Looking for the perfect lighting solution for your golf cart?

Look no further. We found a wide selection of light kits, brake lights, LED lighting, and more explicitly designed to fit Club Car DS, Yamaha Golf Cart, and other models. This essential light kit is the perfect way to get started with beautiful illumination on your vehicle!

These premium-quality products will give you improved visibility in any environment and add some character and pizazz to your ride!

Get creative with different colors or find the exact match for manufacturer-specific colors. Check out all of our great options now - go ahead and shine bright!

How We Choose

Driving your golf cart in the dark is not just challenging, it’s downright dangerous. You want to be able to see where you’re going and be seen, but without a set of lights, you won’t get far.

With conventional golf cart lights, you end up either spending too much for something outdated and inefficient or you settle for something cheap that doesn't last very long. It's always a gamble.

Get the best of both worlds with golf cart lights! These lights are designed to be affordable, stylish, and sturdy, and offer superior night visibility. And the best part? You can set them up in minutes! Enjoy peace-of-mind lighting while enjoying your time on the course!


LED 4-Seater Golf Cart

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Why We Give It Swag

LEDGlow's 12pc Million Color SMD LED Golf Cart Underbody Kit is here to revolutionize your golf cart lighting with vibrant and engaging colors! With this kit, you can create an under glow that will turn heads on the course while you cruise around in style.

The kit includes two 28" tubes, two 18" tubes, four 12" wheel well tubes, and four 8" interior tubes all equipped with a total of 180 premium SMD LEDs to really light up your golf cart.

Each tube-led light kit has color-changing capabilities controlled by the 12-Volt powered control box which features 10 solid colors, 3 strobe modes, 3 fade modes, 2 flash modes, color cycle modes, gradient mode, and demo mode - giving you plenty of options for a stunning display.

Plus, each tube is both flexible and water-resistant so it won't get damaged in wet or rainy conditions! Put some fun in your game with LEDGlow's amazing golf cart under glow kits. Upgrade today!


Multi-Color Underbody Lights Waterproof

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Why We Give It Swag

Get your golf cart glowing with the ROLiGHTiC Multi-Color Underbody Lights Waterproof! With this all-in-one golf cart light kit, no other accessories are required so you won’t be caught stranded when it comes to lighting up your ride.

With added waterproof properties, you’re never too far from being able to dress up your cart in festive colors that will turn heads at any holiday party or celebration. From Valentine’s Day to New Year's, with a million color combinations and included voltage reducer, your wheels are sure to shine for every occasion.

So why drive around with dull lights? Spice it up with ROLiGHTiC and make a statement of street fashion whenever you cruise!


Bluetooth Controlled App

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Why We Give It Swag

Say goodbye to generic golf cart-led lighting and hello to OPT7's Aura Pro Golf Cart Underglow Bluetooth APP Led Lighting Kit! With this kit, you'll get access to the proprietary app created and designed by OPT7.

This kit accessory is compatible with any electric or gas-powered golf cart with a 12-volt system, making it suitable for all kinds of vehicles. Installation is easy and comes with a new smart brake feature; an added AUX wire ensures lights will go red when brakes are triggered, plus there's sound sync mode for your music enthusiasts out there!

Constructed from IP67 waterproof, dust-proof material, Aura Pro will keep your golf cart tail lights shining brightly for years to come. Step up your game with the Aura Pro Golf Cart Underglow Bluetooth APP Led Lighting Kit from OPT7 – providing you with professional quality lighting that is truly unique and everlasting.


Light Strip Kit with Canopy Lights

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Why We Give It Swag

Are you ready to stand out and make your golf cart look like it just rolled off the runway? Our 10L0L Light Strip Kit with Canopy Lights is the perfect choice!

Its universal neon under glow LEDs offer an atmosphere decoration light perfect for dressing up your golf carts at any time of year – be it a Halloween parade or Christmas day.

In addition, this glorious canopy light boasts 24 modes including seven solid colors, seven color fades, six colorful fade/flow, and three colorful cyclic (flash/chase/strobe). But that’s not all – there’s also a music-syncing feature for those extra special occasions!

With four buttons on its wireless remote control, you can switch easily between these modes: on/off, music, and color mode. Your purchase includes two 45.8 poles that make installation a breeze!

The possibilities are endless with this professional-looking light kit – so what are you waiting for? Get your 10L0L Light Strip Kit now and make your cart stand out in style!


RGB LED Strip Light Kit

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Why We Give It Swag

Are you looking to add some serious ambiance and fun to your golf cart? Look no further than the all-new DITRIO RGB LED Strip Light Kit!

This top-of-the-line front headlight kit is the perfect addition to any golf cart, and here’s why: with its quality and reliability, maximum brightness thanks to its LEDs with gold bonding wires, and bigger capacities for brighter carts – you won’t find a better strip light solution on the market.

So don’t wait any longer - get the DITRIO RGB LED Strip Light Kit today, and make sure your golf cart stands out from the crowd!


Led Light Bar

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Why We Give It Swag

Step into the lower and give your golf cart a little extra light with the Nilight 126W Combo LED Light Bar. Perfect for those nighttime drives, this light bar is designed to provide a high-intensity 3W LED chip, giving you a crystal clear view from far away.

With its combination of spot and flood beam, you'll be sure to get the perfect level of coverage that ensures safety for your trips. Additionally installed, the adjustable mounting bracket allows you to easily aim in any direction you choose so you can adjust whatever course comes your way!

We also make sure all our wires are made with superior quality material, so you know they're built to last throughout all your evening rides. With everything included (1pc 126w combo LED light bar, 2pcs 18w spot LED light bars) this is the perfect choice for those who want maximum lighting power without compromising quality or price. Who said nighttime carting had to be tricky? Let us show you how easy it can be with Nilight's latest LED Lightbar!


Golf Cart Yamaha LED lights Kit

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Why We Give It Swag

Looking for other light kits or a way to upgrade Yamaha golf carts at an affordable price without compromising on value and quality? Let us introduce you to the Dr.Access Golf Cart Yamaha LED lights Kit!

Our kit features all you need for an effective golf cart lighting upgrade - two LED headlights, two LED taillights, and our “plug & play” wiring harness, along with cutting templates, a screw washer set, and easy installation instructions.

Plus, no voltage reducer is needed if your golf car is 12V — if not, we recommend you use one. We know that lights are essential in helping make sure your golfing experience is pleasant and enjoyable, so we made sure to include only the best quality materials for durability and energy savings.

Our basic light kit is also super easy to install – even for beginners! So don’t wait any longer – order this awesome light kit today and hit the fairway in full confidence!

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Converter Voltage Reducer

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing HOMELYLIFE Voltage Converter – a reliable, durable, and waterproof power transformer designed especially for the golf cart enthusiast. Equipped with Synchronous Rectification Technology, our voltage converter features a maximum efficiency of up to 95%.

It has an input voltage of 40V to 60V and an output of 12V 10A 120W. In addition, it’s equipped with Over-current /Over-load /Low-load /Short-circuit and Over-heat intelligent protection. Its compact aluminum body shell is 100% waterproof with anti-dust, anti-shock protection, and superior heat dissipation capabilities.

This product can even work safely in temperatures ranging from -40°C~80°C! Don’t waste your money on other converters; HOMELYLIFE Voltage Converter is the perfect choice for powering your golf cart lights at a superior level! Get yours today!

Lights For Golf Cart FAQs

Are you struggling to find the perfect lighting to make your next golf cart safer, stylish, and more enjoyable? Do you have concerns about the quality and effectiveness of electric golf carts and cart lights, leaving you feeling unsure about what to purchase? We understand your dilemma and want to help.

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding golf cart lights to address your concerns. By answering your questions and providing you with the information you need, we hope to empower you to make the best decision for your needs.

Can you add lights to a golf cart?

Yes, you can add lights to a golf cart! Installing lights not only improves visibility and safety but also adds a stylish touch to your golf cart. Plus, it allows you to continue playing golf well into the twilight hours. So, brighten up your ride and hit the links in style!

How much does it cost to add lights to a golf cart?

Adding lights to a golf cart can cost anywhere from $50 for basic LED lights to $300 for high-quality headlights. However, keep in mind that the price can vary depending on the type of lights, installation fees, and any additional features you may want.

So, whether you need to light up your cart for a late-night round of golf or just want to make a stylish statement, it's best to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase. Happy cart lighting!

How do you put lights on a 48-volt golf cart?

To put lights on a 48-volt golf cart, you'll need to first make sure that the lights you choose are compatible with the voltage of your golf carts led lights. Then, you'll need to mount the lights onto the cart securely and connect them to the power source.

It's always a good idea to consult the owner's manual or a professional to ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely. And remember, a well-lit golf cart not only looks good but also keeps you safe on those early morning or late night rounds. Happy golfing!

How do you wire lights on an electric golf cart?

To wire lights on an electric golf cart, you'll need to first identify the positive and negative wires on the battery. Next, install a switch to control the lights and connect the positive wire from the lights to the switch.

Then, connect the negative wire from the lights to the negative battery terminal. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use proper connectors to ensure safety and efficiency. Happy wiring and happy golfing!

Is a gas harness adapter necessary for golf carts?

Gas harness adapters are not necessary for golf carts that run on electric power. However, for those golf carts that run on gas, a harness adapter may be necessary to ensure the proper and safe installation of auxiliary lighting.

It is always best to consult with a professional before making any modifications to your golf cart. And remember, safety first - you don't want your golf game to go up in flames!

Is golf cart led lights street-legal?

Yes, golf cart lights can be made street-legal if they meet certain requirements such as brightness, color, and positioning. It is important to check local regulations and consult with a professional installer to ensure compliance and safety. Putting tail lights and brake lights makes your golf cart street-legal Plus, it never hurts to have some stylish lights for those nighttime rounds!

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Swagscale Advice For You

Wrapping this article up, golf cart lights are essential for all those night-time rounds. Not only does it make spotting the ball easier, but it also increases your safety significantly.

With great features like waterproof designs and ultra-bright bulbs, you can’t go wrong with these golf cart lights. So click above and buy one of these amazing products on Amazon – you deserve to take your own golf cart-led light-up game to the next level with quality golf cart lights!

Knowledge is power and thanks to our blog post you stay abreast of the latest innovations in this field. Knowing which product works best for your requirements helps you save both time and money — so don’t get left in the dark and grab one of these golf cart light kits this season! Let’s start now: click above and buy one of these awesome golf cart lights on Amazon!

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