Looking for the best pickleball shoes on the market?

Look no further--we have the perfect court shoe for pickleball for you! These men's pickleball shoes are designed to maximize your performance on-court while providing maximum comfort.

With extra cushioning, lightweight support, and breathable material, they're made to help you stay comfortable during those long hours of playing. Plus, these stylish shoes come in a variety of colors to make sure you look great too!

You'll go from being just another player to the star of the court with these superior designs and cutting-edge technology. No more worrying about blisters or sore feet after big games - now you can focus solely on winning! And when it comes time for some much-deserved R&R, sit back and know that your feet will thank you.

Get ready to take your game up a notch - go down and check out our selection of the 8 best pickleball shoes for men!

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How We Choose The Best Pickleball Shoes

Men who love pickleball have a hard time finding the right shoes for the game. They want something that offers stability, comfort, and enough traction to keep them on their feet.

Traditional sneakers or basketball shoes don't offer enough support, leaving many men feeling unsteady and frustrated. It can be disheartening to finally get a game going just to be knocked out due to a lack of suitable footwear.

With these 8 best outdoor pickleball shoes for Men, you'll get the stability and comfort you need without sacrificing style or performance! These top pickleball shoes will help you stay on top of your game with maximum traction and support so you can play your best!

Key Takeaways
  • The right shoe can make a big difference in your pickleball game.
  • Look for shoes with good traction, support, and cushioning.
  • Comfort is key - make sure to try on shoes and walk around in them before making a purchase.
  • Investing in a quality pair of shoes can help prevent injuries and improve your overall performance on the court.
  • Don't forget to consider durability and breathability when selecting pickleball shoes.
  • It's important to choose shoes specifically designed for court sports, rather than general athletic shoes, for optimal performance.
  • Don't overlook the importance of proper socks as well - look for moisture-wicking options to keep your feet dry and comfortable during play.
  • Below are the 8 best Pickleball shoes for Men.

1. LUPWEE Pickleball Shoes

Indoor/Outdoor Unisex Shoe/ 4 different colors

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing the LUPWEE Pickleball Shoes—the perfect pick for any serious pickleball player! Our durable shoe is designed with high-performance athletes in mind, ensuring your races and spikes have more support, stability, and anti-rollover protection than ever before.

The ultra-light natural rubber soles maximize traction and keep you light on your feet, while our special design of anti-torsion TPU rubber gives extra support while running and jumping around the court. Plus, our unique breathable microfiber synthetic leather upper offers excellent breathability to help keep you cool as your intensity level increases.

Whether it's a competitive tournament or a friendly game with your buddies, the LUPWEE Pickleball Shoes will make sure you stay comfortable and ready to play.

With their stylish yet supportive design and innovative dampening technology, these shoes are sure to become your go-to indoor pickleball, for all of your pickleball escapades!


Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoes/ 5 different colors

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Tired of having to replace your pickleball shoes every few months? Look no further than ASICS Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoes. Artfully crafted with synthetic leather overlays and solution dye sockliners, these shoes are designed for maximum durability with minimal environmental impact.

Plus, TRUSSTIC technology improves stability for a smoother and more balanced playing experience, while flex grooves in the outsole provide an extra layer of flexibility when you need it most.

Whether you're training for the big game or just enjoying a casual match, rest assured that ASICS Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoes have you covered. So try them today and experience ultimate performance – and peace of mind.

3. K-Swiss

Express Light Pickleball Shoe/ 2 different colors

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Step up your game with K-Swiss Men's Express Light Pickleball shoes! Nothing says performance like K-Swiss. Built for the court, these shoes have it all: superior cushioning for maximum comfort, an Ortholite sock liner to keep your feet cool and dry, and heel grip lining that ensures a snug fit.

Plus, the special K-EVA formula provides superior durability and support. The 182 PSC Plantar design is also here to ensure reliable mid-foot stability so you can stay on your toes for longer. Get ready for higher levels of performance - pick up a pair of K-Swiss Men's Express Light Pickleball shoes today!

4. Wilson Pro Ace

One color choice

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Introducing the Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoes– the perfect combination of style and substance. Showcasing a lightweight and breathable upper with a synthetic sole, these shoes offer ultimate comfort and support, making them ideal for tennis or pickleball.

The removable insole provides an added layer of cushioning for day-long comfort, while also helping to reduce moisture so your feet don't overheat during intense activities.


With its stylish design, these are sure to be on trend whether you're on the court or in practice. Best of all, the Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoes are designed specifically for men – ensuring the best performance possible!


Stylish Unisex Shoes/ 2 color choices

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Introducing the ACACIA Unisex-Adult Pickleball Shoes - specifically designed to suit your pickleball game like never before! With features that provide superior comfort and support, you’ll be able to perform your best on every court.

The upper is made from flyknit ballistic nylon for both breathability and support in all the right places. The silica gel insoles have shock absorption plus an airflow design to keep you feeling fresh throughout your match. Meanwhile, the water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam midsole ensures elevation and structure – exactly what you need when playing!

Additionally, the non-marking anti-wear rubber outsole with elevated heels provides control, leverage, and balance for those short games or intense rallies. Plus, they come in a gender-neutral, wide fitting that suits all sizes and styles - whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced player!

So don’t wait to get your hands on the ACACIA Unisex-Adult Pickleball Shoes. Supportive, comfortable, and durable – these shoes will be sure to take your game up a notch!

6. Skechers

Viper Court with Arch Support/ 7 color choices

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Introducing Skechers Pickleball Shoes for Men. Featuring a durable rubber sole, these shoes make it easy to stay on your feet and move with confidence on the court.

The Goodyear rubber outsole gives unbeatable traction for indoor and even outdoor court play, while the adjustable lace-up front ensures a comfortable fit. Plus, with Skechers' Arch Fit Insole Cushion providing podiatrist-certified arch support, you can be sure of superior comfort when playing pickleball.

The breathable athletic mesh upper also helps keep your feet cool during back-to-back matches. Whether you're just starting out on the court or an experienced player, Skechers Pickleball Shoes are essential gear! With both medium and extra wide fit options available, get ready to take your performance to the next level.

7. FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes

Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis/ 4 color choices

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Are you looking for the perfect pickleball shoes that are made for wide feet? Look no further than FitVille's Wide Pickleball Shoes, designed to give you ultimate support and comfort as you go about your day.

Our stylish sneakers feature mesh and super soft microfiber uppers that will keep your feet clean and cool while the honeycomb insole and Ortholite foam provide superior shock absorption and cushioning with every step.

Plus, the rubber soles offer extra grip and traction, so no matter what terrain you tackle, these shoes will be there to help. So if you want something more than just the basic everyday sports or dedicated pickleball shoe, try out FitVille's Wide Pickleball Shoes! They're comfortable, reliable, and perfect for any man who needs a good pickleball shoe for their wider feet.

8. Fila

Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes Men/ One color choice

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Are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level? Fila Men's Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes provide all the cushioning, ankle support, and stability that every pickleball player needs.

The non-marking, one-piece outsole is perfect for courts. It also has a forefoot circle pivot area optimized for the unique demands of pickleball. With an upper made of breathable mesh and perforated vamp, these shoes offer maximum comfort and ventilation.

Plus, synthetic material wraps around the toe and medial forefoot for greater protection. An extra bit of padding is added around the ankle too, so you know you'll have optimal comfort no matter where your game takes you.

Get your pair of Fila Men's Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes today and experience an improved pickleball performance!

Pros & Cons of Pickleball Shoes

Pros & Cons
pros & cons

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Pickleball Shoes FAQs

What kind of shoes should I wear to play pickleball?

Pickleball is a fast-paced game that involves sudden changes in direction and quick movements. Therefore, it's important to wear shoes that provide ample support, stability, and cushioning.

Look for shoes with non-slip soles and good traction, as this will help prevent slipping and sliding on the court. Additionally, shoes with breathable materials are essential to keep your feet cool and comfortable during play.

Select shoes specifically designed for pickleball or opt for cross-training shoes that offer similar features. Don't forget to try on a few pairs and walk around the court to ensure a perfect fit before making your purchase. Investing in a good pair of pickleball shoes can improve your game and lower the risk of injuries. Happy shopping!

Is there a difference between tennis shoes and pickleball shoes?

Yes, there is a difference between tennis shoes and pickleball shoes. A tennis shoe typically has a flatter sole and is designed for quick lateral movements on hard surfaces like a tennis court.

Pickleball shoes, on the other hand, have a more grippy soles than other shoes and are designed for the stop-and-go movements required in pickleball.

Additionally, on pickleball courts, shoes often have reinforcement on the toe and side of the shoe to protect against scuffing on the court. It's important to wear the appropriate shoes for the sport you are playing to prevent injury and improve performance.

So, if you're looking to get serious about pickleball, invest in a pair of pickleball-specific shoes for the best experience on the court.

Do basketball shoes make good pickleball shoes?

When it comes to choosing shoes for pickleball, basketball shoes may not always be the best option. While both sports require similar types of movement, pickleball involves more lateral movement on the court.

Basketball shoes are designed for forward and backward motion, but they lack the necessary lateral support and traction for the frequent side-to-side movements required in pickleball.

Pickleball shoes, on the other hand, are specially designed to provide the necessary support and traction for the quick changes in direction and lateral movements required in the sport. They are typically lighter and more flexible than basketball shoes, allowing players to move quickly and easily across the court.

Therefore, while you could wear basketball shoes for a game of pickleball, it's not recommended. Investing in a proper pair of pickleball shoes designed specifically for the sport will not only improve your performance but also help prevent injuries on the court.

What pickleball shoes does Anna Leigh Waters wear?

Anna Leigh Waters, a professional pickleball player, is sponsored by ASICS and wears the ASICS GEL-Rocket 9 shoes for her matches. These shoes provide stability, traction, and comfort on the court, making them an excellent choice for pickleball players of all levels.

Additionally, Waters has stated that she appreciates the lightweight feel of these shoes, which allows her to move quickly and feel confident in her footing. If you are looking for a reliable and high-performing pickleball shoe, the ASICS GEL-Rocket 9 is definitely a great option to consider.

What type of shoes do you wear for pickleball?

When it comes to pickleball shoes, it's important to choose a type that provides both comfort and support. Many players opt for court shoes, which feature non-marking soles and sturdy construction that can handle sudden stops and starts.

Some also prefer shoes with a wider toe box for added comfort or ones with specialized features like gel cushioning or built-in arch support.

Ultimately, the best shoes for pickleball will depend on your individual playing style and needs. So before you hit the court, take some time to research and try out different options to find the perfect pair.

Are court shoes good for pickleball?

Pickleball court shoes are specifically designed for the game, offering support, stability, and comfort on the court. They feature gum rubber soles that are non-marking and offer excellent traction on various court surfaces.

In contrast, regular court shoes may not be suitable for pickleball, as they may lack the necessary features and may damage the court surface. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in the proper footwear and pickleball shoes for a more enjoyable and safe playing experience.

Are pickleball shoes just tennis shoes?

Pickleball shoes are actually not just tennis shoes. While they may look similar in appearance, pickleball shoes are specifically designed to provide stability, support, and cushioning for the unique movements and demands of the pickleball game.

They feature a non-marking sole to prevent damage to indoor and outdoor courts and often have a wider toe box for added comfort during lateral movements.

Additionally, some pickleball shoes have special features such as reinforced toe caps and breathable materials. Investing in a proper pair of pickleball shoes can improve your performance on the court and prevent injuries.

What is the difference between people who wear running shoes, and pickleball shoes?

When comparing people wearing running shoes to pickleball shoes, there are a variety of differences to take into consideration. First and foremost, pickleball shoes are designed for use during the sport of pickleball, which requires quick lateral movements, sudden stops, and bursts of speed. As a result, pickleball shoes have a more sturdy and supportive sole to offer better traction and grip on the court.

On the other hand, running or walking shoes are designed for everyday use and focus primarily on providing comfort and support to the foot and ankle while walking.

They are generally more flexible, lightweight and have a soft, cushioned sole to absorb impact and offer a comfortable walking experience.

Furthermore, pickleball shoes are designed with specific features to enhance the player's performance such as durability, breathability, and padding for extra stability, while walking shoes are more focused on comfort, breathability, and style.

Overall, while there may be some crossover between the two types of running shoes, they serve distinct purposes and should be used accordingly. For optimal performance and comfort, it is recommended to use the appropriate shoes for each activity.

Are volleyball shoes good for pickleball?

A Volleyball shoe may not be the best option for pickleball. Volleyball shoes are designed for lateral movements and jumping, whereas pickleball shoes are designed for quick stops, starts, and changes in direction.

Additionally, pickleball shoes usually have more grip on the court surface compared to volleyball shoes. Therefore, it is recommended that pickleball players wear shoes specifically designed for the sport, to enhance their performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

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SwagScale Advice For You

In conclusion, completing your pickleball experience requires a great pair of shoes. Whether you’re looking for comfort, stability, or agility; finding the right pair of pickleball shoes is just as important as selecting a paddle. Our choice for the best pickleball shoe out of these 8 would be ASICS.

Hopefully, this blog post gave you an idea of the 8 best pickleball shoes for men – each with its own unique features and benefits. Remember, if you’re looking for one of the top pickleball shoe brands – click above!

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