Ready to get serious about your golf game?

It’s time to step up your performance with Golf Shoes that have BOA lacing style. These golf shoes feature the revolutionary Boa Lacing System that keeps laces securely fastened and helps you find the perfect fit every time. Plus, they’re lightweight so you can stay focused on your game without feeling weighed down by clunky footwear.

With BOA technology, no more distractions or slips! A dial-adjustable closure lets you customize your fit to ensure maximum stability while playing—and trust us, those will be strokes of confidence in any golfer's book!

Get ready for a better day out on the course with one of these 3 BOA Golf Shoes below – just click on one of the ones you like and it will take you directly to Amazon to buy a pair of them!

Key Takeaways

  • The BOA Lacing System is a revolutionary lacing system designed for fast, effortless tightening and loosening of your shoes. It features a patented dial-and-lace system, which allows you to quickly adjust the tightness of your shoes by simply turning the dial again and again.
  • The tension on your laces can be fine-tuned with just one hand, making it easier and faster than ever to find that perfect fit.
  • There are many brands that have BOA lacing system technology.

How We Choose

It's hard to know which golf shoes are the best, especially when there are so many different brands and styles.

With all of the different golf shoe brands, models, and styles available, how can you be sure you're making the best purchase for your needs?

Golf shoes with BOA lacing system. After reading thousands of reviews on Amazon, our team has found the three best boa golf shoes available below.

1. FootJoy Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe

Waterproof golf shoe

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Why We Give It Swag

Step forward, golfers! Introducing the revolutionary FootJoy Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe. This isn’t just any brand of golf shoe - this one is made for peak performance. From its 100% Synthetic Polyvinyl Chloride sole to its PERFORMANCE MESH for ultra-lightweight comfort, breathability, and all-day comfort - you’ll be ready to tackle your golf game with ease.

And don’t worry about getting caught out in the rain; FootJoy guarantees that these shoes will stay waterproof for two years! Comfort too was kept at the forefront when designing these shoes; StratoFoam has been included as a proprietary foam compound tightly tuned specifically for golf that provides optimal energy return while stopping underfoot fatigue in its tracks.

And don’t forget - they come with a BOA FIT SYSTEM, which ensures they provide unparalleled connection and stability so you can put more power into every shot you make. So break away from standard functions and join the revolution with the FootJoy Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe!

2. PUMA Proadapt Alphacat Disc Golf Shoe

Waterproof golf shoes.

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Why We Give It Swag

If you're looking for the perfect shoes to play your best game of golf - look no further than the PUMA ProAdapt Alphacat Disc Golf Shoe! Made with 100% synthetic, this shoe is lightweight and comfortable yet provides support with its FASTEN8-Advanced Nylon straps that wrap around to secure your foot.

Plus, energize your every step with IGNITE FOAM's revolutionary cushioning and offer superior step-in comfort. Not to mention, the PWRCAGE TPU saddle gives you stability like never before so you can swing with confidence. And if all of that wasn't enough, the ORGANICALLY ALTERED TRACTION has strategically designed lugs for more grip and power during games!

With the PUMA Proadapt Alphacat Disc Golf Shoe on your feet, there won't be a hole or round of disc golf that you won't ace!

3. Adidas S2g Boa Wide Golf Shoes

Men's spikeless golf shoe with a boa dial

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Why We Give It Swag

Are you a golfer who needs the right gear to take your game to the next level? Look no further than Adidas S2g Boa Wide Golf Shoes! Super comfortable and ultra-durable, these shoes feature a wide fit with a micro-adjustable dial and pressure-based fit system for a custom fit every time.

The textile upper means offers lightweight comfort while the Bounce midsole provides flexible cushioning. And with Traxion rubber outsole, you have unbeatable durability with each step.

To top it off, this product is made with Primegreen - meaning 50% weight of the upper is recycled content so you can rest assured there are no virgin polyester materials! Tee up in style and luxury with Adidas S2g Boa Wide Golf Shoes – you’ll be laughing all the way around the green!

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BOA Golf Shoes FAQs

Ready to step up your lacing style game? Look no further than our list of boa golf shoes, designed to give you that perfect fit with maximum comfort and performance. We’ve compiled a list of answered questions so you can purchase with confidence, allowing you to hit the course in style and take your game to the next level!

Are Boa golf shoes worth it?

Yes, Boa golf shoes are worth it due to their innovative Boa Fit System, providing a secure and customized fit. This system ensures better stability, improved overall performance, and enhanced comfort for golfers.

What does boa mean on golf shoes?

Boa on golf shoes refers to the Boa Fit System, a patented closure system that uses a dial, lace, and guides for a precise and customizable fit. It ensures comfort, stability, and easy adjustments for golfers.

What's the most popular golf shoe on PGA TOUR?

The most popular golf shoe on the PGA TOUR is the Adidas Tour360, featuring BOA lacing technology for a secure fit and ultimate comfort, preferred by many professional golfers.

What is the advantage of Boa shoes?

The advantage of Boa shoes lies in their innovative lacing system, which offers a secure, customized fit with ease of adjustment. The Boa lacing system consists of steel lace, nylon guides, and a dial mechanism, allowing the user to easily and quickly tighten or loosen their shoes with precision. This enhances comfort, stability, and overall performance, making them a popular choice among golfers seeking the perfect fit on the course.

Is the boa-lacing system any good?

Yes, the BOA lacing system is highly regarded for its convenience and functionality. It offers quick, easy, and precise adjustments for a secure fit, ensuring comfort and stability on the golf course. Additionally, it is durable and low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for golfers.

Can you fit boa laces into any shoe?

No, you cannot fit BOA laces to any shoe, as they require specific shoe designs with compatible components for the BOA lacing system to function properly. Some golf shoes are specifically designed to work with BOA laces, ensuring a secure and snug fit.

Do any golf shoes have the BOA dial on the heel?

Yes, some golf shoes feature the BOA dial on the heel, such as the FootJoy HyperFlex series. The heel placement offers a secure fit and enhances stability during the game.

Swagscale Advice For you

With BOA lacing technology, you'll never have to worry about your laces coming undone while on the green ever again. You can now stay focused as you breeze through your golf game with some extra confidence knowing that your footwear is always up to snuff and secure.

Choose one of the 3 ultra comfortable and stylish golf shoes with BOA lacing technology on our site above and check the price. Begin your trail for the perfect golf shoe today! Get ready to hit the course in style with waterproof breathability, robustness, and ultimate comfort.

If nothing else sticks out to you except that you love boa laces, that's totally valid too! All in all, there's something special about these shoes that makes them completely worth every penny. So don't wait around – click one of the 3 products above and go buy one of these golf shoes!

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