Pickleball is a sport that has taken the world by storm, combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, to provide an exciting and fast-paced game.

While the focus of pickleball players is generally on the net play and rallies, the importance of a good drop serve cannot be ignored, as it can often be the deciding factor in a game. In this article, we aim to take you through the steps that could help you ace your pickleball serve, the backbone of the game.

Table Of Contents:
  1. Grip your Paddle properly
  2. Develop Your Stance
  3. Learn to Toss Efficiently
  4. Practice Service Drills
  5. Mix Up Your Service Shots
  6. SwagScale Advice
  7. Video To Serve
  8. FAQs


Grip your Paddle properly

The serve in pickleball begins with a proper grip on your paddle. A common misconception is that you must hold the paddle tightly to get the ball over the net. On the contrary, a loose grip allows for greater control and ease of hitting the ball.

The most popular grip to use is the Continental grip where the paddle handle is positioned in the palm of your hand, with your fingers wrapped around the handle. This grip gives you the best control over the direction and movement of the ball.

Develop Your Stance

A good stance is the foundation of a great serve. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and stand parallel to the baseline, facing the net. If you are a righty, your left foot should be a little in front of your right, and vice versa for left-handers.

This posture allows you to have a unified body momentum when hitting the ball. Your body should be in a slightly crouched position to generate the power required to get the ball over the net.

Learn to Toss Efficiently

The toss is a critical component of a good serve for the serving team. Only one serve attempt is allowed so you have to have your toss be correct. Your toss should be high enough to give you time to get in position to hit the ball. The toss should be consistent, and many times at the same height, to maintain accuracy. It is often recommended that your wrist should break early in the motion of your throw and release the ball from your palm at peak extension. This generates the optimal amount of power and accuracy towards your intended target.

Practice Service Drills

Drop serves drills are an excellent way to improve your technique and master your pickleball serves. Try bouncing the ball on the paddle to develop consistency and accuracy, or practice hitting the ball against the wall to improve the ball’s speed and trajectory. Focus on the different elements of the serve like grip, stance, toss, and contact, paying attention to the corrections of your mistakes.

Mix Up Your Service Shots

A good player mixes their serve techniques to keep the opponent guessing. Experiment with different angles and heights of your serve, spin, and pace to give your opponent different looks. For instance, a lob serve can be quite effective, as it gives you time to get into the right position and move forward.

SwagScale Advice:

The pickleball serve is a crucial part of the game and takes practice to perfect. The Continental grip, proper stance, good toss, drill practice, and mixing up serves are techniques that can help you achieve a more confident and consistent serve.

It’s important to remember to take a few deep breaths before stepping up to the baseline to reduce nervousness and stay focused. With enough dedication and consistency, you’ll be able to improve your serve and have greater control over your play. So go ahead, practice, and ace it!

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What is the best serve technique for a beginner?

The most common pickleball serves for a beginner is the underhand serve. It is easier to execute and still effective.

How can I add spin to my serve?

To add topspin to your traditional pickleball volley serve, brush the top of the ball while making contact with your paddle. For a slice serve, slice the side of the ball while releasing your paddle over the ball.

What is an illegal serve in pickleball?

Pickleball serving rules state that an illegal serve in pickleball is one that violates the serving rules of the game, such as failing to strike the ball below the waist, serving from the wrong side of the court (diagonally opposite service court), not having at least one foot behind the line or not allowing the ball to bounce before serving.

Additionally, some players attempt to deceive their opponents by performing pickleball serving motion which is a fake serve, or hiding the ball before serving, both of which are considered illegal tactics. Remember, if you want to ace the serve, follow the rules, and don't play dirty – unless, of course, you enjoy getting served a penalty!

How do I improve my pickleball serve?

To improve your pickleball serve, start by perfecting your grip. You want a firm but relaxed grip on the paddle. Secondly, focus on your stance and footwork. You should be positioned at an angle to the net and step into the ball for more power. Finally, practice, practice, practice! And don't forget to have fun. After all, pickleball is just a big dill!

Can you bounce the ball before a pickleball serve?

Yes. According to the official rules of pickleball, to be a legal pickleball serve the server must hit the ball after it bounces in the service area and before it touches the ground again. Therefore, it is perfectly legal to bounce the ball before serving as long as the ball lands in the proper location.

However, it is important to note that the server cannot catch the ball or hit it after it bounces twice. So go ahead and bounce that ball with finesse before serving, just don't get too carried away with the bounces or you may risk losing the point.

Can you put spin on pickleball serve?

Yes, you can definitely put pickleball drop serve spin on your serve. Whether it's topspin, backspin, or sidespin, adding spin to your serve can make it more challenging for your opponent to return. In fact, many professional pickleball players incorporate spin into their serves as a way to gain an advantage. So go ahead and give it a spin! Just be careful not to spin out of control.

Can you do a sidearm serve in pickleball?

Yes, you can do a sidearm serve in pickleball. In fact, it's a commonly used serve technique that allows for greater power and spin on the ball. However, to serve deep it may take some practice to master the proper technique and avoid faults. So, give it a shot and impress your opponents with your smooth sidearm serve!

Can you hit the kitchen line on a serve in pickleball?

No, the serve in pickleball must land beyond the non-volley zone or "kitchen" line in order to be considered legal. Hitting the kitchen line or center line on a serve results in a fault and a point for the receiving team. So, it's better to leave your serving skills in the kitchen and focus on landing the ball in the correct area. Remember, the kitchen is for cooking up strategies, not for serving faults.

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