What if you could golf on the water without losing your golf ball?

Floating Golf Balls are the perfect way to practice your swing and bring a new level of fun to your favorite game. Not only do they float in any body of water, but they stay afloat longer than regular golf balls – so you never have to worry about losing them again!

Plus, all these floating golf balls don't come from the top brands such as Callaway, Titleist, and Taylormade so you can be sure you’re getting quality at an affordable price.

Imagine practicing on a pond and being able to hit the golf ball without having to worry about losing all those expensive regular golf balls. With Floating Golf Balls, now it's possible – plus more fun! You'll get better shots while also enjoying some friendly competition with lots of laughs along the way.

Check out the collection of 5 Floating Golf Balls today and see what sets these unique golf balls apart from just regular old ones! Trust us – it will be worth it when you're sinking those sweet shots right over the lake or pool!

Key Takeaways:

  • Floating Golf Balls are the perfect way to practice your swing and bring a new level of fun to your favorite game.
  • You can use these in pools, lakes, or ponds to practice with.
  • You can use these on the golf course when hitting over water if you like.
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How We Choose

Golfers lose a lot of golf balls. It's just a part of the game.

Losing golf balls can get expensive, and fast. Not to mention, it's really frustrating when you lose one in the water.

Our team has done all the research for you and found the 5 best-floating golf balls on Amazon. These golf balls will help you avoid losing your ball in the water and save you money in the process.

1. Snugen

Practice Floating Golf Ball

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing Snugen floating golf balls – the hottest new way to practice your golf game! Enjoy the convenience of playing everywhere from the pool to a lake with these two-piece constructed floating balls.

The 326 dimple pattern and 90 compressions give you a consistent performance that real golfers will appreciate. Each 12-ball pack comes in bright and playful colors, so you can look stylish while playing your best round yet!

Forget lugging around heavy clubs and bags; Snugen is lightweight and transportable, giving you the flexibility to play wherever – and whenever – you want.

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Leave those extra clubs at home, it’s time to hit up your local body of water for a seriously fun twist on golfing. Great for both big hitters, and more leisurely players who just want an easy game after work - don't miss out, get Snugen today!

What You Should Know

You get 12 golf balls per pack.

2. Jinwei

Orange floating golf balls

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing Jinwei floating golf balls! With their unique two-piece construction, 392 dimples, and a funky 85-90 compression, these balls are fun for everyone. And you can take them wherever you go—with their mesh bag and lightweight material, they make the perfect companion for any adventure.

Cheer on your favorite golfer with Jinwei floats! They’re made from injected molded Surlyn covers and have an incredible elastic force of over 75%. Plus, their diameter of 4.26cm will surely delight every golfer.

Why settle for anything less than the best? With Jinwei floating golf balls, we guarantee customers a high-performance design that will float right to the top of any water body. So get ready to splash around and play at Jinwei—the ultimate source of floating golf ball entertainment!

What You Should Know

10 golf balls with a mesh bag.

3. A99Golf

For those looking for a lot of floating golf balls to purchase them in bulk

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Why We Give It Swag

Who said a golf ball can’t be 8x more fun? With the A99Golf, you can now play with golf balls that won't sink! This 2-piece construction and 432 dimple design give you maximum velocity and a consistently long drive.

And 90 compression Surlyn cover lets your ball take off on contact like never before. Oh, and did we mention each pack comes with 96 pcs of fun?!

Put an end to your boring game of golf and make it a wild ride with A99Golf! Get ready to have some real excitement on the green because these golf balls are ready to party!

Stop worrying about losing your precious golf balls in ponds or riverbeds - that’s not an issue anymore. Who wouldn’t want to laugh and have some laughs while out-hitting the links?

Stop worrying about hazards on the golf course, float away with A99Golf today!

What You Should Know

96 golf balls per pack.

4. Aolowewin

6 or 10 floating golf balls

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Why We Give It Swag

Introducing Aolowewin's 6x Floating Golf Balls—where golf meets pool! Now you can take your golfing game to the next level with golf balls designed for aquatic play. These durable golf balls last 1000 hits, so you don’t have to worry about replacements anytime soon.

If you’ve got a pond or lake nearby and you're dreaming of teeing off over a lily pad-covered water hazard, then our floating golf balls are perfect for you. They’re the same kind of ball that is used in driving ranges and they travel nearly the same distance as normal golf balls. With 392 dimples for extra range, these bad boys are sure to fly across the greens (er…blues?) like no other.

Experience an exciting twist on regular golfing with Aolowewins' 6x Floating Golf Balls. Not only do they look cool while they cruise over water but they also feel just like your classic grooved golf ball when hitting them off the club. So make a splash on your next three-putt, and get ready to hit ‘em high and dry with Aolowewin's Floating Golf Balls!

What You Should Know

You can buy 6 or 10 at a time.


10 floating golf balls & 10 foam golf balls

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Why We Give It Swag

Get your golf game on with PLBBJH Golf Game! We’ve got 10 cleverly designed floating golf balls made of durable and sturdy materials, plus 10 EVA foam golf practice balls that simulate the real trajectory of a shot.

All this comes in one handy yellow storage bag so you can keep your gear organized. This is the perfect starter set for any aspiring beginner golfer or mini-golf enthusiast—after all, it’s more fun when you can follow your shots! Let’s say your playground is outside—no problemo.

Forget worrying about lost golf balls; these bright and colorful floating golf balls make them much harder to lose sight of. Plus they boast a realistic dimpled texture, showing you how a real golf ball would act while in flight.

Go ahead and sharpen those long-game skills, because we know you’ll do an eagle if you get PLBBJH Golf Game in your hands!

What You Should Know

10 floating golf balls and 10 foam golf balls for practicing.

Swagscale Advice For You

Taking out your brand-new floating golf ball on the lake or range and practicing your swing is a fantastic way to give yourself a little healthy competition. Whether you are looking to improve your drives, chips, or putts, these 5 incredible floating golf balls can provide the necessary challenge to take your game to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Click one of the 5 products above and go buy one of these floating golf balls today – and get ready for some serious backyard fun!

And even if you don’t have access to a lake or range, you can still enjoy seeing how far your floating golf ball goes in front of your own home. After all, it may be just perfect for those who want to feel like they are playing professional-level golf, without actually having to leave their driveway!

Your Golf Guru,


FYI: We put a video below on floating golf balls but here is an article we did on the Float n Chip game for pools If you want to have some fun with those floating golf balls.

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Floating Golf Balls FAQs

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to shopping for the best-floating golf balls? You don't need to worry anymore! We've put together a list of all the top reviews and must-know information about floating biodegradable golf balls, so you can make sure you get exactly what you need and take your game to the next level.

Do floating golf balls work?

Yes, floating golf balls work effectively for practice and recreational purposes. Constructed from lightweight materials, they simulate the flight and feel of regular golf balls while remaining buoyant on water. However, they may not perform quite as well as standard golf balls in professional play, as their distance and accuracy can be slightly compromised due to their design. Most are eco-friendly golf balls that won't hurt marine life.

How far do floater golf balls go?

Floater golf balls can travel up to 80% of the distance of regular golf balls, with some advanced models reaching 95%. Thus, they typically cover distances ranging between 200-250 yards, depending on various factors such as the player's swing, ball quality, and environmental conditions.

What is a floating golf ball?

A floating golf ball is a specially designed, lightweight golf ball that stays buoyant in water. This unique feature enhances golfers' experience by reducing the potential loss of golf balls in water hazards and simplifying the search and retrieval process. While it may not have the same distance capabilities as a standard golf ball, its practicality makes it popular for recreational golfers and during water-based golf games.

Why don't they make golf balls float?

Golf balls are not designed to float primarily because it would compromise their performance. The density and weight distribution inside a golf ball is carefully engineered to optimize flight trajectory, distance, and accuracy.

Making a golf ball float would require altering the materials and internal structure, which could negatively affect these essential aspects of the game.

Additionally, golf courses are designed with water hazards to challenge players and penalize errant shots. If golf balls floated, water hazards would lose their intended effect on the game's strategic elements.

What are eco golf balls?

Eco golf balls, like the Dixon Earth Golf Ball, are environmentally friendly golf balls. They are designed to be biodegradable or made from recycled materials, reducing the ecological impact associated with lost or discarded golf balls. The Dixon Earth Golf Ball, for instance, is crafted with a 100% recyclable core and a cover that produces less waste during manufacturing. This makes it a popular choice for eco-conscious golfers who wish to enjoy their game while minimizing their environmental footprint.