic sleeping environment for kids. Finally, low-lying Montessori beds are also safer, reducing the likelihood of injury in case of falls or accidents.

Overall, Montessori beds on the floor are a practical and healthy choice that fits well with the values and priorities of modern parents.

How thick should a Montessori floor bed be?

Parents looking to buy a floor bed for their kids might wonder how thick a Montessori floor bed should be. The answer relies on the child's age and weight. For infants, a thicker bed with a mattress and firm base is recommended to provide the necessary support for their developing spines.

For toddlers and preschoolers, a thinner, more flexible bed could work better to help foster independence and mobility. Furthermore, it's worth considering the bed's materials and construction quality to ensure longevity and safety.

Ultimately, it's important to choose a bed that fits the child's needs and preferences while also adhering to Montessori principles.